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Weird and wonderful Polish train fares

delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
15 Jan 2021 #1
I thought I'd start a new thread dedicated to strange train fares that I've found in Poland.

My favourite right now is if you buy an international ticket from Frankfurt (Oder) to Słubice. If you buy the ticket from the Deutsche Bahn ticket window in Frankfurt or from the ticket machines, then you'll pay 5.60 Euro for the 7 minute journey. However, if you purchase the ticket on board from the Polish conductors (who can only sell you tickets once the train crosses the state border) - then you'll pay only 1EUR/4PLN. The train is only in Polish territory for 2km of the journey, which means that the conductors in practice will rarely sell the ticket in question in both directions.

Interestingly, the train from Słubice to Frankfurt is cheaper than the Frankfurt public transport which has a bus service into Słubice.
jon357 67 | 17,512
16 Jan 2021 #2
strange train fares that I've found in Poland.

A few times (from Warsaw to Łódż and Katowice) I've found first class tickets for a lower price than second class).

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