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Why do you visit Poland?

Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
7 Aug 2011 #61
Hell no, definitely not an evil Russian lol :)

OK so our mountains aren't quite as good, but you can't have it all haha ;)
gumishu 13 | 6,113
7 Aug 2011 #62
judging by your nickname you are Czech Sidlisztie :) sorry Sidliste
Mr_Bruxelles 2 | 12
26 Dec 2011 #63
I visit it coz I love Poland!

I arrived on December 24th , here's the pics+blog of my trip,
Next Generation
28 Feb 2012 #65
I only visiting Poland to search my roots. My ancestors were living in Poland.
thebadmonkey 2 | 71
28 Feb 2012 #66
Hmmm with a homesick wife, have been drawn here numerous times :D for good from next August.

By and large have found the people very helpful albeit more so if introduced by a fellow Pole. Most young Poles I've met have a broadly similar sense of humor as my Irish friends (full on sarcasm!) which has definitely helped too. The scenery and history also appeal as interested in both history and photography.

There's a few things of a darker nature I dislike but experiences to date have been overwhelmingly positive. That and getting a nagging wife off my back by visiting makes it all good!
28 Feb 2012 #67
I'm right there with ya, man.
dojuan - | 9
29 Feb 2012 #68
I'm visiting Poland to see places important to my grandfather :)
29 Feb 2012 #69
I visit Poland, because I'm Polish and I'm proud of my roots. Somehow I feel it's my duty to get to know new places and to expand my knowledge about the culture. My favourite places are : the Baltic Sea and the Bieszczady Mountains. I love the atmosphere by the sea, lots of people and alos a lot of fun. On the other hand, I like to relax a bit and spend some time alone. That's why I love Bieszczady - they're not loaded with tourists and there are views worth waiting for your whole life.
DepressedOne - | 34
29 Feb 2012 #70
Well, I was in Poland for a few times before and now I'm living in Warsaw. I'm here because of money. Polish employers are paying better.
dojuan - | 9
11 Mar 2012 #71
To counquere some beautiful girl's heart ;)
StevenVH - | 2
25 Apr 2012 #72
*Because it's a big European country
*It's rather cheap
*I like to take the Polish Train
*Because there is soooo much food
*Because woman are phantastic
*Because I live in Belgium which is so stupidly small
*Because those woman are soooo damn beautifull
Baacon - | 46
5 Oct 2012 #73
*Because I live in Belgium which is so stupidly small

All valid reasons, but your beer is better :) Good thing I was able to find a Belgian pub. A little pricey, but you don't need many :)
Alaska 1 | 2
28 Dec 2012 #74
I was chosen to go to Poland as a student ambassador for the school year of 2011-12. Before I went I knew nothing about Poland, and this summer I am returning to visit my Polish friends and host families in Warsaw.

I fell in love with Poland, and I never wanted to leave!
As an English speaker, Polish language is a bit of a headache for me, and my Polish is still FAR FAR FAR from perfect! :(
I hope to speak Polish fluently one day.
I will visit Poland for the rest of my life because of the beautiful culture, delicious food(my babcia's strawberry pierogi are the best!!!!), warm, friendly and fun people, to visit my Polish "family", and to travel around the gorgeous Polish countryside!
Ant63 13 | 410
23 Jan 2013 #76
To go to court and once for a holiday. Turned out be an expensive holiday. Its difficult thinking of a good reason to go now.
Bassem - | 22
23 Jan 2013 #77
To visit family, Vacation and considering moving there :)
pawian 202 | 21,196
24 Jan 2013 #78

I also do vacations here.
AndrewPilski - | 8
27 Jan 2013 #79
I was in Poland in businnes and fun.
I took a quide from nice website where they are organie a leisure , so it was a good business travel.
i have a very nice memories. if i were there once again i would use their services once again.
wang - | 19
28 Jan 2013 #80
Turkish student

Tell us about inspiration about studies in Poland. :

"I heard that there's a lot historical and natural places in Poland. Especially after the Second World War. I also saw many church, castle etc photos. on internet. Can't wait to see!"

Turkish student decides to study in Poland

Hungarian student :

Tell us about inspiration about studies in Poland.

"I came here because of the friend of mine. She told me only good things about Poland, and Tricity. An otherwise I wanted to go a place, where my scholarship money is enough. So in this way, Poland was the best choice."

Interview with Hungarian student in Poland

more opinon: Blog where you can find interviews with international students in Poland lot of fun
1 Mar 2013 #81
Perhaps one of the historically and culturally rich destinations in Europe, Poland has underwent a number of transformations in history, and yet today a visit here you can still see some of its original charms. Be sure to spare as much time as you can to travel to Poland, as there isn't just one but several cities well worth a visit for their architecture, food and drink, and local sightseeing.
FMA 1 | 1
11 Jun 2013 #82
I was two weeks ago in Warsaw and love it. I love the city, the architecture and people. Next month i will be in Krakow, I hope that will be another great time in Poland.
11 Jun 2013 #83
If it is possible for you, don't go to Krakow at the weekend: it has been completely spoiled by the drunken British and Irish morons who go there for stag weekends. If you have to go somewhere at the weekends, try Lublin.
11 Jun 2013 #84
Next month i will be in Krakow, I hope that will be another great time in Poland.

It is a very different city. We are curious of your impressions.
agne91 - | 2
5 Aug 2013 #85
For me, as Lithuanian, Poland usually is the transit country. One I were in Sopot/Gdansk/Gdynia very beautiful place, we really enjoyed even the weather wasn't very good. That part of Poland have something special. You are lucky having such a nice seaside.:) From my childhood i got used to travel by bus.Once I traveled to Bremen through Poland. Booked, as I remember ecolines tickets. and it was very funny trip, the view through the window was relaxing, the journey passed quickly. One of my friend had guitar and in the evening played some songs covers, it was strange for me, that passengers said it is better than original and better than my mp 3 anyway :D actually if anyone would be asked to stop, my friend will, but they looked happy. also personal was nice, i thought they were polish. it is not as comfortable as plane, but we didn't need check ins transfers, and when there weren't direct flight that days. and we took a very big bags, so it would be expenive. I prefer bus, and when I travel to Western Europe, Poland is allways transit country. So I really like your country :)
ginaprzybylak 4 | 13
23 Oct 2013 #86
Why do I visit Poland?
Well, my answers would be so simple..
Poland is wonderful!
I love the country.
I love the places.
I love the foods.
And people are awesome.

Steveramsfan 2 | 306
24 Oct 2013 #87
I now live in Lodz :D

I like Poland more than England.

People are nicer, family loyalties are stronger and I love the wide open spaces.

Polish Food and beer.

I just feel happier in Poland than in the UK.
Casper13 - | 2
25 Oct 2013 #88
I'll be taking a course in Wrocław next month to get my CELTA certificate. I was going to do it in Chicago, but it's cheaper to do it in Poland, even with the airfare.
suttonmat - | 2
27 Oct 2013 #89
I've been to Poland only twice. But it was enough for me to get great impression about the country.))) Polish cuisine is so tasty, especialy this soup Gyrik))) I love it)
PD1979 - | 5
21 Jan 2015 #90
the people.

I've been to Poznań, Gdańsk / Gdynia / Sopot, £ódż, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gliwice, Katowice, Chorzów, Kraków

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