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Looking for the location of an old Polish village, circa 1880s

16 Mar 2022 #1
I am looking for the location of an old village from the 1880s.
I was told my great grandmother hailed from a village called "Idleberg" (this spelling may not be correct?). The alternative name that was given to me for this town was "Dubshanitza." I finally figured out that Dubshanitza is a phonetic spelling, not literal. The closest town I can find to fit this pronunciation is "Dusznica." However, my great grandfather was born in a town called Unterwalden which is the present day Ukrainian village of Pidhaichyky. These towns are not close, and I was told that Lemberg (Lviv) was halfway between Unterwalden and Idleberg.

So, I am very lost at the moment. I have scoured many old maps, and cannot seem to find what I am looking for, and definitely need some help navigating a part of the world I have never been to and am not at all familiar with. Hopefully, someone can shine some light...
19 Mar 2022 #2
Maybe this town?

Dobrianychi, also written as Dobryanichi or Dobrjanici (Ukrainian: Добряничі; German: Dobzau, Polish: Dobrzanica), is a village in Lviv Oblast

8 Sep 2022 #3

Home / History / Looking for the location of an old Polish village, circa 1880s

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