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Just got out of jail in California and met a young man of Polish ancestry whilst in prison

8 Dec 2013 #1
You guys may remember me from previous nicks I had and know that Ive done a bit or time (a couple months) for trying to meet a girl online (I wont go into the details). Anyway, recently I got arrested again this time for assault with a deadly weapon for getting in a bar fight where I responded to an attack with anger and a pint glass but the guy came at me first with multiple punches and from the side I saw his friends walking toward me before my response. Anyway, because of me already being on probation and my history I took a county year and a strike under California's three strike laws.

I met a young man in there who really needs a movie or a book or both. This is a story of a handsome young man who became like my brother in there and who told me he is Polish or mostly Polish in his background although he was raised and born here.he could have been a leader in life. Not only does he have incredible basketball talent but I saw the way he lead and even Mexicans followed him and there were only like five white guys there in the drop out gang pod (thats how much respect he commanded). Meet Christian Speaker: cs1116cmspeaker~1_GALLERY.JPG

I suggest you read the rest of his story while listening to the music from the movie Driver, or Kavinsky's Nightcall.

What I noticed in him and the reason we clicked was I saw respect and intelligence. I did not see a thug but a warrior. Someone who does not look for people weaker to bully or beat up or prey on or take advantage of. He even rejected most of my offers to hook him up with canteen stuff. I saw someone who will get down with a drop of the hat and take leadership roles like roll someone out that causes problems or that just came in that is a potential risk (he rolled so someone else out who he said was an active northern rider).

Me and my mom sent Christian some money recently and a book and he replied right away and sent us a letter that came in today. He said this was the first time in his life someone ever showed any love to him and that he was only 17 yrs old when he was in this area so he know was trying to explain how happy he was and how no one ever cared for him or showed him any compassion or love. He said this is the first time anyone has ever done anything like this for him.

Many of you probably have no idea what goes on in california or have probably done a days time in these hell factories. There are young men under 20 years old being shuffled in there with no hope of freedom ever entering their hearts and put in places that are so horrible they don't exist in many third world countries. They put them in these jails with no programs and nothing to do then when they right they charge them like if they did it in the free world and even after guards place enemies in the same pods or tanks.

His charisma was incredible when I met him as a fellow inmate. He knows and accepts the fact that despite being 20 yrs old (17 at the time of his crime), he will never get out of prison. He has been in group homes and juvenile gladiator schools since a young age and told me personally how he grew up in a very violent home. He also told me " this is my world. Ive been doing this all my life." Here is some more information about him and how his life led to the murder he committed and how he really represents what a lost kid or a child swallowed up by the system is: re-clerk-gets-life

This was when he was a teen of 17 and had to start the beginning of his life inside the system:

Here is another potential life sentence he is fighitng for fighting and continuing his behavior ( the only one he knows) inside the jails and gladiator schools: 2010-watsonville-murder-pleads-guilty cruz-courtroom-between-convicted

Unlike what many community college sociology professors would like you to believe or the media, this isnt an only black and hispanic problem. There are plenty of white guys like this or lost children who no one speaks out for or believes in and are even in worse position than minorities in his position because there are less support groups no activists or books being written since everyone focuses on the black and brown problem. These guys are like left to rot without love or care because they are not black or brown with no attention paid to them.

Oh, and he was a norteno gang member on the street when he committed the murder but went wood or white on the inside since he told me that his dad gave him a choice: "you will either go white on the inside and ride with us or go northener, but if you do that we will kill you." As you can see, this is the only world he knew: gangs, drugs, violence.

Also, in terms of fighting, I've seen Speaker in action and boy he can fight despite his lan and tall statue he can use that size unlike any of the NBA basketball fights you've ever seen. He took out a man named sniper (Mexican gangster who looks like those guys in the movie training day where they try to kill officer Hoyt). He torpedoed inside a cell full of four people (including Sniper) at once to make room for an attack and in a split of a second can turn it on and off.

He looks almost like me to the dot when I was younger. He is a blond hair blue eyed leader with Polish roots who would have made many women happy but instead America is shuffling him through the system where all his life (since 17) he will not get a chance to live a normal life. He will not get a chance to see the sun or breathe fresh air and be out in a system full of mexican and black savaged trying to punk whites any chance they get. Except they will never punk him, in fact half of them followed him in there. He is a true leader, a warrior caste.

