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Recommendations for a 4-6 days visit in Poland in February '17

1 Dec 2016 #1

I'm looking to go to Poland for close to a week in February, I was wondering where one could recommend a romantic getaway? Not really bothered about the nightlife but more about the scenery.

1 Dec 2016 #2
close to a week in February

At that time of year, it could well be fairly damn cold, can you really not come a couple of months later? Also, where would you be flying from? The answer to that question affects the places to which you can fly and that affects where I'd recommend. For example, Zamosc is absolutely superb, but it's a pain to get to unless you fly into Lublin.
OP Eisenhower1964
1 Dec 2016 #3
The cold isn't much of an issue. Will be flying from the UK, a ski-resort type of place would be great aswell.
1 Dec 2016 #4
Will be flying from the UK

If you can fly to Lublin, I'd fly there, spend two nights there and then get the train to Zamosc and spend two nights there before going back to Lublin for flight home.

Alternatively, you could fly to Wroclaw, spend two or three nights there, then Pendolino to Warsaw and two or three nights here and then fly back from Warsaw.

a ski-resort type of place would be great aswell.

There's only a few and none are worth a visit, especially in Feb (that's school holiday time and so the places will be packed).
OP Eisenhower1964
1 Dec 2016 #5
Thanks for the advice Harry but unfortunately February is what our circumstances will allow during that time. We will be driving around and we have been to Krakow and Warsaw before so somewhere new would be nice
1 Dec 2016 #6
we have been to Krakow and Warsaw before so somewhere new would be nice

Wroclaw is wonderful. Poznan is pretty nice. Lublin is much smaller but still well worth visiting (although the road there is pretty rubbish). Zamosc is tiny and a pain to get to but superb. Gdansk/Tri-city is pretty good but a long way from anywhere else you might want to visit (apart maybe from Torun).

For two specific and very different destinations, check out Reszel and Arlamow.

We will be driving around

Personally, I try to stay off the roads in February. The major routes will be OK, but a cross-country journey can easily turn into a nightmare. Also, if you're visiting major cities, you can expect to pay more in parking charges than you'd pay to a train ticket (for example, my favourite hotel in Wroclaw charges 60zl per day in parking but a ticket on the Pendolino will set you back from 49zl).
OP Eisenhower1964
1 Dec 2016 #7
Cheers for the info. We'll check it out :)
papayat - | 1
28 Jan 2017 #8
Go on the seaside! :) You can fly to Gdansk, spend a night or two over there and go to Szczecin :) Is absolutely gorgeous, vibrant city :) The best place to stay will be Dana Hotel, has a great climat, is absolutely pretty, service is always very good and food is absolutely delicious :)
kolej1 1 | 11
29 Jan 2017 #10
You should try Zakopane,which is a well known resort in the Tatras.Plenty to do there with ski lifts,cable car and funicular.Horse drawn sleighs for the romantic(dress up warm).Regular train services from Warsaw and Krakow if you do not like driving in the snow.Also Express bus service from next to Krakow Glowny rail station in Krakow.Plenty of choice of accommodation.Think there is still an open air thermal pool just up the road from Zakopane rail station.There is also an open air market for all sorts of goods with great Polish sausage barbecues.Think you would enjoy it.
bimar - | 1
1 Aug 2017 #11
I am planning my trip to Poland too and I would like to visit Szczecin, Gdansk and Gdynia. You wrote that hotel Dana is good place to stay I just cecked their site and it really looks great. They even have their own SPA so I think it will be great time :)
jon357 72 | 21,269
1 Aug 2017 #12
You wrote that hotel Dana

I stayed there once. It was not an especially good hotel. Most others in the area seemed nicer. I also found them to be rather iffy about price etc, particularly the difference between price quoted and price actually charged. The 'spa' wasn't really a proper hotel spa, anyway.

The best thing is to look on booking or trivago and find one that suits.
heliana - | 1
14 Nov 2017 #13
Yes I agree with papyat seaside is great :) Especially GdaƄsk is a town worth seeing! I was there few times and each trip was really great. I love old town and I have my few favourite restaurants with tasty regional food. Often I used service visitgdansk to find some attractions or or specific tourist routes.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,643
14 Nov 2017 #14
Imo krakow and zakopany are must do's for a first time traveller to pl.. Gdansk is pretty too tho but it's more of a place you'd want to go in summer

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