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Resigning during the job probation period in Poland

muratmert 1 | -
16 Feb 2020 #1
Hi All,
I want to ask a question regarding resigning from the probation date. I started to work on the 2nd of January and according to my work contract, the probation date will be ended on the 2nd of April and I have two weeks as a noticed period. I want to resign in the middle of the march. My colleague told me you should notify o month ago if want to resign. Is there any such restriction regarding labor law?. Should I resign or notify the hr department in February?
cms neuf - | 1,981
16 Feb 2020 #2
Go with whatever is in your contract. If you want to leave there is nothing much to be gained from forcing you to work extra.

Note that if you are non EU and have a work permit you will lose that if you resign - check it carefully

Home / Work / Resigning during the job probation period in Poland
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