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Where in Poland to visit in february?

1 Oct 2013 /  #1
hi All,
i am hoping i will get some ideas by posting year, in feb, i want to surprise my hubby for his birthday. i want to take him to poland to celebrate his birthday as a family...any nice place to visit, where we can relax, walk and where there is friendly accommodation, more like countryside..... hubby doesnot like partying....

it will be winter, we have done krakow, don't like warsaw( too busy), we will be doing the mountains in december.....
any suggestions are most welcomed....
2 Oct 2013 /  #2
The first place that comes to mind would be Zakopane I guess. It should be nice in February, with all the snow. Probably even better around Christmas time. Anyway, this is an idea.

EDIT: and just realised you'll be doing the moutains in December, sorry... Then hard to say. I would suggest the seaside, but not in February...
2 Oct 2013 /  #3
..any nice place to visit, where we can relax, walk and where there is friendly accommodation, more like countryside.

Mazury lakes. Probably not best time to visit though. Everywhere will be cold.
2 Oct 2013 /  #4
Lublin is nice at that time of year. So is Zamosc. A top tip is to pick places you can get a train to: Poland's roads aren't often much fun at that time of year.
f stop  
2 Oct 2013 /  #5
ice surfing na Mazurach:
OP ukangel  
2 Oct 2013 /  #6
We have some friends in lublin...thanks I may consider lublin...other suggestions are highly appreciated
2 Oct 2013 /  #7
This place is absolutely brilliant:
2 Jan 2017 /  #8
That's true, I know it very well. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is definitely worth a go also to Gdansk. We have there the ability not only to see the beautiful architecture of the city, but also have a nice time in a place like Szafarnia 10 on Marina. What's more we could there not only eat delicious fish and seafood, but also organize a very successful business meeting.

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