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What is the ugliest city or town in Poland?

OP john123 1 | 20
2 Jul 2012 #61
Number 3 - Mielec, what a dive.
NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
2 Jul 2012 #62
Couple years ago there was a joke in the radio. When you win the contest the prize will be a holiday in Bytom ;)

Runner-up prize is two weeks, lol.

There is nothing in Poland comparable to the rundown hellhole that is New Brighton, for instance.

or Salford. What the council is doing round here is criminal. "Unsuitable for modern needs" my ***.

Just a few minutes down the road from me. There are dozens of streets like this round here. Ruined by council incompetence and benefit-claiming ASBO scum.


gdyniaguy 1 | 281
3 Jul 2012 #63
Can I ask when was the last time you visited Malbork?

about 6 months ago. It was a sh@thole.
Palivec - | 380
3 Jul 2012 #64
The whole area around Wałbrzych.

Ironically this area had the highest number of resort towns in Europe before WW2. The potential of the entire region is wasted right now.
pip 10 | 1,660
3 Jul 2012 #65
radom is a hole
czestochowa is worse.
Malbork is not as bad.
I think perhaps Grudziac and Brodnica deserve honorable mentions- they do have some nice features, however.
Rypien - ick
Reda.....such potential but really a hole.

there are loads of holes in Canada. Just newer.
6 Jul 2019 #66
Rzeszow looks too industrial (lacks enough trees on streets), they must look at Lublin which has probably the most tree-lined streets and boulevards in Poland. I think however in Central Europe Hungary has the best-looking cities . Not just Budapest, but even Debrecen look so livable. Also, Bavarian towns and cities are another example. Lublin is a real standout and it's an example that more trees make a city more beautiful.
Polish Forum 2 | 1
6 Jul 2019 #67
I would like to vote for Crapowice, also known as Katowice! LOL,they have some really ugly buildings in that city! Most of the ugly stuff in Poland was built by the communists however.In their day the Poles were among the best builders and architects in the world in my opinion.The Opera House in Lviv built by Zygmunt Gorgolewski who was Polish, is a perfect example.I am from the UK by the way.
6 Jul 2019 #68
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
6 Jul 2019 #70
Probably some villages in the eastern part of the country. Not that they're ugly just haven't been updated or renovated for decades
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
6 Jul 2019 #71

I had the misfortune to spend today there. OK for the banker corporates, but an expensive rat race ******** for everyone else.
Any redeeming features?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
6 Jul 2019 #72
I'm not a big fan of Warsaw either. I prefer wroclaw, Krakow, the tri cities, zakopane, etc.
Poznan, lodz and Bialystok are kind of a ******** too. Asidee from some of the tourist spots like pajac kultury it's nothing special imo. But for students it's great lot of nightlife, great unis, lot of young people, etc.

Living there is still far more affordable than most western eu cities relative to wages.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
6 Jul 2019 #73
I don't know. Any northern British town, bar Edinburgh, food and drink for student types or young grads/old boys like me is far cheaper pound for pound.

Poland - the new rip-off destination. For those who don't know what they're doing.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,704
6 Jul 2019 #74
Oh yeah walbrzych is pretty bad also forgot about that. My aunt lives there. Her son/my cousin at the time had one of supposedly only 3 Corvettes in Poland.

Any city where an expat doesnt speak the language is going to be more expensive as it's simply harder to find out good deals. Actually some of the most expensive cities in the world for expats are in *********. I.e. Luanda in Angola which consistently ranks in the top for most expensive city for expats

As far as w Europe like Germany, France, UK though, well any city (basically most major cities) that have been inundated with massive amounts of kebab and other turd worlders have become ugly. Certain parts look more like the middle East than Europe. Thankfully Poland isn't like that
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
7 Jul 2019 #75
radom is a hole

....but it feels much better if you are emotionally invested as I was during my visit two years ago. The building where I lived from 6 till 10 is more than depressing.. I was shocked that anybody actually lives there with the balconies missing from rust. I liked the church and the park, though.
Lyzko 29 | 7,269
11 Jul 2019 #77
Although I've only visited Szczecin, I was under the impression, from Poles in particular, that Krakow was a beautiful city,
chiefly because of her touristic and historical interest.

Only last week took a gander at some pics on a friend's iPhone of the Old Town in Wroclaw and it looked most inviting:-)
pawian 176 | 14,885
11 Jul 2019 #78
from Poles in particular, that Krakow was a beautiful city, chiefly because of her touristic and historical interest.

Don`t believe everything what Poles say. Some might be yanking your chain. :):)
Crow 146 | 9,173
11 Jul 2019 #79
Nothing ugly in venerable Poland. Only something more ruined by invaders and something less.

When is all completely in hands of mother, again, all will blossom.
12 Jul 2019 #80
Why aren't the people of Warsaw protesting against those Modernism glass monstrosities? It needs more classical and neoclassical buildings. I think Zamosc is one of the most beautiful places.
kaprys 3 | 2,503
12 Jul 2019 #81
I love Kraków but I don't mind Warsaw either.
I respect the way Warsaw was rebuilt from ashes. Just like there's something both sad and grand about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - just few arcades left from the Saxon Palace.

And for people who don't know what happened in 1944, I guess it's hard to say the old town was actually rebuilt.
As for Kraków I went again last year. I could breathe somehow and still loved it. We went there with some foreign friends of mine and they loved it, too.

As for modern glass buildings anywhere, I do prefer them to old communist concrete buildings. I have seen some old buildings from the 70s or so renovated in such a way and I like it.
Lyzko 29 | 7,269
12 Jul 2019 #82
Wawel is practically a shrine to most Poles, so I've been told and read. What I've seen of the Sukiennica is stunning and I hear Krakow has one heck of an opulent Christmas Market:-)
9 Mar 2021 #83
Żagań and Żary are probably the ugliest towns.
jon357 67 | 16,848
9 Mar 2021 #84

Żary is OK in the centre. Sieradz is pretty awful, as is Mszczonów.
Novichok 1 | 2,258
9 Mar 2021 #85
Every city where you are alone.
jon357 67 | 16,848
9 Mar 2021 #86
Pabianice too. I used to go there for a few days every month on business. Very few redeeming features there.
Cargo pants 2 | 1,018
10 Mar 2021 #87

Oh,so thats where you learnt your indian cuss words from,I heard lots of Indian fabric importers there.
jon357 67 | 16,848
10 Mar 2021 #88
Chrzanow wouldn't win any prizes either. Particularly bleak, even in summer.
pawian 176 | 14,885
5 Apr 2021 #89
But they have a medieval Main Square in Chrzanów at least. So, they are not so tragic.
For me, an ugly town or city is the one which hasn`t got such a Square - it applies to most industrial settlements built in 19-20 century. Even Łódż is ugly to me.

Chrzanów Old Town

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