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Using a foreign-registered car in Poland
Finding grandmother's sister born in Chrzanůw, Poland
How do I go by ferry from south of England to Gdynia?
Lack of Spacial Acuity in Poland   2   3
Shouldnt Poland be invited into the G-20?
English boyfriend coming to visit me in Poland   2
Polish culinary dislikes   2   3
Buying a house in POland from "gmina"?
6 - thanks!...

Real Estatef stopf stop - 3 Feb 2010
Dialing a polish mobile from a uk mobile in Poland
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UK, IrelandCrazy ToadMyszolow - 3 Feb 2010
Speaking Foreigner Languages Job in Poland = CUSTOMER CARE
Driving from Gdansk to Katowice
Closed: Horribly cold in Krakow at the moment , how do you cope with such temperatures ?   2   3   4   5
Jestem za
Wroclaw Zoo Railway - before 1945
Working in Poland in a Non-Polish Speaking Job? - How? What? (no teachers!)
Anyone attended Jagiellonian? Other Polish universities?
A ¶winouj∂cie girl wins the I love Europe competition
13 - It's a great graphic, she deserved to win!...

NewsNikaOlly - 1 Feb 2010
1612 new russian epic movie. Polish troops in Moscow.
Where to buy napisco Oreo Biscuits in Warsaw
Gift idea for a Pole living in US
Closed: Polish Cop Took My Car Registration :S   2   3   4   5
Pesel in doubt, can anyone tell me if this delay is normal ?
Requirements for Motorbike Instructor in Poland
Please help me to find Justyna Pilh in Krakow
Can anyone give information to where I could stay for few weeks in Chicago?
Podpiwek, anyone?
Polish 76th Infantry regiment WWII
When is the best time (month) to see Poland?
The Internet totally uncontrolled in Poland?
Company bank account in Poland - can a company use a personal bank account?