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Where is the immigration industry

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3 Apr 2021 #1
I used to browse these forums quite often. I know pessimism is in no short supply ;)

I lived in Poland for 2.5 years, then I moved back to the states for 2 years, then with Corona me and my Polish wife were both working online, I wanted to use the lockdown to further improve my Polish, so I've been here around 18 months. (Mastering Polish has been an obsession over the last few years; the fact I still can't speak with the same ease as in my other native and fluent language(s) drives me crazy.)

I'm a dual citizen (both parents from Europe, but born in the states,)

Since I've been back in Warsaw, I've been noticing tons of non-white immigrants. Every time I get in an uber with an Indian or Pakistani they start talking about how they got sent here by some agency that procures visas, etc. I guess I'm a typical American in that I talk to everyone. It's not only the Indians/Pakis that used some agency but the FSU immigrants too. (I don't mean Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, etc.)

I speak Spanish almost as if it were a native language, (I'm not Hispanic / Latin American, it's a long story.) I also speak Brazilian Portuguese very fluently.

A Polish friend of mine told me that in Wrocław, there is a real demand for "cheap labor" and that I could easily get hired by a company that deals with Latin American immigrants. (I can do pretty much anything in Polish, though I make some mistakes, and I do still start to word things sloppily if I'm discussing something like philosophy. Also, I have to really listen to be sure I understand native speakers who swear every other word, and even then they sometimes lose me.)

I have a good-paying job in America, and we're going back to the USA soon, but I would like to live in Poland after I save some money in the US. I like Poland more than my Polish wife does, to be honest. But, I'm not gonna teach English.

I taught English in Warsaw for around 16 months, but Polish students are, on average, insufferable. I would love to start a language school, but not in Poland. I've taught English elsewhere, so I have a comparison. A great example is how much importance the average Polish student places on "Vocabulary Lists" and other such nonsense.

I could apply to become a Polish citizen in another 2 years.

Is there any growth in this field? Is it feasible? I have a background working for private security firms, (big ones, not like a PI or anything,) and languages. I would be down to try Corpo life just for the hell of it. I'm curious how long I'd last. I doubt I would find it appealing.

Cargo pants 3 | 1,117
3 Apr 2021 #2
I could easily get hired by a company that deals with Latin American immigrants

Not a company but a so called CONSULTANCY.All you have to do is get them clients from those countries which is very hard as those people prefer to go to USA especially now with open borders.Your only bet is the Asian countries,who just want to enter the EU.Even from middle east.I knew a guy who made millions in couple of years but lot of illegal work involved.I would stay away from that cuz if caught your arse is grass.

All these companies do is either fill up paper work to apply or provide fake documents.

I would like to live in Poland after I save some money in the US.

And some money will be?????Dont even think of moving to Poland and live the American style with a family until you have cpl of mil $ saved.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
3 Apr 2021 #3
"but not in Poland."

this is exactly what I was arguing with these retards on here of polish descent like dirk or lenka a while ago and they think they're right lol pollacks always think they're right even when rest of world laughs at them and their backward country with its communist education system still in place. they actually argued on this very forum these language or noun lists with present perfect etc is the way to learn and not actually through repetition and actual talking like to a native speaker on this very forum. they think the pollack education system is also forward thinking lol.

you should come here and try to use basic post office service to send a package and see how they treat you, how long you wait in line, and their little smirk remarks at you just for sending a basic item not to mention how its ripe with theft or the Polish govt run postal service and sometimes you get a note in your mailbox because they are almost always too lazy to leave anything st your door you have so and so much time to pick up your package and sometimes it took so long to get to you its like two or three more days or its send back out. very hard headed backwards people.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,117
3 Apr 2021 #4
Yo Man,did you ever get the answer"THIS IS POLAND" when a pole is cornered at a logical point?That is mostly the answer I have got over years when they have no explanation .
Novichok 3 | 7,602
3 Apr 2021 #5
its communist education system

Hey, easy. There was nothing wrong with the communist education system. I graduated from "communist" schools and the WUT and did fine from that day on as the patents with my name can attest to.

