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Poland or Philippines? Which is better for a vacation? (sex tourism)

USA rocks!
26 Jun 2015 #1
Hi there everyone.I am debating my next vacations destination.Want to go to some third world country to have affordable fun and date women.I am not interested much in tourist destinations and cultural things as museums etc.Poland and Philippines appear to be similar in terms of affordability as wages in both countries are on a third world level plus as far as I know women in both countries are more than willing to date foreigners.So could you guys tell me if Poland would be a good destination for my purposes?

Oh and my budget for the trip is 4k American dollars for a 30 days trip.Do you giys think it will be enough to have some fun?
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
26 Jun 2015 #2
There's a country in Asia called Thailand. I hear that it's very good for such as you desire. Here to help. Polish women will kick you where it hurts, and the sex clubs will likely take that 4 grand off you in one night.

Or so I am led to believe by the conservative press.
angry pole
26 Jun 2015 #3
Please please don't feed the troll :)
OP USA rocks!
26 Jun 2015 #4
Troll?Not at all my's genuine question.
@Dougpol1 I already been to Pattaya and Bangkok and had really good time there but now want something new.
Wulkan - | 3,243
27 Jun 2015 #5
4k American dollars

You have to spend 4000$ to get laid? sad...
27 Jun 2015 #6
probably some military desk jockey computer hack team on lunch break, tax dollars at work
OP USA rocks!
27 Jun 2015 #7
@Wulkan No buddy I don't have to but I gladly will spend some relatively small money on quality time.You know what I mean?You should try it too bud.Thailand is a good and inexpensive.Try it.Oh I see now it seems expensive to you because $4 grand is most likely your yearly income but I make that in 3 weeks so don't worry bud I be ok.

Anyway so far only one on topic response.I thought I could get some info here,no?
Wulkan - | 3,243
27 Jun 2015 #8
Oh I see now it seems expensive to you because $4 grand is most likely your yearly income

I don't know exactly how much dollars it is (I get paid in British pounds) but I can bet my life that I make more money a year than you.

You should try it too bud.Thailand is a good and inexpensive.

I could possibly get convinced when I was 20 yo because you see, us real men, we start families and have kids after having some fun in our twenties without paying for it of course because us, real men, women find us attractive not our wallets.
28 Jun 2015 #9
USA rocks! - you have to pay $4000 and to travel across the globe just to get laid? Yet you try to get "alpha" over Wulkan about how much you earn....dude seriously.... xD
f stop 25 | 2,513
29 Jun 2015 #10
What hotel are you going to stay at, eat and drink for 30 days for four grand? And "impress" the ladies on top of that? You don't have enough money for Poland. And you're not going to have a good time calling Poland a third world country. Philippines, definitely.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,838
29 Jun 2015 #11
I am sure Wulkan doesn't have to travel round the world to get laid, at least.
Englishman 2 | 278
29 Jun 2015 #12
Not sure where to start here. How about:

1. Poland is not a third world country. It is a middle-income European democracy
2. Poland and the Philippines are both Catholic countries so few women will sleep with you without love and commitment
3. You come across as a hugely ignorant man, with your third world comment and also your disinterest in tourism and culture. Why not get yourself educated, then visit Poland because you're interested to get to know a fellow NATO democracy. Spend some time in the country's beautiful cities and countryside, explore the museums and galleries. Who knows, you might then meet an intelligent, educated, independent young Polish woman, and get to know her as an equal, and perhaps one thing will lead to another...
f stop 25 | 2,513
29 Jun 2015 #13
I actually don't mind a guy being honest enough to admit what his priorities are. Crude, but those are the realities. There are enough women whose priorities might fit with his. I still say 4K is not enough for a month Poland, though, unless he's hoping some Polish beauty will take him in and entertain him on the chance he'll take her to the promised land, like in the olden days. ;)
johnny reb 46 | 7,076
29 Jun 2015 #14
Crude, but those are the realities.

