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Do I need an invitation to enter Poland as a tourist?  2
Reserving or booking hotels, airbnb or hostels in Poland
3 - yea Im seieng it but can you book stuff that day? or does it usually have to be ahead...

Travelzawkwkwmwm33 - 29 Nov 2017 zawkwkwmwm33 - 29 Nov 2017
Is Gdansk worth a visit in Poland?  2
Recommendations for a 4-6 days visit in Poland in February '17
14 - Imo krakow and zakopany are must do's for a first time traveller to pl.. Gdansk is pretty too tho...

TravelEisenhower1964 - 1 Dec 2016 Dirk diggler - 14 Nov 2017
What to do when it's raining in Gdansk  2
Best hunting, fishing, foraging in Poland?
Can I bring my prepaid mobile number from India to Poland and still receive incoming SMS ?
Hard Candy - Krakow, Poland - reviews?  2  3  4  5
What is the cheapest way to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw?  2  3  4
106 - @cms Ive always wondered that too. The price is around half of a cab in the us U.S....

Traveljumpy - 27 Aug 2012 Dirk diggler - 31 Oct 2017
What is the most convenience way from Warsaw airport to the center of Kielce?
Krakow Escape Room
Can I travel to Vienna on a single entry polish national visa D type?
3 - Yes you can travel to any Schengen Area with a single entry Schengen or National Visa...

Travelradoslav_woj - 10 Jun 2016 raahi24 - 27 Oct 2017
Gdansk Christmas markets
Can I visit Belarus in the rental car from Poland ?
Driving from UK to Ukraine via Poland - need car insurance  2
Poland traffic signs are confusing.. Do you agree?
30 - Does not matter where a person's license is from. If a person does not follow the rules of the...

Travelkhanfrompak - 22 Dec 2011 eyeswideopen - 10 Oct 2017
Dealing with Taxi Drivers in Poland
Travel Route - Mumbai to Wroclaw. India-Poland flights.
My Experience in Poland (compared to Germany)  2  3  4
100 - It used to be really bad in the med device and pharma industry. Reps would go to doctors offices...

TravelAlltimegreat1 - 24 Sep 2017 Dirk diggler - 27 Sep 2017
Which city is better to visit: Warsaw or Krakow?  2  3  4  5  6
What is an easy way of getting a SIM card in Poland as soon as I enter Poland?
Poland one of the best places to see golden Autumn colours
Warsaw delis (ham, chicken)?
Horror House in Warsaw
20 - Those escape rooms r kind of lame imo. My aunt talked us into going to one. I've seen...

TravelAlltimegreat1 - 20 Sep 2017 Dirk diggler - 21 Sep 2017
Golabki in Mragowo - where to buy?
From Warsawa Centralna to Old Town hotel
4 - These are ok. Warsaw is very easy to get around in. The bus stop you need is...

TravelAlltimegreat1 - 20 Sep 2017 jon357 - 20 Sep 2017
Bus from Mrągowo to Gierloz (Wolf's Lair)
Milk Bars in Warsaw's Old Town
18 - I used to go to one up ul. Jagiellonska in Praga, near the FSO factory. The public bit...

TravelAlltimegreat1 - 14 Sep 2017 jon357 - 15 Sep 2017
Bus or Street Car in Warsaw
Deeper swimming pools (diving) in Poland?
Activities for Children in Warsaw's Old Town
3 - Very helpful link, thank you....

TravelAlltimegreat1 - 3 Sep 2017 Alltimegreat1 - 7 Sep 2017
Why most taxis in Warsaw cheat foreigners to get more money?  2
35 - Not a good choice of word. It should be 50zl, maybe 70zl at night. The airport...

TravelIamConfused - 17 Apr 2011 jon357 - 5 Sep 2017
Bank ATMs at Warsaw Chopin Airport
Travel Within Poland - from Warsaw airport to Mragowo  2
49 - I agree with Harry on the car hire route, use Michelin route planner for the journey, they are up...

TravelAlltimegreat1 - 31 Aug 2017 Countinhcrows - 3 Sep 2017
Winter clothing for Poland (Gdansk)
Planning a trip to Poland - Krakow, Auschwitz, Zakopane and other places - winter, Christmas  2
56 - Not really. He knows which side his royal bread is buttered on!...

Travelabcfuxq - 26 Jun 2016 Lyzko - 30 Aug 2017
Question about the Rynek and City of Wroclaw
Warsaw meet escort girls
5 - Merged: I saw a super hot ulotki girl on Nowy Świat last night As I was heading...

TraveliLoveTrips - 15 Aug 2017 PolishUltras - 17 Aug 2017
I would like to take my two sons to Poland for a holiday - Any ideas?
Summer Vacation at the seaside in Poland for 19/20 year olds?
Travel Plan to Poland
Nicest Lakes in Poland (esp. Wielkopolska)?
11 - Until you remember that many of them are still heavily polluted....

Traveltster - 29 Jul 2016 delphiandomine - 9 Aug 2017
Coming to Poland with a pet :)  2
Information on Gliwice needed  2
Best way to get to Krakow Business Park?
Traveling to Auschwitz this weekend in motorhome need advise on toll roads
8 - Aha, didn't catch that first time round. Thanks! :-)...

Travelgandl - 27 Jul 2017 Lyzko - 28 Jul 2017
Thanks for the Memories Poland
Cozy and inexpensive pub/bar in Warsaw
Airline tickets from LOT... changing flights.
How to hire a driver for ride from Warsaw to Lviv?
Lublin to Tatra Mountains, Zakopane - via public transport in Poland
Poland Travel Help, first time visitor from Singapore - ways to cash withdrawal, cost of meal in McDonald ...  2
Is the Poland National Tourist Office doing a good job of promoting the country ?
Poland is unsafe for visiting British Citizens ! - so I've been told ...
18 - it's delightful indeed ...

TravelIvorSmallFaucet - 13 Jun 2014 Wulkan - 2 Jul 2017
Rihanna complains about lack of privacy on Polish beach  2  3  4  5
150 - Lack of privacy is the price for popularity, that's simple......

Travelspiritus - 9 Jul 2013 dudar - 1 Jul 2017
Where do Polish people fly to for beach vacations in the winter?
24 - Thanks for letting us know where to avoid when we're booking....

Travelcanada66 - 6 Mar 2014 agniesca - 28 Jun 2017
Museums in Warsaw
Old town Krakow, is it dangerous during Night time?  2
Finding molly or coke in Poland
The Magnificent Beauty of Nature's Landscapes in Poland  2
44 - @Katy Scarlett Yeah! Beautifull!...

Travelpawian - 19 Dec 2012 NoToForeigners - 4 Jun 2017

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