Which country produced the best chess players ever? The USSR.
Which country had the first man orbiting the earth? The USSR.
Which country graduates the illiterates that can't fill out a job application? The USA.
Which country produces morons who think that a million migrants are good to have? Germany.
Do you want me to continue?
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
4 Apr 2021 #6
they wont help you or answer any question and if you dont speak perfect linguistic Polish (they themselves either dont or barely at all speak English) they will put you down or laugh at you and if you dont know the specific polish way to even address an envelope or an address same thing. good luck trying to send out game consoles or items or starting some online business here. and post office is just one example as any pis or the current right wing govt or maybe all Polish run enterprises or industries from health like public hospitals etc its the same.
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4 Apr 2021 #7
@Cargo pants

Thank you, I literally couldn't remember what the right word was! lol
Yeah, I'm aware. My father-in-law is an entrepreneur, and I have basically replaced my szwagier's role. He is happy about it. They are from a poorer region, though they have had a successful business for decades. I help with managing the logistics, as well as the accounting I'm also the one people talk to first after making an appointment with the company over the phone. I have experienced 0 xenophobia, perhaps because I look like a typical tall white dude, and I pronounce Polish (usually...) very well. Most assume I'm Polish-American, and I just go with it.

I'm bored, and in the mood to explain this; I like semi-anonimity. I spent years studying and occasionally teaching about learning to convincingly mimic natives, why phonetics matters, and how to sound native - even it's only a few key sentences and you don't know **** about the language. You may learn more than you expected, considering the time it takes for an (average) brain to adapt to the new phonemes/allophones and prosody of a non-native language/accent. The time required is best measured by # of nights slept; bar geniuses, one cannot cram this as if it were finals' week. If you do, you will not be able to hear how / when your speech is off. The process can be sped up by being taught how to physically produce new sounds, and what pitfalls to watch out for, by professionals such as Linguists and Speech Pathologists. Nonetheless, if you wish to be able to hear when, and precisely why your utterance sounded foreign to a Pole, as in: what was the portion of the spoken language which you produced that gave your identity away? Self-awareness is critical, especially in terms of vowels, (and in Polish's case the ć vs, cz and ś vs. sz, as well as stuff like an ę or ą before <l> or <ł>.) Really though, this stuff is important ONLY for a very small group of professionals.

Despite my rant up above, I have a slight foreign accent when in Polish. I should try harder, but if you speak it all the f*cking time, you stop caring. It's a ridiculous language.

Truly, I feel the easiest part would be enticing plenty LAs to come chose a legal job in Poland over a job in the states, working illegally. I interact very frequently with (unskilled workers, from very poor places in LA) Latin American immigrants in the US. Many of the dudes I know, (serious here...) think Europe is Europe, the end of the story. One asked if I could see the Eiffel tower from Warsaw. Just place a blonde girl eating a baguette with the Eiffel tower in the back and we'd be shocked at how many people one could get. LA is a BIG place.
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4 Apr 2021 #8
Most of the students are cool outside of a classroom setting. It is very annoying. I did berate someone in upper management, telling them if they are happy with their subpar English, then they should get a new teacher. I was much more impulsive then. Somehow I kept working in the corpo...

@Cargo pants
Yeah, but unless it's something stupid I'm complaining about, I've gotten the impression that they're not saying it to hurt you, a lot Poles are touchy about Poland, it's something they're self-conscious about.

I literally make phone calls to different government departments at least 3 times a week. Never is there a problem.
In real life, I never had a problem. Even when I spoke horrible Polish. They're not very chatty, but I would be too if I worked as a Civil Servant. How long have you been in Poland? I find it's usually easier to blame "this damn country!" than it is to spend a moment thinking whether perhaps it would be better for you in the long run if you assumed the blame, and thought about how if you approached things differently people might respond differently. How much would it cost you to pay a Polish student a little if you really have that many problems handling bureaucracy?

PiS is getting involved in many sectors, and that is worrying. Not just for business owners, but for all Poles in general.

Back on topic, Does anyone know anything about Immigration Consultancy?
I know it's a pipedream to think you'll make a US Salary, but if I ever want to come back to Poland, I don't wanna be involved with teaching.

Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
4 Apr 2021 #9
" How long have you been in Poland? I find it's usually easier to blame "this damn country!"

assumed the blame for what? wtf r u even talking about their backwardness compared to civilized or western countries? the fact is the whole world knows im right and thats why they're known to be hardheaded and backward people just ask the British or Americans what they think. and why would i want to be like them and think my crappy no name country is so important? when no one cares about it bro or them or their native Polish language skills. or their little attitude problems that stems from inferiority complex. ask yourself this, where do people who are annoying and have to put others down or have an attitude problem come from where does such behavior come from and why dont you see it in civilized countries outside maybe Mexicans or poor people in USA? if they didnt have an inferiority complex why do they constantly feel to compare themselves to Russia or make excuses for themselves?

and just because you didnt have a problem or they dont make comments or snubs at you for asking any question doesn't mean others or the majority haven't with them or dont agree with me outside retards like you who are in the minority in probably your own country about them and are probably a right wing loon or some other reason you want to be in such a country.

are you a religious zealot bro? are you? are you? what is the real reason you love them so much and want to be here?

have you even lived here or been in this shethole more than a month for you to say their bureaucracy or govt buildings are beautiful and treat you so wonderful? how often did you deal with them and for how long? fact is ive been here now three yrs so i think im much more qualified than your religious or right-wing zealot ass is about them and the subject. even on this very forum there were multiple complaints about how unhelpful their embassy for instance is or how they dont even issue passports so i think im the one who is right and not you religious zealot. Also ask yourselves why dont people from other countries especially other races want to come here if its so wonderful like you claim and they treat people so good? and why do multiple people on this site who somehow live here but are foreign like that mafe whatever his name is even say this isnt a newbie friendly or helpful country?
amiga500 3 | 1,420
4 Apr 2021 #10
Don't mind our resident wariat. There is a lot of money in this area, though lack of Polish might be a barrier. Definetly bringing IT specialists from Ukraine/Belarus/etc would be intersting and lucrative
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
4 Apr 2021 #11
making phone calls and actually dealing with them in person are two completely diff things especially if they think your Polish and arent some bigshot wannabe superstar foreign English speaking investor or tourist or something which they obviously pegged you as. you'll realize I was right sooner than later - and sure you may have just got lucky after all about one out of three of these people sr somewhat helpful or normal but no more than one out of three at any govt building or office.

"Despite my rant up above, I have a slight foreign accent when in Polish. "

you said it right there so why do they care at even just a local post office if you ask them a question and you dont have perfect polszczyzne for them? who cares.

"They're not very chatty, but I would be too if I worked as a Civil Servant. "

see above. this has nothing to do with their perfect polszczyzna does it expectation or even care?

the thing is they'll help you or be helpful or answer questions if they think you're not Polish or only speak English to them. But do you really want to have to lie all the time or live a fake life just to be in such a country? the thing is I have a Polish name so they know after looking at my id that im Polish and even if they do help me this could be awkward. I mean how do you answer them why you were pretending to not know Polish or only speak English just to recive basic assistance? i mean i guess its a spot of being stuck between a rock and a hard spot is the embarrassment worth getting help over?
OP symbols3to16 1 | 6
4 Apr 2021 #12

Sounds like you got three options here, buddy.
1. Leave Poland
2. Stay mad

Sounds like you're staying mad, buddy. I'd guess it's not exactly a "boss" life that living, right?

Polish people aren't generally friendly, at first this bothered me, but then I realized I could just accept that fact. It really does not bother me if a damn bureaucrat puts on a fake smile or not. I only care if they don't do their job right. You must be from the woods, like Kansas or something. In NY, anywhere close to the "inner cities", the demographic of people one must deal with are much more incompetent and MUCH louder. I'd rather someone STFU, not put on a fake smile, and get their **** done.

My brother-in-law intentionally charms the legs off to every female he has to deal with in a professional setting. He's 100% Polish, doesn't speak a lick of English. Runs his own successful company at age 33. Everyone knows him. I've seen what how he acts.

Adapt or become "a victim" of natural selection. If one cannot adapt, (despite being Polish/American/British/Australian idfk,) then that person should never leave their little hometown in bumf*ck.

