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Poznan - the best time to visit?

5 Dec 2013 #1
When is the Best time to Visit Poznan, we are planning a visit, but we want to be there at the busiest time, when the students are there and Bars and nightclubs are busy and full of women :)
delphiandomine 83 | 17,911
5 Dec 2013 #2
Best time is summer, as the women wear barely anything in the clubs and the streets are packed with them.
DominicB - | 2,703
5 Dec 2013 #3
If Poznań is anything like Wrocław, there are precious few students in the city in July, August and September, as they all return to their hometowns. And in June, they're busy studying for exams. So the best time to come is late May or early June.
jahangeer100 - | 5
6 Dec 2013 #4
Poznan is very beautiful city in Poland. I think the best months to visit
What you say about this?

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