Imagine a nation that does this to people. Violence is all he knew since he was in diapers. He was raised by the state and was actual a word of the state officially when he committed the murder. Group homes, YMCA, juvenile facilities, etc. was his world. Even read the comments in this article: kill ing-watsonville-shopkeeper-sentenced-jail

Im sure a woman could have changed him if one gave him a chance. But he gave up and when there was a pod full of jailed girls across he hardly ever acknowledged them or acted like the rest of the guys starring at them with no hope of being face to face with them anyway.

He hugged me in there when he realized how horrible or a place I put myself in and how bad it was in there. You guys dont understand in California there is a whole society, a whole world, inside the world you know. It is so horrible so violent and so controlling where to see the sun and fresh air once a day is a privilege. It is so horrible you don't even have pillows to sleep on so your ear up daily with neck sores. It is so horrible you feel the walls closing on you with no hope or future awaiting.

My family has also recently send him some money and a book and he didnt know who it was from but responded right away and sent me a letter. He said this was the first time anyone eve did something like this to him or showed him any love in his life. Anyway, his life is a tragedy and I see a book or a movie In the future.

I don't know why the initial images are not showing up when I copy and paste but here is the most current image of him and article: 2010-watsonville-murder-pleads-guilty

Here is another news pice showing the wayne looked during the time of his arrest at age 17 and how Polish he really looks: lle-store-owner-now-wants
8 Dec 2013 #2
I don't know why the initial images are not showing up when I copy and paste

It's because you aren't a registered user.
OP Wariat
9 Dec 2013 #3
This is what happens if you try standing up for your rights after being punked by Americans when youre a Polak (the bar always supports them against Polaks just because they hate us so much in America and they always end up calling cops after starting a fight): t-glass-at-seabright

Its weird how these people come to just punk and the bar tenders always support their punkings, well you ain't gonna punk us. We're a proud race and people that overcame way more adversary than Umerica.

Why is it Umericans like to talk big and disrespect with their mouths like this guy recently mentioned: =2260759&page=1&pc=11

but always end up calling the cops in the end after they get theirs?

All you have to do is to go out by yourself in an American esp small town Santa Cruz bar and say youre Polish and them seeing you to talk to an American woman and thats enough for them to try punking you.thats how much their whole society hates us.
Meathead 5 | 469
9 Dec 2013 #4
Kid, lots of America is of Polish extraction. Quit hanging around those mexican bars. Move to Chicago, you'll fit in there.
Wariat 2 | 12
9 Dec 2013 #5
No, you got it wrong. This is what they think of us and the ones who have part polish blood hide it (its more embarrassing than russian or ukrainian): ptember-8-2009.html

Are you that dumb to not see this outside of Chicago. I live in Cali, where I have no one to rely on and no allies since there are hardly any of us here and the white people are afraid to stand up to minorities and are cowards who call cops all the fact even in jail they mostly prey on other whites and let the browns run everything from the radio, to the tables, and punk them daily while they prey on other whites. What I don't get though is why these whites and mexicans in California always consider their women even if they aren't dating them or talking to them as their property in bars? Somehow if one finds a Polak attractive its like the end of the world to them and they try to punk (without actually fighting because then they call cops or attack in groups).

What I saw in that jail pretty much made me ashamed to be white. Browns from watsonville running everything and the guards also all being brown and supporting them and calling them "their people" while whites were disenfranchised and preyed upon and the only semi strong whites like skinheads or drop outs would prey on other whites and try to join forces with the browns. Only speaker was different but that was also a different unit they moved me after they kept trying to steal from me everytime I had my back turned. The white people in Califoria are very weak, nothing like real Polaks. Real Polaks wouldnt let themslves be run by Mexicans and prey on their own even if outnumbered.
Wariat 2 | 12
9 Dec 2013 #6
Just look what they did me (in the other case). All those pictures and articles and I never did anything, just because Im polish. In that little county there werent real predators that even had close to the media coverage, why do you think that is? And why do you think they took my right to bail or to a habeus corpus away? I mean, why did they even have to mention the fact I was Polish. Did that even have to do with the news in any way?
9 Dec 2013 #7
Just look what they did me (in the other case). All those pictures and articles and I never did anything, just because Im polish.

According to

[Full name redacted due to PF policy], 28, remained in jail Monday, records show.

Googling "[Full name redacted]" gets us this:

A former Chico man, accused of trying to seduce a 12-year-old Orland girl online last year, will spend 120 days in jail and register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to reduced charges, a Glenn County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.

