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Polish towns and cities with the most clear sky days in the year?

28 Jun 2020 #1
Hi all! After living in Belgium, I now know I totally hate overcast/cloudy weather. Such days make me tired and moody. I don't mind cold days as long as there are plenty of clear skies from time to time even during the winter.

What are the least cloudy/overcast towns and cities in Poland in summer, winter or year-round?
I expected Southern Poland like Krakow to be less cloudy but I read this:

The weather in Krakow has harsh winters and rainy summers. During spring months temperatures even out and there is less rainfall making it the best time for travel. During the summer, Krakow offers plenty of sunshine but also plenty of rain. On the other hand, in Budapest, from April through September you can expect plenty of sun and high temperatures.

Which is the town or city in Poland with the clearest skies, regardless of temperatures? Bialystok, Lublin? I know Gdansk has mild temperatures but it's mostly overcast, so I'd rather have the opposite - 1. a town with cold but clear winter days. 2. Or if the winter is mostly cloudy (typical of Europe after all), at least have clear skies in spring, summer and fall.
Looker - | 1,102
29 Jun 2020 #2
This site may help:

... According to which the most sunny cities in Poland are: Racibórz, Tarnów, Rzeszów, Przemyśl and Tomaszów Lubelski.

Sunny Poland
OP Zlatko
29 Jun 2020 #3
Thank you, I checked Tomaszów Lubelski and it looks quite cozy, much greener than is usual for Central European cities, so many trees there! I'm glad that Tarnów has such a big population. I alsmost took a job in Rzeszów but somehow it seems very boring to me, just a post-industrial city with not much beautiful architecture and the streets are not very green. Somehow I liked Street Viewing Przemyśl more (better architecture than Rzeszow despite derelict state). I will have to check Racibórz.
pawian 179 | 16,308
12 Jul 2020 #4
I expected Southern Poland like Krakow to be less cloudy but I read this:

Don`t forget about smog in Krakow - it gravely enhances the natural cloudiness.
OP Zlatko
12 Jul 2020 #5
Lol I saw so many different maps. According to this above Lublin is slightly less sunny than Krakow but on English Wikipedia it gets way more sunshine hours yearly. What gives these discrepancies? The only thing all Polish sources agree on seem to be that the North West and Suwałki are among the least sunny. Ironically the sunniest place in Northern Europe is not too far - Visby. Weird.
20 Nov 2020 #6
I think the UK and the Benelux countries boost their sunshine hours artificially. Today I saw the webcams for Krakow, Warsaw, and a few other Polish, British, Irish, German, Swedish and Dutch cities. I also saw a weather map in real time. There were clouds but sun in Krakow and a few other Polish cities like Przemysl. Warsaw and the supposedly sunny Gdansk were cloudy, confirming the map posted by Looker.

Ireland, UK, Netherlands are cloudy-as-always of course! As most German cities, but not all.

Stockholm is quite cold but has clear sky. I don't hate cold as much as I hate lack of clear sky and sun, especially if it continues into the summer like Atlantic climates do. So imo Poland is not as bad as portrayed, UK, Ireland and Benelux are worse, even in winter. At least in Poland you know after a few months there will be plenty of sun.

There's no way Krakow has less sunshine hours than Tilburg or Utrech where I lived (1300 for Krakow vs 1600 for most of the Netherlands). Maybe a Pole that has lived in the NL can talk about this? Even if Krakow is less sunny than most of Central Europe due to the hills, its summers are not as cloudy as Dutch or British ones. Case in point - Prague. I found climates like Prague not so bad and supposedly Prague is dreary. It's not, in the summer there are plenty sunny days that cannot be said about Britain and BeNeLux or Paris. While mot of Poland is less sunny than Bratislava, Hungary and Austria, it still sees plenty of sun in the summer unlike the UK. Ditto for Sweden but I'm not sure as a Balkan person how my mind would be affected in the winter. I think its just Brits and Benelux meteo people boosting their sunshine hours while in Poland only Warsaw has incorrect (too high) values (Poznan has sunnier summers, yet Warsaw is rated higher for sunshine).

So I think the rainy summers in Krakow are in reality not as rainy as Northwestern European levels.
21 Nov 2020 #7
Again I saw sun in Krakow's webcam, can anyone confirm (might just be a recording)? In general most of Central and Eastern Europe is cloudy now but some Polish cities seemed less affected.

BeNeLux and the British isles covered in clouds as always.

There is no way in hell Dutch cities average 1600-1700 hrs of sunshine as they claim on websites and Wikipedia, I guess they boost them the way Warsaw's station boosts them. :) NL is very close to UK and Belgium that report lower sunshine hours. Most other Polish cities either report true data or even lower the number (I wouldn't be surprised if Krakow is NOT gloomier than Eindhoven and even London as it's claimed, 1300 sunshine hours yearly is low even for the UK, maybe it's pollution smog in winter blocking the sun?).

I lived in the NL and in Prague, visited Dresden often. Both had much more sunny days in summer, despite the long winters. Yet on climate data Ditch cities are rated around them or even higher on sunshine hours! Even in February (of 2018) in Prague there were some clear sunny days and snow. February in NL was rainy, gray and too humid for weeks. Despite higher temps it felt much worse than Central European winters, it's like the high winds and rain got to my core.
pawian 179 | 16,308
21 Nov 2020 #8
, can anyone confirm (might just be a recording)?

Or a crazy bored hacker didn`t know what to do with his/her time.
21 Nov 2020 #9
Parts of Poland really had little to no clouds today afternoon though.

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