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May 14th -- Big Day on the markets
Trojmiasto Job Forecast in Five Years
Is it too late for me to learn Polish..?   2
56 - this is normal for the poles to disown their roots...

LanguageFreedomespana - 19 May 2010
Polish men - dont realize any of this
Polish restaurants and foods in Glasgow?
średniozaawansowany prodręcznik do nauki polskiego
Slovakian misrepresentation of Polish history   2
Who will be the next President of Poland?   2
Vehicle insurance in Poland for a british driving license holder
Polish Tattoo (considered the eagle)
20 - Probably got it because this one just isn't as cool....

Lifeseeker1834convex - 17 May 2010
Ferrari dealership in Warsaw
Levi's Jean Size U.S. - Polish
20 - You dress your turkey in a pair of jeans?? Really? :)...

LifeConnieskysoulmate - 17 May 2010
Could someone please explain this funny Polish picture?
9 - Alert citizen assists an officer of law...

Lifesubaru madf stop - 17 May 2010
How laid-back is the small villages lifestyle in Poland?
Where can I find detailed maps/sat Poland images online?
Closed: My recent experience with a Polish girl.   2   3   4   ...   7   8
1945-2010 Poles will march on Red square   2   3
How do you add and 'ing' to the end of the verb in Polish? If you do.
How much does a non-skilled worker get in Poland per hour?
Are Polish still very traditional when it comes to relationships?
Is grumbling a Polish attribute?
24 - Plk123, hands down. It's off the scale :(...

LifeAdminSeanus - 15 May 2010
Closed: The EU's 1 Trillion Dollar Rescue Package   2   3   4   5
Anita J. Prazmowska's "The Polish Century"
Trains travel between Germany and Poland
7 - Thanks to both of you....

TravelZbyszkoZbyszko - 14 May 2010
KFC or Mc Donalds, do you need a resident card to work here?
19 - I.M.O. ;-)...

WorkOmarShawnH - 14 May 2010
BIENIEK OR GASKA / Lagowska, Koper, Prusak
To find veal scalops in Kraków ?
Italian girl has a question about a Polish man