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Support and advice for travelers and visitors to Poland. Talk about your Polish travel experience!

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Sticky: Why do you visit Poland?  2  3  4  5  6  7
Biking in Silesia, Poland
Architecture style in Poland
Mystical places in Poland
Polish towns and cities with the most clear sky days in the year?
Areas in Poland with agricultural fields?
Sułoszowa is one of the longest villages in Poland
What color is the water in the Baltic?
Will corona kill my plans? Travel to Poland
Where is good Hotel near Morasko for meteorite collecting?
Do we really need a Polish passport to enter Schengen?
Poland has less sunshine than the UK and Holland?
Looking for similar areas in Poland
Traffic jams Warsaw Monday morning?
Hiking and Camping Trails in Poland
Royal palace from before Poland's partitions in the Tri-city area near the sea
Poland in photo riddles - part 2  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
What is Olsztyn known for and what things can you do there?
Gdynia for a day while on a cruise ship
Poland's LOT Air Problems  2
Recommended Polish car insurance? 7 days stay in Poland.
Warsaw WKD and ZTM - how the ticket system works here?
Is it safe to drive in Poland?  2
Lovely trips to Poland - Warsaw and Wrocław, Krakow and Warsaw, Poznań and Gdańsk
American Visiting Polish Military Base. Issues?
Impressions from Szczecin
Karta Rowerowa - bicycle card in Poland
× Visiting the Polish Balitic Sea coast in the Winter
Can't eat onion and going to Poland, tips on food needed
Train stations - travel from Wroclaw Zerniki to Boleslawiec
5 - Thank you Ziemowit really helpful...

TravelWebkot - 11 Dec 2018 Webkot - 11 Dec 2018
Using Polish Drivers License abroad
Driving from Hannover to Wroclaw to Poznan to Prague
So I went to Warsaw - my thoughts after visiting Poland  2  3
Eventually Traveling to Poland (from America)
HW antics in Poland not for export - toll highways issue
Connecting flight from Amsterdam (Bombay - Gdansk route). Any airport transit visa necessary?
4 - This is good. Looks like the OP will not have to worry....

Travelmanahchakshu - 17 Jun 2018 jon357 - 19 Jun 2018
Płock or Włocławek? Two-day visit by English-speaking tourists in Poland
Are Warsaw streets greener than those of Prague and Bratislava?
Polish passport and travel to Poland - US citizen
Kaliningrad to Gdansk Transport
× Poland - never again  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20
593 - Some here called me a loser and a liar. That Lexus is mine but it is not really a...

TravelRich Mazur - 18 May 2018 Rich Mazur - 24 Jun 2018
Western Poland Destination Ideas?
Any place for board/card games in Krakow?
Unlocked cell phone & SIM requirements for use in Poland / Europe
7 - That's okay Gumishu. I managed to get a SIM called Three UK. It has a UK # and can...

TravelMary Gelewski - 18 Apr 2018 Mary Gelewski - 28 Apr 2018
I'm Spanish, next week I'm going to be at Warsaw and Kielce, help!
Seeking recommendations for car travel from Gdansk' GDN airport to Poznan
24 hours public transport ticket in Tricity, Poland
Warsaw weather in april?
Anyone here use/used Ryanair? Flying from/to Poland  2
Traveling to Poland with prescription drugs
Two Older Polish American Sisters to visit Poland 1st Time
Tourist registration in Poland?
4 - now you just gave wincent747 big deal of honour right there ;)...

Travelwincent747 - 8 Feb 2018 L3anAlawood - 8 Feb 2018
Need some info on my trip to Poland to buy some clothes?
10 - II used to live in Canada, I moved to Poland 5 days ago. I miss Toronto so much and...

Travelievavi - 28 Jan 2018 CanadianPL - 21 Sep 2018
Places to see in Lower Silesia region (between Wroclaw and Czech border) ... suggestions?
6 - Zeleniec for a quick ski Duszniki Zdroj...

TravelOwCr - 17 Jan 2018 rozumiemnic - 17 Jan 2018
Wifi in Poland
Two weeks in Poland - would like to get an idea of costs please.
5 - Thank you Jardinero - that is awesome help :-)...

Travelrenier8 - 30 Dec 2017 renier8 - 3 Jan 2018
Help with a travel plan to Poland  2  3
Reserving or booking hotels, airbnb or hostels in Poland
3 - yea Im seieng it but can you book stuff that day? or does it usually have to be ahead...

Travelzawkwkwmwm33 - 29 Nov 2017 zawkwkwmwm33 - 29 Nov 2017
Is the Bakar tourist Agency Safe
3 - Yes, it's an established firm and gets good online reviews....

TravelBtraveler - 29 Nov 2017 jon357 - 2 Dec 2017
Are Polish people as unfriendly as Slovaks?  2

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