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Is there a luxury market in Poland?

8 Oct 2020 #1
Hello, I'm interested in investing in a business in Poland but I want to have a good ROI so an average customer one (e.g. fast food place) wouldn't give enough of that. With the covid crisis regular folk are spending less but the rich are still spending a lot.

Can you please tell me is there a niche to work in/invest in things like golf course management or luxury retail/real estate in Poland? Are there any well-off Poles?
pawian 188 | 17,916
10 Oct 2020 #2
Are there any well-off Poles?

No, hardly any. Most of us are like that: check out my family: they are waiting for the star. My uncles and aunts.

devil_storage 4 | 26
11 Nov 2020 #3
How come I don't see any female in your family?
mafketis 34 | 11,904
11 Nov 2020 #4
I'm sorry.... did you just assume their gender? What a bigot!
pawian 188 | 17,916
11 Nov 2020 #5
Some of them are females. Look closely. Didn`t I say my uncles and aunts?
14 Nov 2020 #6
People in Warsaw are richer than in many parts of Germany and France

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