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Hard Candy - Krakow, Poland - reviews?

23 Aug 2010 #61
If someone know it would maybe better to give the Krakow Post a hint about our discussions here. Then they know nothing is changed. All the scam activities are still possible in Hard Candy and not ended.
23 Aug 2010 #62
this type of bar scam is normal in riga, and the police dont care and are corrupt, the even work as dormen on these bars at night in riga, but with latvia gone bust , boris and his boys have moved into poland, with there svetlanas, who also scam and scam, as they are on 50%of the bar scam
wildrover 98 | 4,451
23 Aug 2010 #63
this type of bar scam is normal in riga,

Says the man who has never been out of his council estate except to sign on...
23 Aug 2010 #64
been all over the world but not too take local jobs
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
23 Aug 2010 #65
you wont get scammed by bar staff in england and the prices are shown on the wall, no doule standards, like riga, i hope uk leaves the eu, we are better on our own

Hahahahahaha. No, of course not, it's not like the UK has plenty of clip joints still operating in London!

Hmmmmm... In fact, I'd suggest that they got the idea from London!

Prices shown on the wall? Maybe in old-style boozers, but apart from that? I don't think so sunshine...

And yes, I hope the UK leaves too, just to read all the whining Brits that will only be allowed to take 200 cigarettes and a litre of vodka home after their not-so-cheap flight to Spain.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
25 Aug 2010 #66
by certain "undemocratic" moves of local authorities. I mean harrassing the business premises by inspections, raids etc.

Thats what would happen in the UK..But these stories about this place mirror plenty of "shady" stip bars in the UK..Only thing to do is for tourist information places in Krakow to "advise" people not to go..But this needs the co-operation from the local council and the police...

One poster who com-lained in some forum said they used a trick with double menu cards. The normal one is displayed at the beginning, later replaced by higher prices one. I am not sure if it should be believed. This would be just too much.

If you read this thread, someone else mentioned that this happened to them..the use of "tourist" menus is common in a lot of resorts in other countires.

after their not-so-cheap flight to Spain.

Paid £65 for a return flight to Malaga earlier this year, paid £100 for a return flight to Prague this year..So actually it can be cheaper to get to Spain..depends on the airline..
25 Aug 2010 #67
One of the formerly friends of my acquintance is still working in Hard Candy Krakow. A young small blonde with mid long year. She still serves the drinks sometimes. A stupid marionette scam b*tch of the owner[s]. Hard Candy is criminal place!!! NO DOUBT
27 Aug 2010 #68
I hate Germans .... And now Hard Candy too. I lost 1280 LOTTY IN THAT DuLL Cellar Bar
wildrover 98 | 4,451
27 Aug 2010 #69
I lost 1280 LOTTY IN THAT DuLL Cellar Bar

Perhaps you can write and ask if anyone has handed it in at the bar...they seem a decent bunch there....?
27 Aug 2010 #70
The bar Hard Candy is owned by real wild maffia rovers. You are too sympathic.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
27 Aug 2010 #71
real wild maffia

Yeah..we had one of these Mafia hard men come in our biker bar threatening to beat up some guy because he had at one time been a Polish prison officer...

We had to pay for a new window , as this hard man left the bar through it...but it was worth it...!
27 Aug 2010 #72
Hi guys when I was scammed at Hard Candy Krakow I became very angry. Have screamed and was hanging in the curtains at the entrance. Yep like Silvester Stallone in 'Cliffhanger'. Was too kind to remove each small fastening from the rail . Small damage. Not so bad as bar personell which are real scam thieves.
landora - | 199
27 Aug 2010 #73
The great thing here is that all these guys are posting on here, admitting that they were stupid enough to go to a bar with some girls that showed interest in them "randomly" on the street!
27 Aug 2010 #74
We weren't guided by girls. Happily not, all the three men of our holiday group were in relationships since three or seven years. We thought it would be a kind touristic bar with people from all over the world. The thruth was different. We were served by a girl when we were already in that bar. CouLd be Luigi's blonde scam 'idol'. I read they use girls to guide unsuspecting male tourists to Hard Candy but we were visiting on own prOGRAM AND SCAMMED TOO.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
27 Aug 2010 #75
A touristic bar in a cellar away from the main Rynek? Hahahahaha. Of course you didn't go there because some girls approached you in the street, no, not at all. The fact that they were in relationships makes even more sense - many men in long term relationships like the fact that they appear to be still attractive to girls!
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
27 Aug 2010 #76
A touristic bar in a cellar away from the main Rynek?

There are plenty of bars that are "touristic" that are away from the main Rynek in Krakow...There's a great bar at the end of Grodzka which is a good 5 mins walk..had no problems...A few bars along the bottom of Florianska...again no problems..So I dont get your point..There are some brilliant bars in the Jewish district which is a considerable way from the main Rynek..but again no problems..
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
27 Aug 2010 #77


There are some brilliant bars in the Jewish district which is a considerable way from the main Rynek..but again no problems..

They are quite touristic now like. though still retain their charm :)
Oh I miss my lazy Sunday afternoons sipping a pint on Plac Nowy :(
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
27 Aug 2010 #78

Went in there a few times but I was more on about that bar that sells the huge beers..more a bar than club to be honest..But my point was there are plenty of places not "just off" the main square that are toursty and are just fine..

They are quite touristic now like. though still retain their charm :)

I found the food round there so much superior (back in 2006) .The nicest little place was just on a little square...very light interior, very simple...but the food was...I have to say..(much as it pains me) better than anything Ive ever had in England and Ive eaten in some exclusive restaurants (obviously work have been paying at the time :D )...I had a card but must have chucked it..