Most likely the last free peice of ass he got is when his finger went through the toilet paper.
If this, this, this 'individual' were to post his picture it no doubt would answer your question to why he
has to pay for sex.
Not only to insinuate that Poland is a country of low life women of ill repute is not only most insulting but
also just shows plain ignorance.
With only $4k to spend he might better do everyone a favor and invest in a good life like washable blow up doll so not to take a chance of reproducing another loser like himself.
29 Jun 2015 #15
I still say 4K is not enough for a month Poland

Not even close if he wants to go mongering every night. I know more than a couple of people who have spent more than that in a single night at lap-dancing clubs (and one who spent about that much in a house of negotiable affection, although it was a night and most of the next day).
jon357 72 | 21,387
29 Jun 2015 #16
I've never been to one myself, but I was told (and this was a few years ago) that in the cheapest establishments with the roughest staff it starts at 300-400zl and can go a lot higher. The ones a foreign holidaymaker is most likely to find are the rip-off places.
f stop 25 | 2,513
29 Jun 2015 #17
Johnny, he is not the first, or the last that would like an escape vacation with some chance of a "romance", to put it nicely. You have made your point, but now seem to find entertainment in insulting others as much as possible. Not as funny as you might think. Much sadder overall, actually.
jon357 72 | 21,387
29 Jun 2015 #18
I do see what you're saying fstop, and also think JohnnyReb is being rude to him, though from the tone of the OP's post, this bit's the problem. He could go on a cruise, a trip to the Alps, an activity holiday, all sorts of places where he could meet a single lady. Here he just sounds like he wants notches on his bedpost from (invariably younger) and financially desperate women. Plus boasting about his (frankly unexceptional) salary. Nothing wrong with a holiday romance, even if a brief and promiscuous one - I bet plenty here have done it. Going away for a month to pay young very poor women in the third world (which Poland isn't anyway) just sounds so sad.

Having said that, I've heard Cambodia can be a bit of an 'anything goes' place - and Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Better food and drink too.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
29 Jun 2015 #19
Sex tourism is absolutely digusting. These guys are simply too stingy to spend 50 bucks on a hooker or too afraid to visit a swinger club at home.
f stop 25 | 2,513
29 Jun 2015 #20
I don't think he is looking for a relationship; I think he just wants sex, guaranteed, and at a bargain price. Like I said, he is not an exception; huge industry, oldest profession and all that, there is no denying that. He does, however, have some misconceptions about how much of a bargain Poland would be.
jon357 72 | 21,387
29 Jun 2015 #21
Completely true. There are websites in Poland where people can hook up for 'sponsoring' - sounds seedy, but then again some people need the cash.

One of the saddest things I ever saw was in a notorious bar in Bahrain, with crowds of young and beautiful Chinese girls (who unlike the customers have to pay admission) clustering round really fat old Beer Belly Bob oil drillers from Texas with leathery desert faces over for the weekend from Saudi - really repulsive and wallowing in the attention before choosing a couple to take to their hotel. I just felt very sorry for the girls. The same when I see those tirówke by the side of the main roads in Poland.

I heard that the place foreign tourists go in Warsaw is the Hotel Victoria. Probably expensive and they all have pimps taking the money :-(
usa rocks!
30 Jun 2015 #22
You people seem don't understand,oh and btw who added this "sex turism" thing?I am talking about DATING!Ok you are excused as English is not your first language.

I LOVE IT "Dating in the Philipines is like having super powers",LOL I am going to Philipines!
Sorry Poland no dollars for you!
johnny reb 46 | 7,076
30 Jun 2015 #23
but now seem to find entertainment in insulting others as much as possible. Not as funny as you might think. Much sadder overall, actually.

There is nothing funny about it at all, actually it is quite sick to have every other thread about homo's talking about dicks for popsicles, getting naked in a sauna and where to go on vacation to bang little girls. YUK !

Most immature and hardly entertaining except to the sick immoral creepers here that feed on it daily.
I guess I have never got over watching (from afar) gay BP oil field workers come into a conspicuose bar in Cambodia with a throng of pre-teen boys clustered around the skinny femmy bald faggy looking males grinning ear to ear as proud as a new mother with their to be for the week end boy toys.

With such malodorous that a normal person would be shamed just to witness it.
These oil field workers no doubt had S.T.D. that they gave these young boys to deal with the rest of their live not to mention the mental nightmares forever.

I have never heard of this happening in Poland, yet, as the Poles have Christian morals to never let this happen.
Yup, those damn Polish Christians getting in the way of the foreigner non Christians fantasies.
Stand strong Poland against sex tourists.
usa rocks!
30 Jun 2015 #24
LOL dude you got issues,you know that?
Wulkan - | 3,243
30 Jun 2015 #25
you are excused as English is not your first language.

