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What's the immigration status in Poland?

TWPOscar 1 | 10
15 Jul 2018 #1
Ah Yes. Another topic about immigration. I know...
The reason for this topic is because I see many other topics turning into discussions regarding immigration, why it's good, or why it's bad. But I haven't read anything whatsoever on Poland's current immigration status.

Now, I'd like to know what Poland's current immigration status is. Does it have immigration (obviously I guess, as any contry), is it a lot? And from which countries?

Just to add my two cents, people of all races and religions can be great and wonderful people. But I do think a lot of people and politicians underestimate the societal destruction immigration can bring upon a country.

I'm a teacher in The Netherlands (half-polish but also a proud Dutchman), and I teach at a level 2. College. 'Level 2' is the lowest form of education one can receive, every person in the Netherlands is required to have at least a level 2 diploma. Meaning, the children that I teach, are mostly highschool dropouts.

My classes are about 30 students big, and it's uncommon for me to have more than 2 ethnic Dutch students my classroom. Most of them are Moroccan, Turkish or Somalian. They speak Dutch, but with a thic accent. (Although I often have to correct students because they're speaking Turkish, Morrocan etc) I'd say 99% of them are Muslim. Now, mind you; there are some wonderful students on that school, but the majority is scum and will probably start a criminal career after their diploma. Don't get me wrong, I love my job since they're an interesting sort to teach, but I often find myself thinking; 'Jesus, Netherlands... what have you brought upon yourself?' None of these students identify as 'Dutch' and some of them even insult my country or spit on it. It hurts, but there's not much I can do about that, since I'll lose my job if I were to say something along the lines of; "Then go somewhere else".

Conclusion; what I've learned from my experience as a teacher, is that homogenous societies function better. Multicultural societies tend to have a lot of friction, especially if you reach a certain point where 33% of your country does not share your heritage (like The Netherlands). You just have a big lump of humans wandering around in your country. And slowly, the culture of my country is changing. Shops are changing Christmas slogans and articles to 'Winter-festivities', Easter is being called, spring festivity at school, due to Islamic children. During Easter celebration in the big cities at school, children are not allowed to put a cross onto their Easter staffs, because it might feel as an oppression to the Muslims students'. We now even have an Islamic party in our parlement. Slowly our culture is being questioned; 'what does it mean to be Dutch?' This is all due to immigration, since you cannot say 'A Dutch person is a white-Christian male/female of Dutch cultural heritage' because we now have other-Dutch people as well. Our whole identity is being redefined. Some politicians now state that being Dutch just means; 'Being open and tolerant to other cultures and being multicultural' if that's the standard, then I can just pick a random person from the UK or Italy, who is tolerant, open and (for example) Hindu and just plot them into the Netherlands and 'boom!' He's Dutch. Even though he doesn't speak a word and shares nothing of my culture. It's a lot to chew on and the current state of The Netherlands has many factors, such as political correctness etc.

I just want to know in what state Poland is in, and if it will ever reach the current state of The West. I'd just hate to see another country lose it's identity, merely because of immigration. Especially since I feel for it as well. So Poland, please, don't underestimate the level of destruction immigration can bring.
Atch 20 | 4,155
15 Jul 2018 #2
slowly, the culture of my country is changing.

Well then do something constructive about it instead of whingeing about it on a Polish forum.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,917
15 Jul 2018 #3
I don't think he can Atch, it sounds like he is buggered, his best bet is to move to Poland.
OP TWPOscar 1 | 10
15 Jul 2018 #4

Unfortunately, I can only vote. There are plenty of people who are actually doing something constructive. Political opinions are changing slightly amongst the people, but still many people vote for the wrong parties.
G (undercover)
16 Jul 2018 #5
Does it have immigration (obviously I guess, as any country), is it a lot? And from which countries?

Yes it's a lot. Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, etc.

Reference: The Relationship between Polish People Migration to Norway and Tourism -
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
16 Jul 2018 #6

I am sorry that the Netherlands has been cucked and become a victim of multiculturalism. I did a study abroad summer program at the University of Maastricht and have been to Amsterdam a few times. My cousins live in Dortmund and we'd often take a trip up to Amsterdam for the weekend. Back then there were very few Muslims and it was almost all white Europeans and tourists from the western world.

Unfortunately there is little that you can do about the Muslim migrant problem in Netherlands. As I am sure you already know since you are a teacher, these people multiply like rabbits on ecstasy.

I'd just hate to see another country lose it's identity, merely because of immigration.

Poles are very much against non European migration. The main stats bureau in Poland concluded that 3/4 poles do not want migrants from middle East and Africa. However Poland is welcoming to migrants from other.places. there's a ton of Ukrainians which is by far the largest group and then Georgians, Chechens, belrussians and increasingly Indians Pakistanis Koreans and chinese. There's a lot of Europeans from Italy Portugal and now even the UK and France coming to Poland as they escape the giant no go zone that their countries have become.

