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Can dependent Visa holders take up employment in Poland?

binithb 2 | 2
12 May 2014 #1
Hi there,

Surprisingly there is very little info about this in the whole wide internet, or its hard to find.

Can people entering Poland on dependent Visa (Non EU citizen )take up employment ? If yes are there any conditions attached

Monitor 14 | 1,820
12 May 2014 #2
they have to apply for work permit separately. Conditions for work permit are the same as for every non-eu
Karthik2000 3 | 7
7 Sep 2014 #3
Merged: How can dependent Visa spouse work in Poland?

Hi all, I am Karthik and need to know whether dependent visa wife can work in Poland and if Yes, please share your experience/thoughts/some links?

What I assume is that they can appear for job interviews here and once she is selected, then have to travel back and convert dependent visa to work permit and again come back to Poland. Please confirm my understanding OR is there any alternative?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
7 Sep 2014 #4
Spoue can live in Poland but in order to work here potential employer would have to request for work permit for her. Assume that your wife will not have a job except if she is IT professional or is good candidate for work in one of BPO companies. Knowledge of Western European languages is important there.
Karthik2000 3 | 7
7 Sep 2014 #5
Thanks Monitor for your response. What I am exactly trying to ask is whether the potential employer will at least schedule the interview for dependent visa candidates and if the candidate is selected, will the potential employer have the patience for work permit completion process. I need to understand the probability of this scenario. BTW - My spouse has experience in scientific research and now working as Business Analyst in India.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
7 Sep 2014 #6
It depends if her profession is in need. I think that without perfect Polish language knowledge only BPO and programmers have some chance to be considered as employees. And BPOs employ mostly people speaking some Western European languages like Norwegian of French, so I think that realistically your wife has no chance for work in Poland. But she can try of course. Moreover she may do some Master or MBA studies in Poland. Graduates of Polish university don't need work permit. If she learns language meanwhile, then her chances of employment will be more than 0.
Karthik2000 3 | 7
8 Sep 2014 #7
Thanks for your response. I know you have mentioned it however still want to be doube sure. You mean that if I graduate from Polish university (full/part time) then I can work in Poland without a WP? Please confirm my understanding.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
8 Sep 2014 #8
Only full time studies are mentioned in the law. The shortest Master studies take 1.5 or 2 years. There are some programs in English, but better one are in Polish. To study in Poland B2 language certificate is required. There are 1 year Polish language courses after which foreigners can study in Polish. So If you're serious about staying in Poland I would recommend this way.

*I meant to study in Polish B2 language, a certificate or finishing of 1 year language preparatory course is required.
22 Sep 2014 #9
I am travelling to poland on WP . I also want to take my spouse with me. Is there anything like dependent visa or tourist visa I need to apply?
Karthik2000 3 | 7
29 Nov 2014 #10
If she will be staying with you for more than 90 days then apply for National Visa (Dependent) and please check this link to know about national visa requirements.
7 Oct 2015 #11
i just want to know how many days it takes to get a dependent visa for poland
Rameshraj - | 2
9 Jun 2016 #12
Merged: can dependent work in Poland??

Please let me know what is the probability of getting student dependent VISA for Poland. Also can dependent get full time work permit for Poland.

I am from India
9 Jun 2016 #13
can dependent get full time work permit for Poland.

Almost certainly not. Sorry but if you want to plan on studying in Poland (and I have no idea why you would want to do that), plan around neither you nor your partner earning a cent while you are here.
Rameshraj - | 2
9 Jun 2016 #14
Thanks Harry,

For your response, my wife want to study in Poland as her childhood friends also applied for Poland... If I am applying as her dependent, what is the probability of getting Visa and is it possible for me to work over there...
30 Jan 2017 #15
Hi, I have a valid work permit for Poland from my company and will move there by Feb 2017. How can I invite my family (wife and kid) to live with me in poland? Also, if not a permanent job but can my wife take up part time jobs basis the dependent visa?
26 Mar 2017 #16

Iam planning to do ph.d in Poland kindly answer if it is possible that my wife should also come with me an work fulltime here after 6 months of my stay here in Poland.

DominicB - | 2,709
26 Mar 2017 #17
if it is possible that my wife should also come with me an work fulltime here

Work as what? Work is extremely difficult, and often just about impossible, to find for foreigners who do not speak Polish.

What education, qualifications and experience does your wife possess that would interest an employer in Poland?
Joker 2 | 2,001
27 Mar 2017 #18
Not to mention the Low Wages.

So many Poles have moved away to escape poverty and this guy wants to go work for peanuts....
10 Apr 2017 #19
i am on dependent D national visa , my wife studying and me my kid travel after one month of her classes.... mean while she was hire a long term house contract ready on her name.... fund was maintain in my account already 5 lack got my visa and y kid visa..... immigration clear easily now i am hunting for a job few of the employer shortlisted me only worried about work allowances on my Nation D-visa dependent..... will post my further experience accordingly

other hand my kid going to a English school private and will send him public school by the month of September....
DominicB - | 2,709
10 Apr 2017 #20
What kind of job were you hoping to find? You are aware that your poor command of English is going to make it very hard to find any kind of job at all?
manikanta i
25 May 2017 #21
Can student visa holder take up employment
gumishu 11 | 5,696
25 May 2017 #22
they can but it's not easy to find a job when you don't know Polish
jon357 67 | 16,842
25 May 2017 #23
Can student visa holder take up employment

Yes, no problem.
26 Jul 2017 #24

I Have work permit to work in Poland with my current organization. my spouse also working in India as a programmer(Home Based).
My question is, can I take my spouse to Poland with dependent visa? and she can continue her India job(Home Based) in Poland.

she will receive salary to Indian account, she will pay tax to India. By coming Dependent visa to Poland, she is not providing her services to Poland based companies. is this fine? or not? we have to face any difficulties later on?

Please suggest! thanks in advance!

Harry84 1 | 80
28 Jul 2017 #25
Officially she can't work, but you know its work from home !!, So nobody come and see it...

you are IT guy, so dont require more explanation on this, i hope you understand it.

1 Aug 2017 #26
Can a student dependent start a business in Poland?
Kind regards
5 Oct 2017 #27
Hi ,
I have applied for student visa and my wife has also aaplied for student visa poland and interview is on two diffrent days with gap of 3 days it possibel to get student visa to both of us..???

We have chossen same course and our sponsors are two diffrent person??

Plz reply iam from india
18 Oct 2017 #28
@DominicB Okay, we get it. It's difficult to get a job there. So instead of asking about the qualifications again and again and also judging alamkhan2000, how about you first understand what the question being asked is. People are asking if some things are legal, not if they are qualified for a job in your opinion.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Oct 2017 #29
People are asking if some things are legal

Whether something is legal doesn't mean much if you are not qualified to get a job anyway. It might be 100% legal for someone to work in Poland. However, this does not mean that anyone is actually going to ever hire them. No qualifications, no job. Even if it is "legal". What part of that do you not understand?
18 Oct 2017 #30
Can a person with a dependent visa / student visa work in Poland legally ? Again, no one is asking whether they have the ability to get a job. I'm sure the concerned employers can discern if someone is qualified or not.My husband is an artist working in Warsaw for a gaming company. He doesn't need to be well versed in English or polish. Each job has different requirements.

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