You on the other hand are not excused for this as English IS your first and the only one language:

Spending 4 grand for being a laughing stock in Poland surely isn't a good deal. Have fun in Philippines, make sure she has no bf, shipping dead body in a plastic bag to USA might cost a bit more than 4000$.
johnny reb 46 | 7,076
30 Jun 2015 #26
dude you got issues,you know that?

I was thinking the same about you hoping you may grow up before you
catch something you can't get rid of or worse yet, get a bullet between your lookers.
Didn't you ever watch Forrest Gump ?
Mamma always use to say, stupid is as stupid does.
And that's you my friend, being stupid.
Me ? Issues ? You are the one who came here belittling Polish women by having your dick fall out
when your mouth opened.
You need anymore constructive advise from old dad, with the issues, just p.m. me.

Please can we stop with the personal insults on this thread? Keep to the topic question.
peaceforce 2 | 12
30 Jun 2015 #27
I'm an Egyptian living in Poland. Having lived in the US for a couple of years, I can tell you that you are much more likely to get laid in your own living compound than in Poland. First of all Poland is an average European democrasy, Salaries might not be as high as in the US but it hell is not 4Ks a year LOL! Your question came not only ignorant but also quiet offensive man. Anyways you might find what you are looking for in the German Legalised prostitution, just across the streat from Frankfurt main train station you can find official brothels.
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
30 Jun 2015 #28
As a US citizen your first language is not English either. American English (easier) is your first language.
As a born and bred Englishman your original post described Sex Tourism which is very sad, I don't believe you actually know anything about Poland either.

In my experience only 20% of Polish girls are impressed by money, the rest prefer guys with a personality.
Poland would be much better off without any US dollars and also better off without you visiting.
You think you can buy the world, i would get a better job and earn more before I brag about $4000 income every week.

Poland (and Europe) would be much better off if USA left Europe alone and quit NATO altogether!
FlaglessPole 4 | 669
30 Jun 2015 #29
"Last week I said it was more likely for a Polish woman in her forties to be attacked by a bear than find a husband. Well, I've tried online dating and I was wrong. It is more likely that a single Polish woman in her thirties will be attacked by a one legged giraffe than find a husband. Ok, let's get straight into this - I went online as two people: my male persona was a 35 year old man, an architect called, 'Tom'. I gave Tom a ******** profile full of clichés ('I like long walks in the rain...') Tom was wealthy and he wanted to 'provide for his woman'. Within 6 hours, and without a photo, he had 482 Polish women visiting his profile and an inbox full of offers with some wanting to meet him straight away without getting to know him.

The female; she was an independent Polish woman who we will call 'Ania'. She worked for herself, had a postgraduate degree and supplied an attractive photo. For Ania, I used a real profile from a friend of mine. It was witty, intelligent and down to earth, with no clichés or corny mottoes. No one went near her. No one.

I won't tell you the name of the site, but it should be called, 'Welcome to the World of Desperate Women'. After 3 days Tom had thousands of visitors and hundreds of offers. The women who contacted him were highly educated and attractive with the majority of them being in their thirties." (scroll down for Dating Part II)

So much to my surprise and disappointment USA rocks!, your initial hunch that Poland somehow would be a fertile ground for sex-tourism was right on the money, as long as it's an online hook-up. Read the article I posted in my previous post. One would think it was written about Moldova or Ukraine but, sadly, it's still Poland anno 2015. I have no reason to distrust the author. Paeder de Burca, a resident Irish journalist, is as hilarious as he is crushingly spot-on in his observations about Poland. Here is another excerpt that should really fit your neanderthal psyche:

"There is nothing as attractive as a real-life, chance meeting with a powerful, confident woman who has a highly developed sense of self. But on these sites, women's power is reduced. They are not women any more but products, disposable not after a year or a few months but after 10 minutes. My overwhelming feeling from using the site as Tom, was that I was shopping, the women like items on a supermarket shelf begging for my attention."
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Jun 2015 #30
I heard that the place foreign tourists go in Warsaw is the Hotel Victoria

Yep, nothing's changed then. Stayed in that place during communism. The attraction in the desert that was Warsaw, was that the Victoria Continental had Czech beer:) Wondered what all the Arab gentlemen were doing hanging around!

Strange guy. Does he think he's the voice of every long-stay on these shores? Why doesn't he get a job? And anyway, we all know internet dating is for losers, so nothing new there. The OP might as well stay in the USA if dating sites are all he can manage, if he can't actually chat to a woman.

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