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Karta pobytu with the legend "dostęp do rynku pracy"

cramillos 1 | 1
6 Jul 2021 #1

My wife got the Karta pobytu with the comment: "dostęp do rynku pracy", could you please confirm if she has the right to work? I undestand that the comment in english means: "access to labour market".

Since some time ago she applied to some IT jobs and she got rejected beacuse she didn't have the work permit letter and she has only the desition letter. However we don't know if even with the comment in the card she stills needing the work permit.

Any comment is more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,016
6 Jul 2021 #2
That notation is for people who own business and not for people looking for work.
OP cramillos 1 | 1
6 Jul 2021 #3
Thanks for the info, I have the blue card, does it help her with her paper work to get the work permit?

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