Oh I miss my lazy Sunday afternoons sipping a pint on Plac Nowy :(

Your time will come again sweetie pie :D
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
27 Aug 2010 #79
Ah, CK Browar? In the 5 litre flaggons?

Well hopefully my time will come sooner than later ;)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
27 Aug 2010 #80
Ah, CK Browar? In the 5 litre flaggons?

Thats the one :D We never indulged..But saw plenty doing so...There's a bar in Manchester now called Tap that does it..but slightly more sophisticated:

Well hopefully my time will come sooner than later ;)

You did it once, you'll do it again :D
27 Aug 2010 #81
Address inpopular scam bar:
Hard Candy Music Bar Krakow in Krakow is:
Ulica Szewska, housenumber 18 !!! ['s downstairs]
Eileen NY
31 Aug 2010 #82
HARD CANDY in Krakow is nuts!!!!!!
I paid 850 PLN lotty for a verbal called amount with the extreme price 815 PLN lotty! Was our second evening out in Krakow so we weren't good informed about the currency between PLN Lotty and the EURO. THEY SCAMMED US 2X TIMES. fIRST because of the extreme price and secondly because of the 35 PLN lotty they refused to give it back.

Was an expensive high school trip. What a

the worst place for 'going out' in Krakau.

Our hotel was still cheaper than the scam expenses at Hard Candy. Stop them, please!
31 Aug 2010 #83
Hi all, after a complain to the Krakow police I did a complain to the town mayor of Krakow. ........ no responses back. They are easily to find online. Send them your complains too or to the Krakow Post. Won't rest until Hard Candy is closed. Poor tourists in a nice town with a criminal Hard Candy "Music" Bar. Better is a name like ... Hard Candy: Ali Baba and the seven robbers!
31 Aug 2010 #84
Hard Candy Krakau is a hard game. Don't expect a friendly bar but a damned bad place. Sitting on a toilet at home is still nicer. No risk with badly tasted scam cocktails and dirty scam girls and their bouncer.
intelinside - | 3
29 Mar 2012 #85
Merged: Hard Candy bar SCAM in Krakow, Poland

(There's a Krakow Post article you can find on google that talks about this as well)

Avoid a bar right near the town center in Krakow called HARD CANDY it is a scam where they will charge you for way more drinks than you ordered or overprice the drinks you order. Local authorities and police seem to know but are either paid off or unconcerned about the safety of foreign tourists. I am avoiding the city of Krakow in my future travels so long as "businesses" like Hard Candy are able to openly scam tourists with little concern from the locals.

When I visited Hard Candy in Krakow with a few friends we were scammed when we ordered drinks. They had a menu that listed drinks for normal prices. When the bill came they overcharged us for drinks we didn't order and basically said it was our word against their's. The bill should have been about 30-40 euro, but they must have switched menus because the new bill was for 400 euro. When we tried to leave to tell the police, a bouncer came in and he forced us physically to sit down. The bouncer said he would hurt us if we didn't get the money so we were forced to go to an ATM and withdraw the money. He only let one of us out while another bouncer stayed at the club and made sure no one could leave. We felt like we were held hostage and the threat of violence made paying them the money seem better.

We later tried to explain what happened to the police station that is within 5 minutes walking from Hard Candy. The local police officer said that he had never heard of this scam and that there's nothing we could do. When we left the police office the officers we spoke to were actually laughing at us.

The next day I spoke to people at our hostel and they told us that we were lucky because people have been scammed there much worse. Sometimes the waitress will drug your drink only to wake up the next day with no wallet. But luckily we were in a group so it was safer.

There are plenty of websites that show local authorities you may contact to report Hard Candy. You can find them with a google search.

They obviously have done little so far, but if the word gets out then this will certainly help the city of Krakow's reputation.

Some things that have reportedly gone on besides the menu/overcharging drinks scam are: spiked drinks with drugs, prostitution, other drugs at this bar. I found a post that said that Hard Candy was a front for Russian Mafia and that the local police were paid off. Maybe we were lucky to have just lost 400 euro and not been physically hurt.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
29 Mar 2012 #86
Krakow called HARD CANDY it is a scam

The term in English is 'Clip Joint'. Its a very old scam, common in London's Soho for instance.

Not new.

Hard Candy - Krakow
f stop 25 | 2,513
29 Mar 2012 #87
Exposing this one is good, but there are others. So, short of not going out to these "clubs" the thing to do would be to order bottled beer and pay as you go?
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
29 Mar 2012 #88
Let me guess, a couple of beautiful ladies just happened to run into you into the street and suggested you join them for a drink in this kip?
intelinside - | 3
29 Mar 2012 #89
This post not new? and Hard Candy is still scamming

beautiful? not from my standards but I am from Hollywood, CA. They were "students" travelling from Warsaw, convinced us to walk 5 minutes to a bar right near the square where we met them. Either way we had been meeting lots of people in our travels. We had been travelling for months and not once ran into a bad person until krakow.

It's good to continue to get the word out as this sort of thing shines poorly on your city when it's been going on for so long. The local police obviously don't give a hoot. That was the biggest shock when we realized they were likely in on the scam.

If you want to contact some local authorities and this happened to you here is some emails:,,,,,,,,
f stop 25 | 2,513
29 Mar 2012 #90
Just out of curiosity, what were these ladies drinking?

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