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Completely random views of Poland, a co!

19 Feb 2013 #61
Closterkeller's Anja Orthodox.

Yeah, I can see it. Maybe 20 years ago, sure. Here's a pre-goth singer, Krystyna Zachwatowicz, peforming in the 60's. You can see aspects of the style beginning to emerge.

Kochac nie warto, Piwnica, 1969:

Juxtaposition of two things you can't escape in Poland's larger towns, enormous statues and even larger advertisements.

Tacky is as tacky does in Poland.

What could this priest be counseling the fellow on the bike about?
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18 Jun 2013 #62
They unveiled the monument to KaczyƄski couple:

Kaczynski couple

Kaczynski Poland statue
OP pawian 176 | 14,299
15 Jul 2020 #63
Two random pieces of anti-authoritarian graffiti.

A few days ago passing by a railway bridge I spotted an old slogan which I remember from communism: TV lies. I felt like in my youth time - PiS has a wonderful ability to remind people of those times which were thought to be long gone. But no, history tends to repeat.

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