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Travel to Poland from the UK? (COVID time)

pawian 202 | 21,101
4 Jan 2021 #31
not sure about flight records

If they do, then concealing you have travelled from the UK within a day or two would be useless.

But, now, if they find out sb lied in that form, what is the real responsibility? They can`t detain you for such banality. Perhaps they might give you a ban on visiting Poland.

For how long on average?

Depends on where the subject lives and how many staff are sick/isolating

Yes, exactly.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
4 Jan 2021 #32
Yes, they don`t have enough staff to handle all those case

BS and they cry of unemployment CRAP
pawian 202 | 21,101
4 Jan 2021 #33
Sanepid isn`t such a wonderful institution to work for. They are seriously understaffed, I suppose.
Barney 15 | 1,540
4 Jan 2021 #34
Yes my friend works for Sanepid and hates it especially after they were all transferred to Covid tracing. They are understaffed and several people in her office have contracted covid. Edit: not as a direct consequence of her work.

They definitely have access to databases of positive cases including private information about their work and travel etc.
Dave Peter Polski
5 Jan 2021 #35
From the UK to Poland - from one cold **** zone to another cold **** zone. Glad I'm in neither crappy countries.
pawian 202 | 21,101
5 Jan 2021 #36
from one cold **** zone to another cold **** zone

Yes, I have a problem with it too. I can`t grow frigging palm trees in my garden!! It is unfair!
Therefore I love Warsaw so much coz they host one big palm tree right on the crossroads in the centre. Can you imagine???

pawian 202 | 21,101
8 Jan 2021 #37
back there Jan 17 when the quarantine there ends?

No, informal reports suggest that the current restrictions will stay in force after 17 Jan, too.,nId,4974184
Cargo pants 3 | 1,486
8 Jan 2021 #38
palm tree right on the crossroads in the centre

Rondo Ch. de Gaulle
OP badlores 1 | 7
9 Jan 2021 #39
What looks to be the best way to travel from UK to Poland? I was thinking go to a country like France which just requires a PCR test. Then transfer into Poland. What do you guys think? I hold an Australian passport btw, not British.
pawian 202 | 21,101
9 Jan 2021 #40
Borders are closed for non-essential traffic for non-Polish and non EU citizens.
OP badlores 1 | 7
15 Jan 2021 #41
Borders are open again since yesterday. Flights are resumed between UK and Poland! You just need to get a test done before returning from Poland.

Question is: since we're still in Tier 4 lockdown, is it worth trying to fly from UK to Poland under the pretense of seeing a loved one?
pawian 202 | 21,101
15 Jan 2021 #42
is it worth trying to fly from UK to Poland now?

it is always worth visiting Poland.

OP badlores 1 | 7
15 Jan 2021 #43
Haha agreed. However i don't want to go to the airport and then be told "you need certification from work of right to board the plane". Is there risk of that? Or will they just ask me why i'm travelling - in which case i'll say i'm there to see a loved one.
pawian 202 | 21,101
15 Jan 2021 #44
in which case i'll say i'm there to see a loved one.

Yes, they might let you in but you will have to go on quarantine. Unless you have been vaccinated and have a certificate..

This restriction applies to persons who:

are crossing the border of the Republic of Poland which constitutes the external border of the EU,
are crossing the border of the Republic of Poland by organised transport (from 28 December)*,

* It applies to persons who have crossed the Polish border (which is both external and internal EU border) by plane, bus or other means of collective transport. The restriction is in force from 28 December 2020 to 31 January 2021.

OP badlores 1 | 7
16 Jan 2021 #45

Yes it's quarantine from home if i'm not mistaken. I have a friend who rents me his apartment when i'm there so have no problem staying at the apartment and having my gf visit me.

It's not like the kind of quarantines they have in Australia where they force you in a tiny hotel room and have guards around to make sure you never leave and nobody visits you.
chrisshrew - | 70
16 Jan 2021 #46
I see on the UK government site that self isolation is not required if you are 'travelling for professional, official or employment reasons'. How does that work in practice?

Currently in the UK working online with Polish students, can't say I am in any particular hurry considering the situation but would like to get back when the restrictions relax a little.
pawian 202 | 21,101
2 Apr 2021 #47
Now such a travel costs 5000 pounds.
PatK100 4 | 5
1 Feb 2022 #48

Current travel Covid rules to Poland

Hi Fellow Travellers

I know things are constantly changing all the time - I am due to be visiting Krakow in March but I was just wondering what the current travel restrictions are for people travelling from the UK.

Is mask wearing being enforced in shops and local places, also what about the touristy places especially want to visit Auschwitz.

Hope it not too cold.

Thank you

mafketis 35 | 11,671
1 Feb 2022 #49
Is mask wearing being enforced in shops and local places

Not tremendously... I'm in a pretty by-the-rules kind of town and mostly people ignore those without masks

Hope it not too cold.

No way to predict. Weather changes here often (and often dramatically). Just have to plan and hope for the best....
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,990
1 Feb 2022 #50
No real issues in Krakow. I live in the center, and really not much of any enforcement except in the shopping malls and big grocery stores.

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