To all the "confused" people who may be reading: Whining about how you're life sucks on the internet instead of being a man and having some initiative to fix it, like those emo folk on Tumblr do, is not an enviable place to be in. Let's have some sympathy on 'em. Even an apostate and heretic, like me, feels both contempt and pity for these sad folk.
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4 Apr 2021 #13
Thank you amiga. I'm going through a C2 prep book right now. I took the practice test ~4 months ago and passed (not counting reading and writing) by a safe, yet small margin. My tutor says I would have failed the writing section. I've been trying to read Polish each day for at least an hour, I keep personal correspondence with the head of the Polish Department at the University of Pittsburgh, (his name is repeated often on the forum, and he doesn't have the recording the publishing house does,) and he has been a great help as well.

I have a good friend who is a lawyer in Wawa, he has been sending me stuff in Polish pertaining immigration law, the language used is VERY difficult. Hopefully with time I can grasp it better.

@MODERATORS what kind of forum are you keeping here? A forum for advice, or is this group therapy for angry western men that ended up living someplace they despise yet won't take the necessary steps to gtfo? This place makes even the Chinese owned Reddit look like a gathering of the worlds top minds hahaha
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
4 Apr 2021 #14
Not everyone is here by choice in fact i would say most arent. most are here because they dont see a way out or have obligations like a family here or came here for a girlfriend (its never the other way around only men go to new countries it seems to satisfy their significant other). in my case i was deported back after prison from California and am actually Polish. I was around 8 years old when i was emigrated out of here as a kid and that wasn't by choice other as my family took me.

Overall I am satisfied as long as I dont have to deal with the people in Poland or post offices or try running any business or scraped all of my ideas away and just live basically the us life by being on USA YouTube following USA news etc. but being in Poland and not dealing with the suppression or being suppressed anymore. i just wish it was a better country or more evolved than it turned out to be. its almost like being deported from prison or going from a prison to a prison in the free world. but still better than what i had to deal with in the USA or liberal California where you're not allowed to fight back against the system or small town bullies (good ole boys in bars) treated like a pollack anytime cops show up even if they attack you first. and just systematic suppression always being and feeling like an immigrant in USA and always being reminded how supposedly (Russians won not them) Americans saved you as a kid every second by those retards.

expecting simple answers or help and not weird comments or snide remarks because they actually have to work or do their jobs and get up off their lazy Polish asses shouldn't be something too much to ask bro or some difficult thing to expect from basic service anywhere whether it is a store like zabka or a govt office like post office. In USA, for instance one of my hustles was to buy games knowing they are gonna go up in price for being limited edition or collector items or even wait all night on console launches like i did twice when they got shipments in for the original wii then sell them on ebay for nice profit. you cant even do that here as the postal service s so backwards they probably wont even send a console or help you with finding right packaging for such a large item and unless you know where to go where to get such packaging or where to ship items from (i have no friends or family here) you cant do it or anything or even function here or make money.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,117
4 Apr 2021 #15
Does anyone know anything about Immigration Consultancy?

Google is your best friend.lots of videos on youtube.

is this group therapy

Why not,if it helps anyone and the society.
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4 Apr 2021 #16
but being in Poland and not dealing with the suppression or being suppressed anymore. i just wish it was a better country or more evolved.

its almost like being deported from prison or going from a prison to a prison in the free world.

I feel you on that one. It's one of the things that I love enough to make me spend 18 months here, and to convince my Polka to come back, (she strongly prefers NYC, citing the fact that divide and conquer, and cancel culture itself is being propagated by the new regime, despite it coming from "the right") I actually agree with her 100%. I've met many Americans and Brits who are so fed up with recent developments that they're blind to the same thing occurring right now, (though on a smaller scale, for now,) in Poland.

