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Why do you visit Poland?

kaprys 2 | 1,914
6 Sep 2017 #151

Here's some recent information in English.
ttaagg - | 2
22 Oct 2017 #152
why visit Poland . what is best city in Poland to visit . are people friendly in Poland . i am traveling alone and i do not speak Polish
Wulkan - | 3,251
22 Oct 2017 #153
what is best city in Poland to visit

8 Nov 2017 #155
Gdanski Bowke might be interesting for people who search for interesting atractions. The boat itself is an antique already, dating from 1909, and like its namesake is sure to add charm to the city and become a new, waterborne attraction. Being aboard is like being transported to the olden days. Enjoy some great Polish snacks, and maybe even try regional alcoholic beverages, Bowke's object of affection.The boat offers cruises in a comfortable atmosphere with professional staff. You are going to love it.
14 Nov 2017 #156
I visit Poland for one, simple reason. To see Gdańsk once again. To be honest, when I came there first time, I landed in Gdańsk by complete accident. The first sight of the sea after a long year is breathtaking to be honest. Anyway I found a site called: . Thanks to this, I was able to learn, that Gdańsk offers much more than simple sea. Zoo, many touristic attractions, etc. You might ask yourself, what else do you really need. Trust me, it is impossible to check all attractions in Gdańsk with single visit.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
14 Nov 2017 #157
why visit Poland

It's a beautiful country

what is best city in Poland to visit

Gdansk and Krakow

are people friendly in Poland


i am traveling alone and i do not speak Polish

Doesn't matter. We speak English and German :)
Lyzko 24 | 6,777
14 Nov 2017 #158
Better German, yet more willingly EnglishLOL
Michael89 - | 2
8 Feb 2018 #159
I was born in Poland, that is why I like to be there. My trips are not long (usually one weekend), but I try to spend my time to maximum. I have visited Nowa Huta in Krakow lately - truly a piece of remarkable history! SeeKrakow team has organised a Trabant tour (old polish car) and for supper we have been in PRL milk bar. It's like time machine!
Lyzko 24 | 6,777
8 Feb 2018 #160
I do hope to return one day. This time, instead of a day and a half in Szczecin, I'd want to spend at least a week in Wroclaw. The architecture, particularly the Old Town, is magnificent!

Perhaps, time and money permitting, I'd like to fit in a trip to Krakow to see Wawel:-)
TheOther 5 | 3,872
8 Feb 2018 #161
a Trabant tour (old polish car)

An old East German car. Poland was (in)famous for Polski Fiat.
Lyzko 24 | 6,777
8 Feb 2018 #162
And don't forget the late, lamented PolonisLOL
O WELL 1 | 158
9 Feb 2018 #163
I visit Poland for money,lower taxes(even though they raised them from this year) and CHEAP HIGH LIFE:))
L3anAlawood - | 14
9 Feb 2018 #164
Oh yes german make up cars , just like indians, asians hell even saudis claim they have the best cars ;S .... the only true car out there is an Italian, Alfa Romeo Cheers dudes
Michael89 - | 2
9 Feb 2018 #165
The Other - An old East German car. Poland was (in)famous for Polski Fiat

You're right, my mistake :)
O WELL 1 | 158
9 Feb 2018 #166
the only true car out there is an Italian

FIAT=Fix It Again Toni(Toni being an typical italian name)
28 Feb 2018 #167
I love visit museums that's the reason I visited Kraków with Seekrakow. The most important museum to see is Shindler's factory. It's museum of World War Two. Really worth!
jon357 63 | 14,254
28 Feb 2018 #168
he most important museum to see is Shindler's factory.

The Emalia factory is worth a visit. No need to use any paid-for service to go there though; it's easy to get to and the Tourist Information Centre are happy to advise.
NASIR9562 - | 3
3 Apr 2018 #169
To see this medieval and historical country under budget.
Green Heart - | 1
18 Aug 2018 #170
Hi Mates! , l'm planning to move to Poland but not until i have a serious relationship with a woman i'll love and respect.This might sounds cheeky but it sounds good to be truthful , yes it is. i have two favorite place on earth that's Australia and Poland but Poland is my best.l want a woman who can be there all the time and will be able to devotes her time and make sure she teaches me Polish, l'm ready to learn.l need a respectful woman .X


Lyzko 24 | 6,777
19 Aug 2018 #171
Zakopane's considered a must see, but can be a wee bit pricey, I'd wager:-)
Although I've never been, I've been told it is well worth a visit!
johnny reb 18 | 3,769
12 Jan 2019 #172
How about Stare Kiejkuty ?
Isn't that where they have the United States secret C.I.A. intelligence base where they torture prisoners ?
Is that place still operating ?
I see they have it advertised as a resort area now.
MoOli 9 | 484
12 Jan 2019 #173
JR,I drove by it years back out of curiosity and saw signs posted that its a private property of Polish military and no trespassing so just drove away.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,741
13 Jan 2019 #175
To appreciate what a great place the USA is.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,741
14 Jan 2019 #177
Africa does not count as the USA. Separate things.

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