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60 - are... :rolleyes:...

NewsCzarnkow1940plk123 - 26 Jun 2010
Difference between Polska & Polsce?
Closed: Polish men what is the worst thing a girl can do upon first impression?   2   3   4   ...   12   13
DeAmong, DeCroix - Finding a countess
15 - You will be hard pressed to find it. Warsaw was obliterated....

Genealogylightalmacaprice49 - 25 Jun 2010
Poles in America: How far do you travel for Polish food?
6 - yup. :)...

USA, CanadaPolonius3plk123 - 25 Jun 2010
Jeszcze or wciaz?
10 - Cinek is right. Chapeau bas!!!...

LanguageBrandonZed - 24 Jun 2010
Poland uninterested in EU reform
What do Polish Guys Like Women to Wear?   2   3
Pronunciation question - glottal stops
6 - Perfect. Thanks for this....

Languagerob_manchesterrob_manchester - 24 Jun 2010
Babcia klozetowa alive & well?
Missing Polish woman found murdered in Chesterton, UK
Websites with Audio translation... plus phonetic spelling (pronunciation)?