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Can I visit Belarus in the rental car from Poland ?

jerrry94087 1 | -
12 Mar 2013 #1
I am planning my trip to Poland and Belarus.
Are there rental car companies that allow their cars to be driven to Belarus?
I think, there is some paperwork that needs to be present to cross the border, that is called "technical passport" of the car.
pip 10 | 1,659
12 Mar 2013 #2
you need to check with the rental company. I rented a van and travelled to other countries but they were all in the EU. You may have problems with Belarus.
vladi 1 | 13
13 Mar 2013 #3
I did this paper work once with my private car when I was crossing the border a year ago.

Despite of I speak some Russian, it would have been hopeless without help of my girlfriend who is native Belarussian. All instructions how to fill forms are in Russian written in typical legal language. People on the frontier are not helpful at all. I cannot imagine they speak English. Filling all forms (you have to fill it in Russian, no English forms available) takes about one hour.

And this was my private car.

If car is rented, I guess they would want from you Russian translation of the rental agreement (by sworn translator of course, closest place - BiaƂystok).

There are two options for you if you are ready with your translated papers:

1. Learn Russian, then try to cross the border after filling all forms properly.

2. Take on board a Belorussian smuggler, who will make all paperwork for you. However, since they usually do not speak English, go to option number one.
Kris0011 - | 2
10 Jan 2014 #4
I think (CAR RENTAL COMPANY) is offering such thing but probably you will need to pay additional fees for some Belarus insurance.

I think Krimea (Ukraine)... amazing trip... but driving like in Italy... no rules just fun and God.
10 Jan 2014 #5
their cars to be driven to Belarus?

You will need excess insurance to take the car out of the EU. You will also require a visa ( in advance) and medical insurance. Then there is the risk of your car being stolen as you will be on PL plates. It would be easier to fly to Belarus or take the train and arrange a car hire locally in Belarus.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
10 Jan 2014 #6
There was a story year ago that woman traveled to Belarus with her car. It broke there, so she gave it for repair. While she was waiting for repair to finish police caught underage son of the car service owner, driving her car. Because it had Polish driving plates, they gave it to customs office and sued her in court because she let underage to drive it. Court judged that she should get her car back, but then they found out that customs office sold it. Because it was sold without paying taxes, duties and permit customs officer told her that she must pay all this money and penalty. She decided to come back to Poland for a lawyer, but on the border she was notified that her Visa was revoked on base of not payed fine and she cannot live the country. So she left back to hotel, illegally of course, because her visa was cancelled. I think few months later after consular and ambassador intervention she was let back to Poland. Funny thing that she bough her 2nd hand car for few thousand PLN but the fine was around 80 000 PLN.

Moral of this story is never to go with your own car to Belarus.
katerina9 - | 1
10 Jan 2014 #7
It's not the moral of this story. It's simple- this woman actually broke the rules of the country. I'm Belarussian. According to the rules of the country, if You ( no matter EU citizen, Belarussian citizen) cross the border of Belarus in a car that registered not in Belarus (for instance, Germany, Poland), a driver may not pass the right to drive on this car to another person( to a wife, a husband or just a friend. Without any doubt, when You will enter the country by car, a customer will point in his system, where the car is register and who is a driver.

You can pass the right to drive on Your car to another person, in case of You will register a car on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Take care!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
10 Jan 2014 #8
a driver may not pass the right to drive on this car to another person( to a wife, a husband or just a friend.

You're silly. The car was "stolen" by a son of the car service owner. I think that even court agreed to that, because ordered to return her the car. This article only shows how strange is Belarus law and it's implementation.
Sergo - | 2
15 Mar 2016 #9
I can recommend this company I recently used their service in Georgia and Armenia. I don't know about their service in Belarus but I am very satisfied
15 Mar 2016 #10
yes you can.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
15 Mar 2016 #11
But the question arises - why would he want to?
20 Apr 2016 #12
To escort his chicken back across the road.
Jardinero 1 | 405
21 Apr 2016 #13
But the question arises - why would he want to?

Not to be cheeky, but the short answer would be: not any of your business - the OP has not asked for a reason.
Stick to the topic.
17 Oct 2017 #14
How about taking a Belarus-registered rental car into Poland and the Ukraine? Was thinking of visiting Brest, Lublin and Lviv from Minsk
18 Oct 2017 #15

I have a question too

Can I rent a car without a credit caRd? In my country we can pay some deposit and we can rent fee agencies like Avis or Sixt not allow but I wonder how about other companies?
19 Oct 2017 #16
You can as long as the car is insured there. Ask the rental company for this crossborder, make a call and book during the call so you will be sure to be given the service in this rental.

If you are renting in Poland a bunch of Polish companies allow you to do so with low deposit on your debit card or by taking the full insurance with them.
Crow 153 | 10,768
5 Jun 2020 #17
Hilarious. And when arrive in Belarus you can take the rural tour in car such as this one >



>>> b92/automobili/razno.php?yyyy=2020&mm=06&nav_id=1691708

NOTE > very good idea for post-apocalyptic era.

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