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Need to fly asap to Poland from California

Cali2087 1 | 1
8 Nov 2020 #1
Lot just opened a direct flights from SFO only for this nonsense to cause problems. I have concluded that my mother was taken advantage by some one I was tricked in to signing off power of attornery for land I inherited. I know the internet is not reliable in helping especially these days. But is anyone knows what the experience is for those who have their entire family in poland but it is only them in the u.s.

FYI the racisim towards poles in the bay area is really bad right now. This state has almost taken everything from me this year. I need to get the my house back. It is in a village galewice. I never permitted the sale for it.
jakub_a 1 | 13
13 Nov 2020 #2
The best way for you to get into Poland is to fly to Berlin and drive or take a bus
PolAmKrakow 2 | 913
13 Nov 2020 #3
Wrong. Berlin wont let anyone in. The best way is through Amsterdam. Or a direct flight to Warsaw from Chicago or NYC. You better have good documents though or you wont get on the plane to start your trip.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
13 Nov 2020 #4
He is a father of an infant living in Poland as he claims that the Polish courts have decided and pays alimony.If he has all the paperwork for that he will be let in.
jakub_a 1 | 13
13 Nov 2020 #5
Sorry, it was a little while ago and I didn't re check it. What paperwork do i need to get in? Because, what I have seen is no one can get into Poland unless you are a polish citizen.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 913
14 Nov 2020 #6
If you dont know what you need then you arent serious and this story smells fishy.
jakub_a 1 | 13
14 Nov 2020 #7
@PolAmKrakow The problem is lawyers in Poland tell me different things. Otherwise I would be there to visit my son.
Crow 159 | 9,015
14 Nov 2020 #8
Need to fly asap to Poland from California

You are wise.

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