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Looking for a town in Germany-Poland (circa 1868-1882) Kronow

PolskaMaureen 1 | -
5 Apr 2020 #1
My grandparents were married (1868) and lived in Kronow until they immigrated to the USA in 1881. Based on verified information that I have, it would have been in "Germany-Poland" in the area from Gdansk as far south as Posan (now Poznan). I cannot find a record or location of this town. Where should I look?
kaprys 3 | 2,266
5 Apr 2020 #2
There are several places called Kronowo

I guess all of them would have been in the Prussian partition.

Some records from one of these places are indexed here
jon357 72 | 21,382
5 Apr 2020 #3
There are two or three places called Kronowo. in Warmia-Mazury. They are south-east of Gdańsk and were part of Germany in that period. Kronow sounds like a (official then) German rendering. One was called Kronau before 1945, the others I'm not sure about.

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