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Why do you visit Poland?

PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
30 Dec 2008 #1
For vacation
To visit family/friends
I visit to conduct business every now and then
I am considering moving there
I live outside of Poland but travel there to work frequently
I am researching family history there
I don't visit Poland
I visit to attend social/formal events

More and more Poland becomes a country that people visit for various reasons. What is your reason? Please vote in the poll. :)
Polson 5 | 1,770
30 Dec 2008 #2
Answered 'to visit family' but also for vacation ;)
What about you PD, have you ever visited Poland?
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
30 Dec 2008 #3
I was supposed to be there twice this year but other circumstances prevented that. :( 2009 should be a better year for travelling to Poland. :D
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
30 Dec 2008 #4
Because it doesn't have the Euro !

Everywhere else that has the Euro seems to be a bit more expensive than it used to be, I suppose its only a matter of time........
szymek - | 4
30 Dec 2008 #5
Because I was born in Poland, I spent all of my childhood there. I love my country. Im Proud to be Polish :)
I can't wait to see Baltic Sea :D
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
30 Dec 2008 #6
Did you vote though? ;)
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
30 Dec 2008 #8
:) How often do you visit szymek?
SeanBM 35 | 5,812
30 Dec 2008 #9
I can't wait to see Baltic Sea

From that wonderful photo you posted, I can see why :)

I am not allowed to vote because I am here :)
OP PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104
30 Dec 2008 #10
From that wonderful photo you posted, I can see why :)

Seconded. It's an awesome photo. :)

I added another option to the poll for visitors of the country.

Yes SeanBM, you live there. Don't worry, you residents will be included in a poll soon. ;)
pawian 218 | 22,787
30 Dec 2008 #11
I am not allowed to vote because I am here :)

Hey, nobody has set such rules... I have voted of course. My reasons to visit nothern Poland (I live in the south) are the same as Szymek`s - I can`t wait to see the Polish seaside. I have enough of the mountains.

The first sight of the sea after a long year is breathtaking. It feels like orgasm.
Then it is even better (provided the weather permits):
szymek - | 4
30 Dec 2008 #12
:) How often do you visit szymek?

Is not so far from London so I can even one time per month :D Similarly like you from Edinburgh, right? :)
But I can't, is it too often. Last time I been in Poland one month ago. Next time I planning in March.

From that wonderful photo you posted, I can see why :)

Exactly. I made that photo ^^ I love this view from my beach :)

It feels like orgasm.

:D Believe me - I was born near Baltic Sea, I live 2 kilometres from seaside and always when I see this place I'm soooo happy :D

Where these photos was made? Kołobrzeg? £eba?
pawian 218 | 22,787
2 Jan 2009 #13
I also visit Poland to visit museums here:
E.g. :

etc etc etc.
fredex 2 | 31
2 Jan 2009 #14
I would like to visit Poland because my Father was from there ! hope to go in 2009 ( now ) but I am not sure what part of the country would be best to visit for the first time !
Zosia 1 | 51
16 Feb 2009 #15
I always visit my family over there and I try to go once every 1 1/2 years, any longer and I start to really really miss it.
15 Jul 2009 #16
For holidays and to visit family (mainly the former though). I prefer to go for one week holidays, several times a year.

I spend more time in CZ these days though, as it's cheaper, better value, and I have to make more of an effort with the language, whereas speaking Polish is like speaking English - I do it daily anyway - and one of the reasons I go abroad so often is to develop language skills. My Polish doesn't really improve by visiting Poland (apart from picking up new Anglicised words, haha).

But I hope I won't stop visiting Poland for a very long time, because it's in my blood, even though I was born in the UK. There's still a lot I want and need to see/do there, and I need at least a decade to do all that :)
elblagowo - | 7
15 Jul 2009 #17
ooops!!! sorry I got to excited and wrote everything in polish :) I'm getting ready to visit my family back home. Have not seen them in few years now. I'm very excited about the trip, seeing my hometown, eating some good food and showing Poland to my wife.

