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Airport Transfers in Krakow

PatK100 4 | 5
17 Jan 2022 #1

Whats the best way of getting from the airports and back to and from the centre of Krakow and how much should you be paying ?


Ziemowit 14 | 4,412
17 Jan 2022 #2
There used to be a train service to and from the airport. Why not check their website for info?
OP PatK100 4 | 5
17 Jan 2022 #3
Much rather just jump on a bus or get a cab if that cheap enough
Atch 19 | 3,839
17 Jan 2022 #4
You must be American lol! The train is a much better idea. The train station is actually in the airport near the passenger terminal. You'll get into the city centre a lot quicker and it won't be expensive. It'll be much cheaper than a cab.
Lenka 4 | 3,148
17 Jan 2022 #5
I would say the train if during the day. Very convenient I heard.
Uber was about 100 zl if I remember. That was in October and not to the city centre, a bit closer to the airport
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,910
17 Jan 2022 #6
City center by cab is 100 zl, Uber from my home in center to balice at 5 am was only 40 zl last trip.
mafketis 35 | 11,512
17 Jan 2022 #7
Here's info on the train:

the link to the timetable doesn't work (in english the Polish version works but only to march 12 at present).

I'd take the train over a cab. I might take the bus but with luggage it could be awkward (and thieves sometimes specially target airport buses so you need to have Polish situational awareness... which you probably don't have).

If you do take a cab make sure it's reputable (some airports will order you one, which won't be the cheapest but won't skin you alive either....)

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