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7 - Ok. Thanks. So as an early 40 year old, i might stick out a bit...!!! But do like the...

Travelimothepvndunne - 4 Jan 2010
Pol/Eng Dictionary for Mobile Phones
15 - Try to download a free Polish-English dictionary for mobile phones from: Lexitools It has been tested on Sony Ericsson...

LanguagePolskaDollTasiemski - 4 Jan 2010
Visa question - Polish girl wants to join her boyfriend in Australia
5 - That's really your only option. Be prepared to supply loads of evidence of your relationship and if possible declarations...

AustraliaEllberryASIO - 4 Jan 2010
How reliable are Internet connections/wifi in Gdansk?
3 - And all MacDonald's have wifi....

Lifeheatherfjonni - 4 Jan 2010
2 - ZAPALSKI: root appears to be pal/pał which has generated such terms as palić (to burn), zapalić (to ignite), zapałkla...

GenealogyMichal19Polonius3 - 3 Jan 2010
doing / making - the difference?
20 - Strzyga, Proszę bardzo a JA dziękuję CI za twoją pomóc! Zresztą nie poprawie napisałem słowo. Powinnie być...

LanguagechazaLyzko - 2 Jan 2010
ch - antychryst - chłeb
13 - Michal it does not come from the Anglo-Saxon loaf - Slavic chleb and English loaf come from...

Languagemateinonegumishu - 2 Jan 2010
Closed: Your opinion about cheap and easy Polish Girls in UK?   2
32 - Polish girls in the UK are finished.Next generation will be pol-groid....

UK, Irelandlsaganowking polkakamon - 2 Jan 2010
28 - This is pretty important. I learned more Polish in a classroom in UK because there I was talking...

LanguageRaj_ryderTrevek - 31 Dec 2009
Kuzdeba: Is My Last Name Polish?
8 - RyanJF, where exactly was your great-great-great grandfather Joseph Kuzdeba born? In case it might be in Kolbuszowa/Majdan/Deba area in...

GenealogyRyanJFrozek19 - 29 Dec 2009
My Father - Marek Powalski
2 - Try There might be sth there like a list of family members....

Genealogymarekpowalski1Seanus - 18 Dec 2009
Slawinski / Slawinska - where did the last name Slawinski originate from? Slowinska
11 - wot is the last adres wher they liv in poland .May naym is Marek S£awinski end im living 80...

Genealogybillskimarkmiroslaw - 14 Dec 2009
Odette Timmons looking for father history, Setnik
4 - The root of Setnik is sto (one hundred) and setnik is the Polish translation of the Roman centurion. It...

GenealogytimmonsPolonius3 - 12 Dec 2009
Polish Marine Traffic
2 - I use this one. Very user friendly and quick.

Lifeszkotja2007Floripa - 10 Dec 2009
seek polish relatives of Simon Wassilyevich Yurkowski
2 - I can't help you in the field of genealogy or family history, but the Jurkowski surname probably origanated as...

GenealogyalluchkaPolonius3 - 4 Dec 2009
Pieklo, Lutski, Lucki, Reyman, Tyniec - Trying to locate relatives
3 - £ucki - toponymic nick from the town of £uck (now in Ukraine Piekło - hell Reyman -...

GenealogymisterluckimanPolonius3 - 3 Dec 2009
Adwokat vodka with egg yolk
9 - Here is an easy Recepie: ---Mix 3/4 cups milk and instant pudding together with electric mixer as directed...

FoodGuestpolkamaniac - 26 Nov 2009
Living and studying on the Gold Coast - Australia (master degree student)
2 - Hi ! Rosie here. Go to griffith university website. This is on the coast but many unis have campuses...

Australiaananyarosieadlard - 18 Nov 2009
Foreign Exchange Program in Poland, what do you think? Polish language required skills.
2 - Why not.. you just need to chose a course in english language, most of Polish universities have at least...

Studylilbasa8393frd - 28 Oct 2009
Grog recipe
2 - This is a Czech recipe, it may be similar, I never tried the Polish version. Per serving 1...

FoodhotcarlRevokeNice - 15 Oct 2009
Which tennis resorts or tennis hotels are good in Poland?
2 - Sopot has really good tennis courts, but not the full package, you would have to rent a hotel or...

TravelNedPolsantander - 18 Sep 2009
Civil Wedding Programme in Poland
5 - Sylvia, The registrar only asks if they are decided to go on with the vows. Then they say...

Lifesylvia0031jola - 26 Aug 2009
studying in Politechnika Warszawska
4 - warszawska is higher in the rankings. both cities are cool but the capital is much more multiculti....

StudymajidmaMcCoy - 23 Aug 2009
Czutkowna origins
3 - I have never encoutnered eitehr Czutkówna or Czutek. All the information you provided is correct. There is only one...

GenealogyPolonius3Polonius3 - 12 Aug 2009
Public library service provision to Polish community in UK
2 - Hmmm... I use the library mostly for sit-in reading and sometimes borrowing books... The service itself is well....

UK, IrelandlynsayBartolome - 11 Aug 2009
2 -

USA, CanadaPolonius3esag - 12 Jul 2009
Where can I buy Fresh Trout (Pstrąg) in or around Kraków?
2 - Both the Nowy & Stary Kleparz markets have stands selling fresh fish, and there's a fish shop called Ryby...

FoodBLSinkrakow - 19 Jun 2009
Polish Courses in Canada?
2 - Yes there are. I suggest you look for a polish cultural centre (free of charge thanks to tax payers...

USA, CanadaEvanescentBloopolishcanuck - 5 Jun 2009
Looking for fathers relatives (Jan Sylwester Tomaszewski born in Krakow)
2 - in melbourne, australia? i went to primary school with a boy with the last nae tomaszewski from memory....

GenealogyRomanKing Sobieski - 4 Jun 2009
Antoni Kowalski or Knop - Pabianice Poland Lodz?
2 - Parafia Najświętszej Marii Panny Różańcowej w Pabianicach ul.Zamkowa 39 95-200 Pabianice tel. (48 42) 215 28 23 e-mail:

GenealogyelainenagelPolonius3 - 29 May 2009