Poland is as polarized as the states, except that everyone looks the same, and most (young) Poles don't even have a name, accent, etc. that gives away their region. In the US we have race and accent. If you're a white guy with an NYC accent, you will be distrusted by conservatives in red areas unless you're basically wearing a MAGA hat. In NYC, people are waiting to catch me say something "bigoted." It's never happened in real life. I've gotten miles better at being a Machiavellian f*ck, this summer especially. This one always gets my friends laughing: I speak a regional dialect of Arabic well, not perfect, but enough that people think I learned it at home and have told a few Arab shopkeepers my dad was from (place of regional dialect) and passed away when I was a kid and that my mom raised me Christian, but that I have been reading the Quran. They treat me better than actual Muslims. I've heard different things about whether or not this is actually halal, (Arabic for Kosher,) but it's been working at two different deli/minimarts.

When it comes to dealing with black dudes, they're usually super relaxed. As long as you're confident and treat them with some respect they're fine. I thought one of the most interesting things over the summer was seeing how when one is very calm and confident, yet polite, you can literally see them do a 180; facial expressions lighten up and body language relaxes. The crazy ones rarely travel more than a few blocks from their home. Black women are women, and every man should know how to talk to a woman. I once saw some vandalism/graffiti in Cuba that said: "la pinga no tiene ideología" which word for word means "the dick has no ideology." That rings true to my personal experience, (but it definitely DOES have a preferred "phenotype".)

My biggest issue was on a zoom call at Uni. - I'm going back to school part-time, I wanna teach in schools. The field I'm in requires a very flexible moral code, and I want to do my part in fighting this madness, as futile though it may seem. - a girl with a different "phenotype" compared to me called me a racist, and I responded by attacking her with the intention of being as harmful and humiliating towards her as possible, as a lesson to any other idiot that thinks slandering a stranger is okay. She started crying and logged off. The teacher almost failed me until I "took the nuclear route" and had a colleague modify a bot that filled his inbox with (literally) thousands of emails all with my message and name every day, all day and night until he explained his biased grading. He gave in after 1 day. I let it run for another 48 hours. The actual director of the program ended up actually apologizing to me. The girl did as well.

The scary thing is that I got like 4 weak-willed cowards who private chatted me with on zoom asking me for my number. I literally responded to all 4 asking "Why are you too afraid to use the public chat?" That's honestly the only problem I've had. It's solvable. The problem is that all the sane people have been scared into staying quiet. These censorious, anti-liberty, authoritarians only comprise a very small minority. They grow every time someone stays silent. If you stay silent and turn the other cheek like a good Christian you don't have the right to act appalled by their growing power in your society. Anyone not supporting a family, or a relative, who sits on the sidelines and watches in silence while they destroy all America, and by extension a lot of European Societies, hold dear is the reason this continues. Be smart though. Every schizo who acts on hate and a desire for "glory" is one point for the other team. If everyone stood their ground, hit back with the same force they were hit with, and understood that we are in a new type of warfare and therefore must not bemoan, but rather understand education, big tech, and the media's power without hate, rashness or falling victim to pessimism, we would already have this insanity behind us.

The silver lining is knowing that if the radicals end up destroying Europe and North America, their reign will be short-lived. Once their "exotic, oppressed, brown" pet Muslims from the Middle East arrive they will learn the "religious" westerners they shamed, were comparatively basically atheists. I don't like what they represent, but one cannot honestly say that they are cowardly, weak-minded, or averse to extreme acts of violence if it is necessary. The interpretation of Islam most common, (though religiosity varies...) teaches that the greatest thing one can aspire to do is live for Allah, not oneself. How one lives this idea out through action in their own life varies...

Get a TEFL course, email professors, and offer to record audio for free in exchange for letters of recommendation. Write a ****** book about your life, put it on Amazon. Pay someone on Fiverr to review it using American accounts.

Or change your name to a Crimean Tatar one. Then apply to Germany as a refugee citing far-right Poles sending you death threats, (pay someone to send you death threats for proof.) Tell them you found out you were part Crimean Tatar, got interested in Islam, and now as a Polonized Tatar your life is in danger. If you wanna really seal the deal, write a book about it.

