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Trying to Locate a Church in Łęgowo, Wagrowiec

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22 Nov 2010 #1

My ancestors' marriage record was from £ęgowo-Tarnowo, near Wagrowiec. Is there still a Catholic church in £ęgowo that is older than a century? How could I find photos of that location?
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22 Nov 2010 #2
in this book you can read about the church :,+Wagrowiec&source=bl&ots=2yYPfAPrLh&sig=ALZoRyboSOq4bpF0RaZZBiOdpOQ&hl=en&ei=B9fqTJakGcKAlAeMxPTiCw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAw#v= onepage&q&f=false

page 414 in Polish...
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23 Nov 2010 #3
Thank you for the lead. It may very well be my Polish is deficient, but I could not find on that page references to Legowo parish. Could you help me some more please? Thank you
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23 Nov 2010 #4
i think it's the św. Katarzyna church built in 1751 by the Cistercians... the previous church was destroyed by fire, but the saved church records start in 1594...
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23 Nov 2010 #5
does this help:
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23 Nov 2010 #6
Thank you. Can you think of any source of photos?

Thank you so much, I can see it on a big screen computer. Thank you again!
17 Dec 2011 #7
Merged: Trying to Find Photos of £ęgowo, Wagrowiec, kosciol (SW Katarzyna)

Does anybody know of any source of photos of the £ęgowo, Wagrowiec city and particularly the Catholic church there? Our family originated there just over 100 years ago. I am trying to find any photos, but have come across nothing... I appreciate any help

Thank you
17 Dec 2011 #8
Check the sixth photo

Better photo,foto.html

type "kościół św. Katarzyny, Wągrowiec" into google search box
17 Dec 2011 #9
Thank you so much!

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