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Need guidance on bringing my (very) small business to Poland—Remote work

Zabka702 1 | -
9 Aug 2021 #1

I am a remote freelancer. I write marketing content full-time remotely for my American clients. I have an American S-Corp.

I am considering moving to Warsaw next year, however I have been unable to find a CPA in Warsaw who can take my earnings and expenses for 2020 and give me an approximation of how much I would owe the Polish government in income taxes.

The one CPA in Warsaw that responded to my email wanted 2,500 Euros to run this simulation so that I can financially plan. That's a bit much in my book.

So, I joined this forum on the off-chance another American who is currently living in Poland (and working remotely) can offer some suggestions. I am not asking for legal/financial advice....just wondering how you're running your small business from Poland?

Ideally, I'd like to keep my American S-Corp and just hire a Warsaw CPA to do my taxes every quarter, then write the Polish government a check for income taxes. Then have my CPA in America tell me how much I owe Uncle Sam after paying Polish income taxes (if anything).

I would prefer not to have a Polish LLC or Polish company, if possible. Don't want/need the extra expense/headache.

I also know there will be an issue with the VISA....I think I need some sort of special visa that's attached to a work permit? The problem with this is....I am the only employee in my "company." I cannot get a "contract".

Also, I do not want to do the "stay in Poland for 90 days then go visit Ukraine for a day" border hop. I'd like to take care of all visa/paperwork here in America if possible. I shudder at having to go into a Polish government office in Warsaw and only being able to speak a little bit of Polish coupled with the bureaucracy (plan on taking classes...and I'm currently studying online for what it's worth).


<<edit>> After browsing this I have to pay the "ZUS" every month? That looks to be about $300 USD? If so, what do I get for paying ZUS? Or is it just a tax that I need to pay and I don't get anything in return (such as free health insurance)
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,244
10 Aug 2021 #2
It will be impossible to set things up the way you want.
AmericanHalfPole - | 4
12 Dec 2021 #3
Zabka702: A few sites:

Sorry for copying-and-pasting links LOL, but I definitely think many of your concerns are covered here. Good luck with your business. From an American Pole :D

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