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Which places in Praga, Warsaw are MOST DANGEROUS at night?

23 Apr 2017 #1
The title, thanks.
Wulkan - | 3,243
23 Apr 2017 #2
You must have gone to the wrong forum, it's about Poland, not Czech Republic :-) and seriously, I don't think it's dangerous anywhere in Praga.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,869
23 Apr 2017 #3
I think he means the district of Warsaw called Praga, W., surely?
Wulkan - | 3,243
23 Apr 2017 #4

Yea, I know someone who lives there, he goes everywhere and feels safe.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
23 Apr 2017 #5
Which places in Praga, Warsaw are MOST DANGEROUS

Boys now have 60+ and sitting in GPs waiting room or in pharmacy.
mafketis 36 | 10,388
23 Apr 2017 #6
I don't think it's dangerous anywhere in Praga.

The Czech city is Praha (or Prague or Prag if you wanna be Deutsch about it)

It's clear he's referring to Warsaw east of the Wisła.
jon357 72 | 21,141
24 Apr 2017 #7
The title, thanks.

Most is OK now. The one really dodgy part a few years ago there is now generally safe.
Wulkan - | 3,243
24 Apr 2017 #8
The Czech city is Praha (or Prague or Prag if you wanna be Deutsch about it)

I don't want to be Deutsch, I'm Polish and in Polish it's Praga :-)

It's clear he's referring to Warsaw east of the Wisła.

No s***t, it's clear you don't know what is sarcasm.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,070
2 Sep 2019 #9
[moved from]


Tourists around Warsaw will want to avoid Praga, and travelers in the region will want to stay close to the train station when visiting. The northern part of Praga can be especially dangerous, particularly at night. This is generally considered the poorest part of the city, and there can be a significant amount of crime from time to time.

Rich 1, reality 1
3 Sep 2019 #10
From smartertravel:

Nothing smart about that website, I'm surprised it doesn't say to skip Warsaw altogether. Apparently downtown Warsaw isn't safe, avoid run down shops and homes because they might be fronts for illicit trade blah blah. I've been to Praga, I felt completely safe. No, I would not go down dark streets there at night alone, but I wouldn't do that in my home town either. One good thing though, at least you're not likely to get gunned down in Praga ;) When were you last there Rich?

Rich 0
Reality 1
mafketis 36 | 10,388
3 Sep 2019 #11
I've been to Praga, I felt completely safe

Well, to be fair, until a few weeks ago I'd assumed Praga was

a) crumbling kamienice

b) seas of deski

c) areas of post industrial hideousness

d) shady and desperate characters slipping out of and back into the shadows as they carry on their shady and desperate business

My main Praga experience had been in the 90s (when I loved the outdoor bazaar at the stadium) and a few work related visits to an office located around Dworzec Wileński which was a pretty shady area.... at least for Poland.

But I wanted to check out a store selling Hungarian delicacies that I had an address for. The bus turned south by the stadium and was shocked - a pleasant leafy neighborhood with buildings of 3-5 stories, well maintained, full of ethnic restaurants and coffee shops. If I ever need to move to Warsaw I could easily imagine living there...
Atch 20 | 3,975
3 Sep 2019 #12
The northern part of Praga

That's Praga Północ.

Saska kępa

That's Praga Południe.

The Praga district comprises Praga Pólnoc and Praga Połundie. Praga Pólnoc used to be really rough years ago but I lived there for six months and never came to any harm. There were one or two streets where you wouldn't venture at night but there was nothing in those streets to attract a casual visitor or tourist anyway. Both it and Praga Południe have been thoroughly gentrified in the last ten years and are nice places to spend time. There's great shopping and loads of places to eat, beautiful parks etc.

Saska Kępa is returning to its pre-war vibe of being an artsy, bohemian type of neighbourhood, though self consciously so nowadays whereas before the war it was an affordable outlying district for artists to live. There were a number of very innovative modernist buildings constructed there at the time which have survived. It was supposed to be levelled by the Commies to create an industrial area but escaped that fate, thankfully. It would set you back quite a few million to buy one of those villas now. Park Skaryszewski is the local park and it's really beautiful. There are also działki full of flowers and veggies, very pretty.

The two parts of Praga comprise numerous different districts each with slightly different vibe, but they're all ordinary, middle of the road places, nothing especially seedy about them and if you take a look at property prices, you'll see that you can pay as much for an apartment in Praga as you would in any of the neighbourhoods on the other side of the river.

a pleasant leafy neighborhood with buildings of 3-5 stories

There are actually quite a few tower blocks as well but they're nicely landscaped and some of them have a lovely view of the water.
cms neuf 1 | 1,649
3 Sep 2019 #13
Plenty of new investment in Praga - new malls and housing and the Google campus
Strzelec35 36 | 928
19 Jan 2021 #14
I sort of like the praga bar that has live music and really is so underground their bathroom barely works on the most gangster street in all of praga brzesow but it is at the beginning of that street not deep in where I went to that one time and I think i shared a video of me going into that alley of drug dealers across the broken building but thats a separate story and how one of them this redheaded guy threatened to throw me in the trash. but there is a bar that has live music on the left side in the first parking on brzeska street thats pretty cool. Not really for chicks or women just the vibe reminds me of dive bars I used to go to in California when I lived in San Jose like the 49ers bar in San Jose across from the pink poodle. the praga bar is like that. I would have funny conversations there usually with other blokes it wasnt w place to get laid but just zone out chill out listen to the music etc. I actually showed I think thet video maybe only to dirk diggler me going in there when me and dirk diggler used to be friends on here lol. but i will try to google map and see if i can find the name of that bar with the live music.
jon357 72 | 21,141
19 Jan 2021 #15
the most gangster street in all of praga brzesow

Ul. Brzeska? Very different now than 20 years ago (there's even art shops thee), and even ul. Mała round the corner has improved. There are parts further north round pl. Hallera which still have the same character however no real bars. Thees a couple of 'old school' beer sheds by Rondo Starzynskiego if they're still there and of course Chaplin's on Targowa. I hope that one survives the lockdown.

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