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Buying a car in Poland for short term use and then sell it afterwards

atlantic 17 | 64
24 Aug 2023 #1
So as the title says. I'm traveling to Poland for about 8 weeks, and it would be very helpful to have a car while I'm there. Renting would be too expensive and I don't want to be borrowing from family. How practical is it to buy some used car in Poland, register, and insure it. Drive it for 8 weeks and then sell it? To make things simpler, I still have a valid Polish drivers license and I may still be registered to an address in Poland.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,491
24 Aug 2023 #2
Its not practical for 8 weeks. as first you have to look for a car then register it might take a week if there is no holiday,secondly if the car breaks down your holiday is doomed..Then to find a buyer for the car at the price you want might be a hassle.

PS:Do you also have the old Polish license that dont have a expiry date?I have the same and dont want the new one as it has 4 years renewal dates.
OP atlantic 17 | 64
24 Aug 2023 #3
@Cargo pants
Thanks, I might just send a car to Poland for use when I or someone from my family visits.

P.S. I have the new Polish drivers license that expires some time next year due to me wearing contact lenses. Without them it would have been good for 10 years.

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