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Name Polonization!

novumchase 1 | 1
3 Apr 2024 #1
Dzień dobry! I'm working on a language project at the moment and would appreciate some advice on entirely Polonizing my name!

My first name is Chase (meaning "hunter"), my middle name is Neil (meaning "cloud") and my surname is Vouga (after "St. Vouga", a Breton saint). Are there any ways to derive a Polish name based on the meanings of these names, or even merely their sounds? Since the surname is difficult to translate, just converting it to Polish orthography would work!

All the best, and thank you!
Torq 6 | 700
3 Apr 2024 #2
Hmm... hunter, cloud and saint.

Myślisław Chmura-Świętojebliwy, Świętopełk Łowca-Chmurewicz, Chmuromir Polujący-Świętowski. Myślibór Chmura-Świątczyński.

The possibilities are endless.
OP novumchase 1 | 1
3 Apr 2024 #3
Thank you, friend, this is a great help!
Alien 20 | 4,979
3 Apr 2024 #4
great help!

Paulina 16 | 4,370
3 Apr 2024 #5
@Torq, you devil... lol



I love this one ;D


"Wołga" maybe? 🤔

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