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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market.

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Taxes for freelance work
3 - No, I am not. But you're right, I will see if I can set it up in my country....

Workauezzat - 27 Mar 2023 auezzat - 27 Mar 2023
Obtaining Residency Card
LG Energy Solution factory in Wrocław?
Tax accounting (do I need to file tax, as no work has been proceed due to corona?)
5 - @cms neuf Thanks a lot....

Workjayvansjalia28 - 16 Sep 2022 jayvansjalia28 - 18 Sep 2022
Divorced - am I legally bound to inform employer
7 - NONE whatsoever....

WorkRecentlydivorced - 20 Aug 2022 Cargo pants - 21 Aug 2022
How can employer ask me to work on a larger scope than agreed in employment contract
6 - If you want a pay rise then it's best to just ask for one rather than start a legal...

WorkForeignworker - 11 Aug 2022 cms neuf - 11 Aug 2022
Delivery Job In Wroclaw
Need a coffee shop or room in Warsaw with Ethernet port not just WiFi
4 - sneak into a uni lab/lecture theatre? Yep, bring your own 5m ethernet cable tho....

WorkVideobroker - 20 Jun 2022 amiga500 - 24 Jun 2022
Relocating to Poland for work
Developmental Therapy in Poland
Can any international computer science student get software development job in Wrocław or Warsaw?
Any leads or websites for hiring English-speaking tradesmen (electrician, plasterers etc.)?
Teaching at universities: opportunities for foreigners
2 - you are doing a great job ...that will be very helpful...wish u success...

WorkWebNomad - 15 Nov 2021 alandaram - 15 Nov 2021
Are Poles workaholics?
Tourist business idea - Would non-Poles be interested?
2 - It's an idea. probably good, not enough people have ideas these days, good work :)...

WorkOathbreaker - 27 Aug 2021 amiga500 - 28 Aug 2021
American High School Teacher looking to teach English in Poland
Need guidance on bringing my (very) small business to Poland—Remote work
Karta pobytu with the legend "dostęp do rynku pracy"
Driving License Penalty Point Checks
Family of four considering a move to Poland from USA  2
Work permission for dependent of Non EU citizen in Poland
Is Wroclaw really the Polish silicon valley?
× Where is the immigration industry
Digital Marketing Professional from India
Jobs in Poland for screenwriters?
14 - Zlatko??? Welcome back....

WorkIaki - 17 Mar 2021 pawian - 4 Apr 2021
If you get a job and are on unemployment medical care or nfz
Moving From Ireland to Poland - Job Hunt
Polish gaming industry and work culture criticised?
As a Foreigner, being a sole trader in Poland. Own company and working permit
Opening a Preschool in Poland (Krakow)
Moving to Poland, Working for a UK Company  2
Expected gross salary per month of a market risk/ credit risk professional ?
Is there a luxury market in Poland?
6 - People in Warsaw are richer than in many parts of Germany and France...

WorkZlatko - 8 Oct 2020 Richardnorman - 14 Nov 2020
What salary can I expect in Warsaw?
3 - Especially in the time of pandemic....

WorkWarsaw24 - 31 Aug 2020 pawian - 31 Aug 2020
I am non EU citizen living inPoland. I have TRC for 3 years. Can I work with that TRC in Netherlands?
Medical jobs in Poland?
Hands-on agricultural jobs in Poland?
Can I find a non-corporate job in Poland?  2
34 - Contact with Lerdant agency. They will help you find a good job in Poland:)...

WorkJojo1 - 28 Apr 2020 minnie33311 - 31 May 2021
Warsaw job with US experience (tech company)
Is it difficult to make a living modeling/singing in Poland?
Resigning during the job probation period in Poland
Excel Template For Faktury (invoices) in Poland
Companies in Poland that support Work Permit
Is starting a language school doable in Poland
Photography Jobs in Poland?
Minimum wage, multiple jobs and ZUS
English school or beauty salon in Poland? Business option
Moving to Poland from Ireland - starting a professional life  2
Certified TEFL Teacher jobs in Poland
Why are salaries in Poland lower than ones in Bulgaria?
Self-employed American living in Poland? Is it possible?  2
Teaching English in Poland - better opportunities for an American?
Creative jobs in Poland?
Doctor with DNB from India, Poland doctor license requirements
Salary in Intel, Gdansk for Software Engineer
TAXATION for a foreigner in Poland
11 - Not quite. If your "centre of vital interests" are in PL, then you're liable regardless....

Worksimpleguy11 - 29 Aug 2019 delphiandomine - 3 Sep 2019
Salary 18000 pln per month in Gdansk
Work in Poland after finishing university in the UK (business management)
Need advice preparing invoice for my employer - B2B contract

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