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A one-week trip in CRACOW - 31th of May -> 5th of June

JulienBelgium 2 | 1
2 Apr 2008 #1
Hello Polish people ^^

I m going to stay one week in Cracow with 2 friends from the 31th of May till the 5th of June...

I would know good and cheap places to sleep near the old town of Cracow...

Does the disco are open during this time ? ( first week end of June)

Does young Polish people like going out during this period ?

I would communicate with young Polish to receive goods tips for my trip...

If you help me, i m going to give you some gifts from Belgium ^^ ( good Belgian chocolate for example ;-) )

Thank you for your interest for my topic ^^

Thread attached on merging:
3 Belgian's guys (22years old) looking for girls to make party in Cracow

Hi girls ^^

We are going to have a one-week trip in Cracow from the 31th of may till the 5th of June in the nice city of CRACOW...

We are looking for people who can help us to find the best places to go out...

Thanks and see you soon
laydeezee92 1 | 16
3 Apr 2008 #2
Hmmm. There was a really good coctail bar opposite our hotel! If I just find out the hotel name,then I can tell you where the bar is!

It was a really nice atmosphere, had a cool disco thingy me bebs when I looked and the drinks were nice.
6 Jan 2010 #3
HI! I live in Cracow, give an email so I could send U informations U need;)
pawian 200 | 21,163
26 Sep 2020 #4
It was a really nice atmosphere,

Yes, Krakow has a very nice atmosphere. If not for those guys who were such strange masks.......

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