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Unfulfilled promises by PiS  2  3  4
98 - For someone who doesn't have brain...

Newspawian - 30 Jun 2020Lenka - 28 Feb 2021
Looking for an Au-Pair (Germany)
Polish towns and cities with the most clear sky days in the year?
9 - Parts of Poland really had little to no clouds today afternoon though....

TravelZlatko - 28 Jun 2020Michel88 - 21 Nov 2020
Overhead lines in rural and suburban Poland?
History of computer markets and piracy in Poland
Any one interested on a document job in Shanghai?
2 - Would like more information about this....

Classifiedssakurarain - 25 Jun 2020gjene - 12 Jul 2020
Is there a self-help movement in Poland?
Where to live (South of Poland region)?
Is Polish church involved in politics too much?  2  3
62 - Way too much, than it should be....

Lifepawian - 21 Jun 2020LostSoul - 27 Oct 2020
Am I the only person that can't sing in Polish at all?  2
Tesco abandon Poland  2  3
Last names are Wasiewski and Waleryszak
Buying land in Warsaw, Poland and the following
Neighbours complaining about Barbecue - what is the law in Poland?
Seeking a copy of Na Rubieży, issue 11, 1995
3 - Thanks much. I'll contact them....

GenealogyTurbowicz - 12 Jun 2020Turbowicz - 12 Jun 2020
Can Americans Travel To Poland After JUN 16, 2020?
Does being surrounded by Slovak language help in learning Polish?
Origin and meaning of Polish city names?
Song help? "taki mały"...and it's not Taki Maly Taki Duzy!
Driving to Poland from the UK - Camping Options on Route
Business Partner / Fixer required in Poland
5 - Thank you for the info Peter, I will message you....

ClassifiedsStoreship - 8 Jun 2020Storeship - 11 Jun 2020
Looking for Polish wholesale companies that sell Heineken beer
Does Polish guy hide his divorce usually?
School meals in Poland  2  3  4  5
134 - Don't worry, I think some references to government policies and so on will do the trick nicely ;)...

Studydelphiandomine - 5 Jun 2020delphiandomine - 11 Feb 2021
Is Poland accepting incoming airplanes coming from the USA?
Time limitations to selling a flat in Poland (bought a year ago)
Father died in Poland, I live in Canada, how do I proceed with the will and inherited debt?
6 - I guess you will have to do it sooner or later anyway....

Lawpete_pf - 3 Jun 2020kaprys - 4 Jun 2020
Where did Poles spend summer vacations in the PRL era?
× Polonia in Germany  2