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Bring Dependent Parent to Poland

umesh049 1 | 1
23 Apr 2017 #1

I am Umesh Sharma from Bangalore, India age 35 years. We are family of four. Husband, wife, 3 year old daughter and 55 years old dependent mother.

I am working as IT professional in Bangalore. Got a good job offer in Wroclaw, Poland with salary around 15,000 PLN per/month (gross).

As i got to know 15k is good amount to live with family in Wroclaw. I know, i can come to poland with my family.

My question and concern here is my widow mother who is dependent on me. I want her to come with me if not now may by one or two year later.

I went to polish immigration site and few more. which says "family reunification" like

but don't have much detail related to dependent parents. Is there any way i can bring my mother with me, she is not much educated i am ready to bear all expenses of her.

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

23 Apr 2017 #2
There is a difference between what you call a family and what Polish Act on Foreigners calls a family. Under Polish AoF (and similar laws in other EU countries) you are a family of three: you, your wife and your daughter. Your mother is not a part of it and, therefore, not eligible for family reunification visa. Also, it is unclear why you consider her "dependent". Is she e.g. physically disabled? Just being unemployed or retired doesn't make her dependent. If she is dependent by the book of law, perhaps she can get a reunification permit, but only after you become a citizen of Poland (it will take min 8 years). Until then, she can only get a visitors visa.
OP umesh049 1 | 1
23 Apr 2017 #3
Hi Dovla,

Thanks for quick reply. No she is not physically dependent. She is financially dependent not much educated and i am taking care of here for day to day needs.

What does it means by dependent by the book of law ?

What kind of visitor visa she can get and for how long ?

I would appreciate if you can give some links or details.

26 Apr 2017 #4
I can give you contact to polish law firm specialized in immigration law - /foreign-customers/ - simply send them an e-mail, mby they will help you.
1 May 2017 #5
Hi Umesh,

Have you got any answers? I also want to bring my parents with me
smit24 - | 5
17 Dec 2018 #6

Which documents needed for parent visa


I am in Poland since last 2 years(I am Indian) and I have TRC card which is given by my company. After 3-4 months I am planning to invite my parents for 1 month trip to Poland. I checked the but couldn't find the proper document list for applying dependent visa. So can anyone help me here ? or in past may be someone already invited his/her parents.

Thanks in advance.
30 Jan 2022 #7
Hi everyone,
I see your old post above,not sure if the members are still active?

I am also stuck at this same stange and I believe you people must have found a solution to get over this problem.

I have my widow mother,she is retired now and I got the offer to move to Poland from my employer.

I cannot leave her alone here,What should I do?

Your valuable advice would be of great help for me
Joker 2 | 2,247
30 Jan 2022 #8
not sure if the members are still active?

The PF Gravedigger might know, hell be back in the morning.

Your valuable advice would be of great help for me

With the current situation unfolding in Europe are you sure you want to bring your mother there?
pawian 224 | 24,560
30 Jan 2022 #9
not sure if the members are still active?

Don`t worry about it, be an optimist, that`s the best approach in life.
29 Nov 2022 #10
Hello, please I need your advice. I am already a resident of Poland and would like to bring my husband who is Nigeria here in Poland. I have a stable job and would like to apply for spouse visa for him to be able to join me here in Poland. Can you please assist with an immigration law firm that can assist me with this procedure? I will really appreciate you help.

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