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Are Polish people as unfriendly as Slovaks?

21 Jan 2021 #61
I'm OP. Actually most of my Slovak coworkers were totally fine and small-talking etc. Other friendly ones: Romanians, Turks and Hungarians. All much nicer than my Czech, French, Greek and Serbian coworkers.

I guess my OP was more of a case missing home. Sure, some Slovaks were bad but there are terrible people in my birth city of Sofia. Just being close to family makes Sofia more bearable. It's hard when you're living all alone even just 800 km away. And every capital city is filled with competitive people, even smaller capitals like Bratislava.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
22 Jan 2021 #62
I holiday In the mountains and stay with a Slovak family at their horse ranch, great people , they lay on food and barbecues for free, also in winter the horse riding is free, we just pay for the cabins.

We have allot in common with the Slovaks and get on very well , also language is easy, as to which group is more friendly I cant say.

Service can be just as miserable as in Poland if that helps.
Strzelec35 36 | 988
22 Jan 2021 #63
what about the service in Ukraine? How is it?
jon357 71 | 21,116
22 Jan 2021 #64
How is it?

Spike31 3 | 2,175
2 Feb 2021 #65
Slovaks are very friendly, at least to Poles they are.
Miloslaw 15 | 4,668
2 Feb 2021 #66

I have alway found Slowaks to be very friendly with Poles.
Much more so than Czechs.
MarieAntoinette 1 | 58
3 Feb 2021 #67
greetings from Prague here, average Czech hates foreigners, but loves and wants the money they bring
almost all foreigners that I know here, don't like the CZ mentality, cheap, sneaky and totally nuts, don't forget dumb
communist era is over, the mentality is still there
it get's a bit better with the younger people, but not too much
there is really no description for it, need to experience yourself
with all exceptions there are, this is the average experience after 5 years

when I went to Poland, I was wearing my Czech harness, to deal with all the rudeness and crap
I was very surprised that the people were much more friendly in general
even the lady at the gas station on the highway gave me a smile
you will never experience in CZ, ever

I suppose it's because they're tired of being condescended to by their wealthier European neighbors, realizing too that their English skills frequently lag behind other, more typically "desirable" countries such as Sweden, The Netherlands, even France. In addition, which person of any nationality wishes to be thought of as either a bone-head or a prostitute simply because of decades of negative PR?

Well that says all about what you think, and nothing about what they are thinking.
Terry Zazoff
3 Feb 2021 #68
Turks are friendly but shocking for flatulence and "pull my finger jokes" All Eastern Europeans are unfriendly unless you can definitely show them they will garner good coin from doing as little as possible.

Slovakians and Czechs are generally a lot more reserved than Poles and less insecure, not as loud and won't tell you where they come from unless you ask.

Traditionally better at sport per capita, they don't have anything to prove.
On the flip side Poles can't wait to tell you their interpretation of their efforts in World War 2 and how noble they perceive themselves to be. Even though they had their arses handed to them and any foreign army worth their salt could have walked in with a cigar and taken over whenever they felt like it... if they wanted to.
jon357 71 | 21,116
3 Feb 2021 #70
Armenians are very friendly, ask Azeris.

Slovaks and Poles however, especially in cities, are formal and sometimes abrupt in their work settings with strangers. This can be mistaken (with justification) for unfriendliness.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
4 Feb 2021 #71
Armenians are very friendly

lol for the first time I agree with you,my best friend is Armenian here in Warsaw and 5 years back I was in Armenia for his wedding.They are crazy and ruthless in business but very hospitable and friendly people.
jon357 71 | 21,116
4 Feb 2021 #72
best friend is Armenian

The only Australian I've ever known who's relatively sane and not a sociopath is in fact Armenian-born.

One thing I've noticed. The abruptness and passive-aggressive formality that you get in shops etc in Warsaw, Poznań etc vanished once you get about 50 miles away. I go to Kielce, Radom, Siedlce and Płock from time to time for various reasons and although Radom has its moments, the level of engagement in the public sphere is different. Perhaps not on the level of friendliness in northern England, but definitely on a par with round London.
pawian 202 | 21,101
5 Apr 2021 #73
Are Polish people as unfriendly as Slovaks?

Of course not. After all, it was Slovaks who attacked us in September 1939, not vice versa.
Miloslaw 15 | 4,668
6 Apr 2021 #74
Old history. Slowaks are just as friendly as Poles, if not more so.
amiga500 3 | 1,260
6 Apr 2021 #75
Yes we are part of the V4 with our slovak brothers, cross border trade is increasing all the time.
pawian 202 | 21,101
6 Apr 2021 #76
Yet, Slovaks can be dangerous. E.g., Janosik.
amiga500 3 | 1,260
6 Apr 2021 #77
So you are using historical examples to stereotype a people? umm isin't that what racists do? see simon mol etc. Seems you are no different to novichok :) :)
pawian 202 | 21,101
6 Apr 2021 #78
Yes, I use historical examples to stereotype people but only in reference to Slovaks. Once my great great great ancestor, a count, was robbed by that scoundrel while crossing the border in the mountains. The story about that event was passed down in my family for centuries. I will never forget how Janosik wronged us.
amiga500 3 | 1,260
7 Apr 2021 #79
So bigotry and prejudice is fine for some (yourself) but not for others.. When other people do it they are racists and neonazis but you are a decent person! haha
pawian 202 | 21,101
7 Apr 2021 #80
they are racists and neonazis

You forgot neo-bolsheviks to whom I am also allergic here. Janosik, together with Robin Hood, was a precursor of traditional bolshevism - he robbed the rich to give the poor.

you are a decent person

Yes, what is wrong with being against racism, neonazism and neobolshevism? I know you are annoyed coz you profess neo-bolshevism yourself.
amiga500 3 | 1,260
7 Apr 2021 #81
You said slovaks can be dangerous what difference is that from trump saying mexicans are bringing crime? You are no better than the people you attack. decent my ass!
pawian 202 | 21,101
7 Apr 2021 #82
slovaks can be dangerous what difference is that from trump saying mexicans are bringing crime?

The difference is fundamental. I used the phrase CAN BE which assumes the possibility of sth but it doesn`t have to be exhausted, it is only potential. While the phrase "BRINGING CRIME" is a resolute statement about sb ACTUALLY doing sth.

And I am fully entitled to claim that SLovaks can be dangerous. Did Slovaks ever APOLOGISE forJanosik and his dubious actions? Of course not, he is their national hero. Have they ever paid any compensations to Janosik`s victims, including my family? Of course not.

So, as long as they don`t apologise, I will consider them the heirs to Janosik tradition, i. e dangerous types.

Isn`t it so obviously simple????

Do you mean what I know now ???

decent my ass!

We know nothing about that part of your body but if you say so, we should believe you.
Lyzko 40 | 8,739
7 Apr 2021 #83
@MarieAntoinette, I fail to see your point.
Meathead 5 | 473
27 Mar 2022 #84
I've been to Slovakia - beautiful mountains, but people look at you like they want to kill you or something ;D

...and here I thought Poles and Slovaks were country cousins

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