You expect me to believe that you have no options? Your situation sucks, I'll admit. Have you tried calling the embassies of other EUfriendlier people or a more "civilized" populace? I've met so many people who treat the "modelo virus" as if it has made life impossible. It's made it a lot harder, but you spent longer than a week or two in Prison, you definitely know how to kombinować much better than you think.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
4 Apr 2021 #17
Im not doing too bad. I have a bachelors degree from an us or state school (bachelor of arts not fine arts which polish people dont even know the difference). also I am working remotely right now making some cash and hoping this position lasts as usually most of my previous positions or work only last like four or less months. Its super chill and easy too. i cant really stand to be in offices or commute or be around people too long so its perfect for me. But the thing is I like to have options or side hustles or gigs as well and if this doesn't work out im sort of back to square one again. I mean i like to be able to sell things online like i used to in us but the fear of dealing with the people here makes me not try as in many other things here. thats the frustrating part is i know it could be better. I also hate allegro and wish ebay would take off here as they charge you just for listing items and allegro is a scam for sellers.

I also have a place here my family bought on Poland so I no longer have to deal with rent scammers or basically owners here even though my last one was quite good. the previous lady however didn't want to fix anything and made it sound like everything works or is in perfect condition before even moving there. but yea now i have it good in that regard the place is paid off but its expensive to maintain because its all electric no kaloryfery to heat you use electric heaters it cost me i just paid 900 zloty for January and February.

but its also the culture how rude and mean the females or people here can be and how people are so egoistical they have to say the last word etc. even if they're wrong. Berlin not sure about all of Germany was so much better for me. it was like San Francisco but again only issue so many gay people like in bars some old men would brush on me and stuff like that which i hate. but yea Berlin is awesome i hardly speak any German though.

regarding the embassy thing, i heard and from what i read on this forum and from other govt institutions even abroad the Polish embassy wont help or do anything to its citizens. its apparently even difficult to renew passports now. even when there was obvious corruptions and lies in my first case in USA where bail bonds rearrested me and denied me my basic rights of habeus corpus based on some lie and warrant they claimed some retired judge signed i should have asked to see but didn't but not even police but bail bond took me in and took a photo of me they sold to the media there as well based on everything going on you'd think an embassy would help in such a corruption case but i didn't even try because other polish people in California or my family didn't help me with this or claimed they wont help.

i wanted to be deported right then and there i still had my grandma and some family back here at the time. but unfortunately no one close to me tried to reach an embassy for some deal and showing them corruption they never answered for and perjury etc. and a lawyer who wouldn't even answer phone calls that was paid for and hired and like all other lawyers my family always ended up later hiring me beside one when they tried to arrest me for a probation violation based on some stalker giving them info or confidential supposed while also writing to me because i wasn't giving them restitution money trying to extort me or threaten me then the probation violation or a room full or cops all of a sudden showed up due to me not being extorted and that lawyer won that case for me but that was that they never answered for anything and i wanted to be deported back then. it took many yrs later much frustration hardship, suppression or being held down and multiple cases later for duis and fights until it happened and i no longer had a family here.

Sometimes it's so depressing being around such people and in such country you lose ur whole motivation to live or try even engaging with any females or even want sex. They are so angry and mean and dukes up faces they are like plastic to me when I walk by them.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,117
4 Apr 2021 #18
Sometimes it's so depressing

Dude get some help.I feel for you.If you cant afford I am willing to pay for it also.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
4 Apr 2021 #19
why would i need help with what? the fact these people are fukedup and selfish and have an inferiority complex toward Russians and are hypocrites? and nasty? how am I the problem? not every dude gets treated well for smiling or saying hi to a female thats why i dont do it why would i make myself vulnerable to them and let them treat me like shet or invite them to? i was discriminated against my whole life even in the clubs in Warsaw like the Cubano one for no reason at all they wouldn't let me in so i stopped going to any clubs one time i had this older cougar ***** i met at one of those meetups and the only reason i went with her was because she wanted to go and even drove but the fem or female for retards out there standing wt the door said you can go to her but i cant for no reason at all. how would you feel being treated like this by females or discriminated by them your whole life for no reason at all like ur garbage or they think they're better than you and letting even other fems through? and we were together going in. and thats not even going i to the discrimination i faced in USA for being from such a country and an immigrant and a male and white. especially from the lae and police over there. you do know they deported me and out me in prison for w fight with q gypsy and not even read me my mirqnda rights right?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,117
4 Apr 2021 #20
Yes I do,but you might want to know why they discriminated against you and why not for others?Maybe you might learn how to deal with those situations when confronted with.I dont go to the clubs but 10yrs or before when I went with someone I never had any problem or even now before covid if I wanted a beer or a drink even at midnight I would go to any open place in centrum and never had any problem lol and I dont look like Polish at all and fit into Uber eats delivery guy:)

being from such a country

I have never heard of a Polak being discriminated cuz he is from Poland,yes there are jokes about them but its just jokes from 80 years back.

my mirqnda rights right?

