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Work permission for dependent of Non EU citizen in Poland

12 Apr 2021 #1
Hi All,

My wife has got an opportunity to move to Warsaw based on inter company transfer. She is working with large US based MNC in India and MNC has big presence in Poland. I am currently working with another large US based MNC which also has big presence in MNC. We both are Post Management graduate and have competitive salary in India. I have some questions regarding the relocation to Poland. Hope experts in this forum can help:

1. My wife's employer is providing the complete relocation support including visas for dependent. Will i be qualify as dependent as i have my own source of income?

2. Can i get the dependent visa along with my wife's visa process? If there are any restriction, please let me know
3. I understand i will not have working rights there. Can i travel with my wife as a dependent (on dependent visa) once her work permit and visa process is done to accompany her initially?

4. Are there any such rule which says dependent can travel only after TRC approval for primary applicant (my wife's TRC)?
5. Her employer informed that TRC will be initiated as soon as she lands in Poland. Can you please suggest under which category (article), TRC should be applied so that i may not have obligation for work permit? (otherwise i am planning to get my work permit with my employer)

6. We both are having 10K+ zloty net salary (after tax deduction), having 10+ Years experience in IT Consulting, and MBAs from reputed Indian B-School. Can we leverage this while applying for work permit?

7. What should be the right salary in Poland that we should negotiate for with our current employers?
minnie33311 - | 3
18 May 2021 #2
I totally recommend you both an agency which can help you find a good job in Poland. The minimal hourly rate is 16 zl. It names 'Lardent' - check this. They also pay for accomodation and transport

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