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Visiting Poland - A bit worried about social attitudes and racist inclinations..

Siobhanxxx - | 2
12 Aug 2011 #61
Hi. I have visited Poland once before and am shortly returning. I must admit that while i was there i noticed that everyone was white. This was quite strange for me, as living in England my whole life, i have grown up in a multicultural society. I have also heard rumours about their racial views. But having been there...i would say to you that it is much the same as UK. It depends entirely on the individual and their generation. They are lovely people and i am sure you will have a great time :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
12 Aug 2011 #62
Most Poles are not openly racist. The footie guys joke about it but it's a very different thing from brutally beating up a black guy. People the world over see differences and the Poles are no different.
15 Mar 2012 #63
hi bro i m planning to go to poland this year , well i will be going to Wraclaw this year , i had always heard that poles are friendly ppl ready to help and guide even when u loose your way on the streets in poland , but now when i have opened this site i am really upset by the views of some people about racism .
JonnyM 11 | 2,621
15 Mar 2012 #64
You shouldn't worry. Most of the racist stuff is written by people from the US/Canada, Ireland, Australia, UK etc who've rarely or (more usually) never actually been to Poland. People here are generally friendly, even if they don't always look it!
DepressedOne - | 34
15 Mar 2012 #65
People in Poland are rather helpful even if they don't look friendly. They're no racist, of course they like jokes about other nations but with no ill will or hostility, just like in any other country.
justAhuman - | 3
11 Sep 2015 #66
Merged: Racialism in Poland- why is it existing in a developed nation, if you a Polish then please reply

Racialism is bad side of our society, we talk about equality, justice, rights and we are also educated but fact is that it still exist in our society. What's the worst is it roots are grounded more in a developed countries. You are hating a person because he is black or brown. I ask you is that person was having a choice of choosing which color of skin he want when he was born. Remember it's very easy to make enemies and very difficult to turn your enemy as your friend. Your are beating, screaming bad words, giving physical injuries to people only because their skin color is there so what is difference between a terrorist and a racialist ,in my eyes both are same. As a young guy with nature of helping others I decided that I will go abroad to learn about different culture, language and understand and help people outside my country. I was on one month Internship as NGO worker in Wroclaw to teach small children's English and help some poor children's. No one had paid me to do this job, I paid my own accommodation , my every day traveling expenses but it was my choose to come . One day few days beat me when i was coming to home after buying food stuffs from Lydl. After this incident for few days i got some hate towards polish people .I check on internet I was not the only one with whom it happened.,85994,6647533,Kolejny_rasistowski_atak.html,nId,1238439,35771,7422953,Dwaj_bracia_zaatakowani_we_Wroclawiu_za_kolor_skory.html,35612,6706692,Elblag__kto_skopal_czarnoskorego_lekarza_.html ia5-3283-17250.html&usg=AFQjCNHFJgBLBFZWlRzmp3U4MwwKNAHqTQ&bvm=bv.102022582,d.c2E

It will be become a big list if i will show you all. My question what happen to your brains, where is humanity, you sit and curse others about what wrong they are doing but what happen to you...IF You are apolish I need an answer from you
G (undercover)
11 Sep 2015 #67
" I was on one month Internship as NGO worker in Wroclaw to teach small children's English and help some poor children's. "

Teach what... ?
justAhuman - | 3
11 Sep 2015 #68
I hope you read well what i said, to teach English, as I have knowledge of Polish language so to teach children English Language.

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