Thats basically nowadays are in theory,courts dont take that seriously until you have a vicious lawyer and prove it,maybe now with the bodycams.
Strzelec35 36 | 1,254
4 Apr 2021 #21
i disagree. when i was growing upon liberal California Poland was known as literally the garbage of Europe or white people. ive had teachers even ask me why Poland is known for such bad **** or has some bad reputation even speaker the guy in jail i met christian speaker told me he is half Polish but doesn't admit it due to connotations Poland has. why do you think such stereotypes exist due to Jews spreading rumors in liberal California or west coast USA? ive never heard anything good or any good stereotype about Poland even as a kid in elementary school they twight the holocaust and mentioned the word Polish death camps and the other kids looked at me weird.

i mean ask novichok he wrote about similar experiences hes had for his Polish upbringing or heritage then and why he tried to forget the language change his name etc. its not such a ******* uncommon thing or something new to experience being from Poland there.

" Thats basically nowadays are in theory,courts dont take that seriously until you have a vicious lawyer and prove it,maybe now with the bodycams."

is it. i always assumed it was something they may treat blacks this way with or nonwhites but you're saying Jews or white privilege gets treated this way in that land? in the great old USA? the jock or good ole boy will be treated this way or maybe at most charged with a misdemeanor and not sent to prison over a gypsy **** talker with 10 kids who has a history himself?
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4 Apr 2021 #22
You're not doing alright, bro. If you're definition of "doing alright" is not wanting to live, and losing motivation with females.

Quit blaming your heritage for everything. I guarantee if you were a non-white immigrant you would be in Anti-fa.

Get help. You have problems. How old are you that in Poland of all places you resort to milfs? Really? The only excuse for that is being hideously ugly.

If you think it's hard for you to pull at the Cubano as a dude from Cali the only place left for you to get your dick wet is in the shower, (with the water on, don't forget!).

This dude sounds like a future Polish American Eliot Rodger. That incel dude.

In the old days, you would have had a choice between looking for help or getting put down like a sick farm animal.
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4 Apr 2021 #23
ive actually had people in jail mostly other whites mind you particularly this guy they called squerill in santa cruz county jail tell me that im a white black guy or a black guy in white skin. im basically a white skinned black guy. he also said Polish people are known to be hard headed lol. when i told him were known to complain all the time or never satisfied we always narzekanie robimy.

cougars or milfs turns me on ones that look good mind you but not im at an age they dont anymore or the age difference. unused to always want to fuk women 15-20 yrs older so i can feel like a man or manly for dominating such a woman. especially since i used to look much younger for my age i enjoyed it the going against society part as well.

and no in Poland i dont get anything but the few times i did were pretty much cougars too outside of pesky travels who has a youtube channels and even begged me to come over but called me prison gay because i didnt want to fuk her I just enjoyed getting oral from here. she begged literally on messenger facebook to come again and claimed that she can just leave right after even but was just so rude to me at my own place just hecause i couldn't get hard at the moment because I drank so much earlier. then she started using what i told her about my past against me calling me prison gay at my own pad.

" This dude sounds like a future Polish American Eliot Rodger. That incel dude."

i dont know who this is or care.

"In the old days, you would have had a choice between looking for help or getting put down like a sick farm animal."

in the old days do u want me to bring pictures of the German Reich or Adolf up to what he had plans for Poland or Polish people? ask the British about brexit what they think of u guys or pollacks in USA.

its actually normis like you who are the problem with society not critical thinkers like me bro.

its funny i realized reading your post youre just a typical pollack qnd a snake. a real snake....

and you say something is wrong with me for not wanting to fuk pollack chicks. why would i the untermenschen?

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