Can't wait. I'll throw in some pix when I come back.
bunia 1 | 134
15 Jul 2009 #18
I visit my home and familly.
Can't wait for next holiday home :)
polkamaniac 1 | 482
18 Nov 2009 #19
I went to visit Poland and my family in Lubkso and Zielona Gora

  • Lubsko

  • Zielona Gora

  • Zielona Gora 1

  • Zielona Gora 2
Gem - | 4
21 Nov 2009 #20
I agree with the comment about going because it isn't on the Euro!

Especially being English and the pound been so weak, Yeesh!
Softsong 5 | 494
21 Nov 2009 #21
I went in 2000 and in fall 2008! My grandparents were born in Poland. My Mom's side are mostly Polish from the Poznan area, and my Dad's side are mostly ethnic Germans from near Rypin and Lipno near Torun.

It was such a feeling flying over Poland for the first time! I was so excited! And it was cool to see things that so many take for granted when their families live in one place for many generations.

I got to see the churches where my grandparents attended, town and villages. It was extra sweet because when I began my genealogy research, I barely knew anything about Poland or where they all came from! Having gone through all the work, it was even more exciting to actually be there!
Rakky 9 | 217
30 Nov 2009 #22
Having gone through all the work, it was even more exciting to actually be there!

Ditto. I was there in July 2008 for the same reason - visiting my father's parents' home villages of Wola Cieklinkska (20 minutes east of Gorlice) and Wysowa/Blechnarka (on the border with Slovakia). We had nothing but clouds flying in to Warsaw, but as we approached Krakow I started seeing the land as depicted in works by Lemko artists and it was unlike anything else I'd experienced in my entire life. When I finally arrived in my baba's home village I felt like I was finally at home. I can't explain it and don't care if anyone else understands it - I know what I felt.
Softsong 5 | 494
30 Nov 2009 #23
I have a hard time explaining it too, but feel good that another person has had such a similar experience! I remember thinking about the land, too as I flew over Poland. Like you, I felt strangely at home and connected to my roots.
Rakky 9 | 217
1 Dec 2009 #24
I felt strangely at home and connected to my roots.

You are not alone. It was odd for me because I thought that my connection to my homeland came through my grandfather, who grew up in Wola Cieklinska. We visited there on the third day of our trip and I was disappointed that I did not have a more visceral reaction to the place. I could tell that it was the same for my father. Several days later we drove through the Beskidy's, seeing Lemko villages on our way to Wysowa, where I felt something serious happening. The next day friends brought us into the neighboring village of Blechnarka, where my grandmother's house had truly stood. Boom. I was home. I mentioned this to my friend - the whole story. An hour later we met an elderly woman who told me I looked just like my mother's nephew. Not an hour after I'd had this epiphany - it was confirmed. So be careful of pre-conceived notions. My connection to Lemkovyna ran directly from my baba through my tato to me. By the way - we soon discovered that the woman was a distant relative of my father's. A few months later I also discovered that her son is married to my father's first cousin and her daughter lives very nearby to me. So as a result of this trip I am connected to close Lemko relatives. It's like a friend of mine said when I first discovered where we were from - "you gotta go there."
Jelena - | 4
1 Dec 2009 #25
I`m from Croatia and I`m coming to Poznan on student exchange program ... and I need as much info as I can get ;-) where to go on shopping ,what museums to visit ,what to eat (traditional food)....

can you tell me something about dorms, prices, bus lines in city
Thanks in advance
1 Dec 2009 #26
i'm not from Poznań but this webside can be helpful
it's in English
Kuntuchi - | 2
31 May 2010 #27
I'd like to go to poland one day to learn culture and history. it looks very interesting :P
buket - | 4
26 Dec 2010 #29
Great country for visit.i recommended. i came here with erasmus program and im here again for other program because i realy like Poland.
susanqiao - | 1
27 Dec 2010 #30
I will visit poland for business and also want to know more about the world, every country.
It is amazing places as the person there is wise, kind and good at business.
I can learn more from them.

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