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Egyptian wanting to visit Poland - help about getting a visa

AhmedYehia 1 | 4
21 Jan 2013 #1

I am Egyptian , and I intend to visit Poland , I already have an invitation from My girlfriend , I have all documents needed , Air ticket , Travel insurance , HR letter with a salary about 1000 dollars , a weak bank statement , for about 3000 dollars and not a lot of cash flow , but a fixed amount of money , so is there a possibility to be refused , knowing that I already had a visa to Poland in 2009 , and I came back before the visa is expired , thank you for ur concern
phtoa 9 | 236
21 Jan 2013 #2
You should be just fine.
OP AhmedYehia 1 | 4
21 Jan 2013 #3
do you mean that is enough for me to be accepted?
phtoa 9 | 236
21 Jan 2013 #4
Yes it must certainly should be.
Also you said you visited Poland previously. What was different back then as regard to getting a visa?
OP AhmedYehia 1 | 4
21 Jan 2013 #5
I had before as an invitation from a university there , in Krakow , and it was an organized trip of a big group , some people told me that as I am an individual and as I am going to a girl , so it may not be accepted , because they may think I am there to break the visa and marry the girl
Bassem - | 22
21 Jan 2013 #6
i think with invitation letter you don't need any paper , just application form.
invitation means someone in poland will be responsible about your stay there, so you not gonna need bank statement, but at least you need to prove that you gonna back again to egypt!
AmerTchr 4 | 201
21 Jan 2013 #7
You don't say how long you will be here but I would consider not showing the invitation letter. It can make them wonder if you are "in love" and a possible risk. Just tell them you are coming as a tourist to experience Poland.
OP AhmedYehia 1 | 4
21 Jan 2013 #8
How can I prove that I will come back to my country? is a job with more than 1000$ salary is enough prove that I will be back ? what else can I provide?
Bassem - | 22
22 Jan 2013 #9
if you don't have any property in egypt , you can submit employment letter and also your bank statement just to prove that you still working for your employer.

good luck
OP AhmedYehia 1 | 4
22 Jan 2013 #10
I dnt get payed through pay roll , i get payed directly from the firm , I have property in Egypt , but the contract is in Arabic , can I give it to the embassy this way ?? or I need to translate it??
Bassem - | 22
23 Jan 2013 #11
documents must be translated to english or polish, attach also pay slips with your bank statements

don't worry submit all of documents you have and they will decide.
pawian 179 | 16,364
23 Jan 2013 #12
Ahmed, may I offer you a very warm welcome? I wish you a nice journey and a wonderful stay in Poland. Please, make yourself at home when here.

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