I really do hope that the OP isn't the person he claims to be.
el_easy 2 | 54
11 Dec 2013 #8
@Harry, I just want to say you're a damn genius, you should work for FBI.
jon357 74 | 21,815
11 Dec 2013 #9
I really do hope that the OP isn't the person he claims to be.

12 years old? Not exactly a cougar, is she?
f stop 25 | 2,507
11 Dec 2013 #10
Wariat, it's not the fact that you're Polish that's the problem. Lol

Good job, Harry!
11 Dec 2013 #11
He isn't Polish. If he was Polish, he'd have been deported by now.
5 Mar 2019 #12

Here Are 2 Guys Proving Everything I said was true about California laws and prisons

To all of you guys talking crap and how wonderful California is how you can fight people or do what you want there and not be destroyed by liers in a second like I was telling you happened to me being a Pollack there just watch these two videos talking about how you cant even defend yourself there and look at the guys eyes in the second video because those are the guys you would be around for years for simply trying to defend yourself or using your little whinny martial arts:

Its not like Poland at all, America and California is full of ptsd and crazy fuks, gangs, shooting, and at the same time laws like out of the 1600s. Totally diff world dont ever go there. I was there I know. By the way, I found out now the Arena or San QUentin is supposedly no good its all pc or sny now due to the fact they simply did not attack people on sight. They simply programmed with people like me if I went there before this all happened a couple years ago cause it was close to my home but I was just in reception there. Finny stuff the arena lol apparently thats what its called.

Even the biggest guys sometimes tap out and you would to particularly if you are living your whole life being a snitch and a good citizen getting involved in situations or scenes you did not see the start of.

You looking me up, exposing me or whatever you are trying to do: I dont care. I have no friends or job and pretty much no family anyway and never had a father all my life. So youre little attempts at scaring me or shaming me or whatever wont work lol. You are just internet faggots from western countries coming to poland expecting free pussy or something. Bunch of cop calling snitching cowards if you ask me. Id love to see how youd fair in there. By the way, Europe and Poland has very strong privacy laws. So you better hope you dont run into someone who doesnt mind taking your crap site to court since it was the moderators who bumped this and combined a separate threead with it it is the site that would be responsible for violating european privacy laws. I have no money or job right now so I will look into if I can make money off you actually.

Just watch this video and read the comments below by people showing what I did at that bar in the smalltown of Santa Cruz called Brady's is exactly justified, by all those guys commenting had they saw it and by the truth because it was similar to what you see here except I simply over did it a bit byy using a pintglass thats all but it was after being hi and attacked inside a fking bar and outnnumbered and alone and fking sick and pissed the fuk off at the time coming back to probation and Umerica from a visit in Poland -- and all of their complaints about liberalism, cowards, those who support who is more regular or spends more money there, drunks only acting with reaction than to the truth or what happens in such situations and more.

To you Polaks who post here and I mean Pollack Pollacks not Polonia or expats or homosexuals, go to AMerica and go to small town bars there and see what will happen. You will be lucky to just be punked but if you have any sort of pride or Polak ego youll end up like I did because some small fuk like in the video above or named Kevin Markley in Santa Cruz will snitch, call cops, use his friends, wife or anything nearby to lie for him, and the california or texas or whatever laws whereever you end up will make you hate that country the rest of your life. Some of the comments that mirror 100 percent with what happened to me and at least one person on this forum has seen the paperwork proving it was true and thats how those Umericans really all are:

"That's what's wrong with this new way people think. That man had every right to hit him yet everyone defends the aggressive guy who started it. That guy got exactly what he was looking for..."

"It's kinda funny how the one that started it doesn't get asked to leave"

To whoever saw my paperwork, do you see the parallells here? Just what is wrong with AMericans particularly in smaller towns and white people there and particularly lawyers, das, judges and all that crap later that only judge situations after the facts?
25 Mar 2019 #13

The idea or being labeled or called something that happns in the USA named convicted felon

I found this article really interesting because I was talking about this for a long time even before my last prison term in USA (and despite being very liberal on paper cslifornia is the worst when it fo es to the courts or justice) that got me deported back to the homeland:

I was telling you guys this for a long time, the mental anguish, torture there even before my last term which possibly led to it even thiugh I just defended myself against this bum who currently is in hawaii and all over youtube named raphael luciano. I was saying how theytreat you there combined with being pollack how can you blame me for choking a trash out while being in constant anguish and torture daily waking up? The idea of labeling someone by the worse thing or even worst couple of things and not treating them hu,an combined with growing up with an accent polish single parent household.

