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Where to eat best donuts in Wroclaw? (Bakery, local places, etc)

birkof 3 | 1
8 Aug 2015 #1
Dzien Dobry,
Where can I eat the best donuts in Wroclaw? Thank you for any tips!
Roger5 1 | 1,448
8 Aug 2015 #2,10031,t,id.html
frd 7 | 1,399
9 Aug 2015 #3
If you're asking about classic polish donuts I'd go with "Cukiernia pod Trumienką". Otherwise - we need to wait for Dunkin Donuts supposedly they are planning big expansion to Poland soon ; o
Marsupial - | 880
9 Aug 2015 #4
Dunkin donuts mk2...I am curious to see how they changed their business model to succeed this time in poland.
Roger5 1 | 1,448
9 Aug 2015 #5
Why eat Dunkin'Donuts when you can get the real deal? It's like going to KFC in Baton Rouge and ignoring the local fried chicken.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
9 Aug 2015 #6
@Roger: Dunkin and all other doughnuts around the world, whatever their names, are the same: dough fried in oil (= UNhealthy).
Roger5 1 | 1,448
9 Aug 2015 #7
The difference between a Dunkin' Donut and, e.g. my mother-in-law's doughnuts is immense.
Here are the ingredients of the former. Source: Dunkin' Donuts, via The Washington Post.

Enriched unbleached wheat flour Palm oil Skim milk Sugar Water Soybean oil Egg yolks Leavening Salt Defatted soy flour Soy flour Soy Lecithin Wheat starch Konjac flour Wheat germ Carrageenan Natural and artificial flavor Enzyme modified egg yolks Gelatinized wheat starch Coloring Defatted wheat germ Powdered sugar Dextrose Corn starch Vegetable oil Titanium dioxide Artificial flavor

That's 27 ingredients. I haven't had a doughnut for about two years, and yes, too many are unhealthy, but you should see my skiing, vollyball-playing colleague who ate 17 doughnuts last Easter. He's as fit as a butcher's dog.
InPolska 9 | 1,816
9 Aug 2015 #8
@Roger: true that Dunkin like all the rest of American "crap" is too sweat, too greasy, full of all kinds of chemicals but nevertheless all doughtnuts (which exist in ALL cultures, including in Asia, Africa...) are fried in oil (not the healthiest food ;). Since I have to be careful about cholesterol, I don't eat anything fried (I love French fries but I eat some only 2 or 3 times a year)

Well, I suppose it's ok when you eat 1 (or 2) doughnuts once in a while. When in the USA, I had an (obese) neighbor who ate (I swear) 12 doughtnuts every day at breakfast (+ eggs, saussage, pancakes, jam...). The girl, in her 30's at the time, was well over 150 kg.
Marsupial - | 880
9 Aug 2015 #9
I dont eat it, we have several dohnut chains, all greasy mountains of sugar. Feeling fat just typing about it.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
12 Jan 2021 #10
These days, Wrocław is full of high quality donut shops. I recommend the one on ul. Świdnicka, next to a kebab shop and close to the Trasa W-Z. I don't remember the name, but if you walk towards the Opera from the Rynek, you'll find it on the left side. Yum!

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