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Hotel Europejski - Krakow

PatK100 4 | 5
17 Jan 2022 #1

Just looking at booking a long weekend in March - what should the weather be like for those people that have a crystal ball LOL Looking at the Hotel Europejski - what it like anyone any better recommendations about the same price/


Atch 17 | 3,805
17 Jan 2022 #2
Depends on whether it's early or late March. It's quite cold at that time of year but it gets a bit warmer as April approaches. It's still jacket weather though :) and a woolly hat won't go amiss either. Basically the average temp will be in single digits and colder at night, usually around zero or below.
MacAindreas 1 | 21
17 Jan 2022 #3
I've stayed in Hotel Europejski a few times and we held our wedding reception there. The decor is a bit old fashioned (that's the style), it's clean, good food, rooms are nice and the service is very good. It is also walking distance to renek so that's ideal.

That was 8 years ago so things may have changed. Based on experience I would recommend.

I would also recommend the Sheraton
Miloslaw 15 | 4,690
17 Jan 2022 #4
The decor is a bit old fashioned

To say the least.......not to my personal taste at all.
Joker 4 | 2,585
17 Jan 2022 #5
better recommendations about the same price/

I stayed at the hotel Wyspianski its within walking distance to the city center. The rooms aren't bad, kind of small but clean. I didnt spend much time in the hotel bc there was plenty of action on the streets. I dont know think March is the best time though, probably still too cold and smoggy. The underground bars are good, you can walk there in 5 mins.

I just checked and its only $32 per night! wow!

They have free breakfast too, but I cant remember if it was good or not.
Miloslaw 15 | 4,690
18 Jan 2022 #6
I stayed at the hotel Wyspianski

I prefer that to

Hotel Europejski

Which is far too old fashioned for my tastes.

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