Oh and to those of you who claim this and that I was in the hood many yrs ago back in Poland called zlimanowskiego Dąbrowa hanging out with male rolemodels nicknamed Hitler and Sleju Kulpa so dontgiveme that **** like it had anything to do with sex. It was written instonemy life many yrs before it happened.

Ive never heard of anyone in Poland calling someone a felon or even anything convicted or pro cops or out down words to this affect. Maybe criminal or bandizor but not someone judged by something all life.
25 Mar 2019 #14
why polish people are so cute I wanna just **** them so bad :)
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
25 Mar 2019 #15
Wariat, my dear, your handle is well chosen indeed.
Poloniusz 4 | 691
22 Feb 2021 #16
Its not like Poland at all, America and California is full of ptsd and crazy fuks, gangs, shooting, and laws like out of the 1600s.


California is a Democratic Party bastion of progressivism.

As California goes, so goes America, and then the World!

jon357 74 | 21,815
22 Feb 2021 #17

The difference between being labelled or called something is the being caught in a system. Nothing else.

judged by something all life.

This is the problem. Elected prosecutors pandering to the most fearful normies.
Poloniusz 4 | 691
22 Feb 2021 #18
being caught in a system. Nothing else.

A progressive system which values incarceration over education.

Elected prosecutors pandering to the most fearful normies.

You mean elected Democratic Party prosecutors like Kamala Harris pandering to the most fearful libtards.

I suppose you can call it bigotry with a conscience.
Novichok 5 | 7,712
22 Feb 2021 #19
Elected prosecutors pandering to the most fearful normies.

And the difference between "pandering" and acting according to the needs of the voters is exactly what?
jon357 74 | 21,815
22 Feb 2021 #20
A progressive system

There's nothing progressive about the American prison system. In fact the opposite.

It's not so much a country with a prison system, more a prison system with a country.
Joker 2 | 2,569
22 Feb 2021 #21
There's nothing progressive about the American prison system.

Are you speaking from experience or talking out your dupa again?
Novichok 5 | 7,712
22 Feb 2021 #22
I have a deal for you. If you take our Africans and Latinos, our prison would have an echo in them. Instead, every time the subject comes up, you put that idiotic sarcastic smile on and wish more of these scumbags here.

Also, how about that wall you hate so much...It would keep the hordes including the MS-13 lovelies away from the whites who, btw, are just as peaceful as the Euros.
Joker 2 | 2,569
22 Feb 2021 #23
you put that idiotic sarcastic smile on and wish more of these scumbags here.

This is all he does around the clock each and everyday. Hes only here to criticize us with his sarcastic comments. Ones he wouldn't dare say in person coz he would get his teeth knocked down his throat. Nope, he just a troll like his friend D.Dope. Totally jealous of the USA and only hopes for our demise whilst he has this fake grin of concern.. FU Homo Jon!!
Poloniusz 4 | 691
22 Feb 2021 #24
American prison system.

The title of this thread is about a Pole's own experience in the Democratic Party controlled progressive state of California and its priority given to its own prison-industrial complex.

Career Democratic Party operatives like Kamala Harris always ensure that the school-to-prison pipeline is in constant flow.
jon357 74 | 21,815
22 Feb 2021 #25
own prison-industrial complex.

Not a good one anywhere over there.

The European model (or the more progressive of the various models here) works better.
Novichok 5 | 7,712
22 Feb 2021 #26
Kamala Harris always ensure that the school-to-prison pipeline is in constant flow.

Just imagine what these parasites - I mean the "prison-industrial complex" and the rest of that rotten "system" - would do if one day we all quit criming. (I just made that word up). What would they criminalize next to get new meat into the grinder?

I have zero doubt that their incompetence in stopping drugs from the Latin s**tholes is premeditated and well-calibrated to maximize the system income. That is why they will not make them legal or go China's way. That sick Western center seems best for cash flow and pensions.

And then there are those detox centers at 40 grand a month with 5% success rates. Snorting white s**t is an illness, of course, and the snorters in need of and deserving our love and compassion.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,743
22 Feb 2021 #27
I have zero doubt that their incompetence in stopping drugs from the Latin s**tholes is premeditated and well-calibrated to maximize the system income

Yeah, and this is the "Great American Model" that people like you think we should all be following?
Amerca is fvcked..... you have said it yourself and I have no pleasure in repeating it.
The whole world is fvcked unless we all wake up.

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