You'll never see sharia courts or generations of families living off the benefits with a tax payer funded apartment for them and their soccer team of kids. Poles simply won't allow it. We have a saying that goes nasz kraj nasze zasady which means our country, our rules. Poles are hard working people and they will not reward people with 1500 eu a head like germany does for illegally crossing borders and groping women. We won't allow that b.s. in Poland you habe to work if you want things like am apartment, clothes, food, etc. There are no handouts here. Rapefugees would only get around 80 euro a month so they don't want to come to Poland as they'd have to actually work. That's why they go mainly for.germany where the socialists use native german taxpayers money to support their lazy asses in exchange for future votes. Even the leftists will.never do that. In fact, even over half of the leftist party po supporters do not support me and african migration (with pis it's closer to 90%).

Poles have seen whay the migrants have done to germany UK France and even Holland. Your country should follow the Danish or Austrian model and cut the benefits payments. Then they will.scatter like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. As soon as the government's of those countries cut the benefits payments the migrants immediately left for places where they can continue to be supported by the european taxpayers.

Our government has said there is nothing worse that the eu can do than have us take in a flood of Muslims and africans. And this statement was lime 2 3 years ago - well before numerous other countries voted in anti migrant nationalist parties who stand up for native Europeans. Now there are more and more people getting fed up with the no go zones. Terrorism, rapes, crime, the mosques and prayers being broadcast in the street (as in France to purposely **** off the native French ) amd i hope that Holland soon joins this group. Unfortunately I think it will he too late due to their ridiculously high birth rates.

Poland and the v4 will be one of the last bastions of white Christian europe. And you'll see that in the coming 10 20.30 years more and more people from France UK germany etc will start moving to Poland to escape the migrants as they take over their country slowly but surely. They're already now forming parties that promote sharia and radical Islam or at least have relationships with radicals like sadiq Khan does. And that's when Europeans will really have to worry because once Muslims occupy more and more positions in parliaments and even become pms chancellors etc it's over for the conservative Christians Europeans who do not want to become minority 2nd class citizens in their own country. Sadly that is the trajectory for many countries but I am so thankful everyday that Poland is not among them.

W Europeans called us dumb Polaks, backwards, stupid but who's laughing Now? Now the conservatives are applauding Poland for standing up for themselves and not be coming victims to the eus forced multiculturalism. Thanks to our backwards xenophobia we haven't had a single terror attack... not one! Oh and of course zero no go zones, no thousands of women groped and raped and no tens of billions spent paying for migrants laziness so they can keep popping out kids pray 5 times a day and smoke hookah all day long.

Trump indeed said during the NATO trip that Europe is destroying itself and ruining it's culture. It is literally sacrificing itself at the altar of PC and bowing down to migrant invaders. It is sad because I've been to all these countries that are now totally cucked and invaded. Atlesdt I have memories of how it use to be before Merkel invited every able bodied male from 2 continents to be sugar babies for the European taxpayer. Oh well we can only wait and see where this all leads. But atleast I can rest assured Poland will remain polish and will remain for poles.
OP TWPOscar 1 | 10
30 Jul 2018 #7
Poland will remain Polish and will remain for poles

Are you sure about that with all the - as you said yourself - influx of Indian and Pakistanian people?

Thanks for you reply. I hope you're right by the way :). As you said: it's all a matter of numbers. So polish people need to make sure that they have the highest birth rate as well.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
30 Jul 2018 #8
Are you sure about that with all the - as you said yourself - influx of Indian and Pakistanian people?

I'm positive it will. Poland is one of the most homogenous nations. Also unlike the UK or France, Poles aren't a bunch of cucks who allow migrants to run wild, set up hundreds of no go zones and a parallel legal structure in the form of sharia courts. Remember this is Poland - nasz kraj, nasze zasady.

Also these pakis and Indians come to work in Poland - not leech off the taxpayers. So quite frankly I don't mind them coming. Poland doesn't reward laziness and illegal border crossing by giving migrants 1500 eu a month per head for the rest of their lives, then their kids lives, then their kids lives etc etc etc. In Poland you get some 80 euro and even that is limited to I believe a half yesr or year and you have to prove you're looking for work. Here if you want an apartment, decent clothes, internet you have to work and pay for it yourself. This isn't germany where old people are moved and 4 star hotels emptied to house migrants or even sweden which pays 100k a month to house migrants on a luxury cruise ship. The whole being forced to work keeps the freeloading turdnworlders out. Notice as soon as Denmark and Austria cut their benefits payments the migrants immediately scattered like roaches once the lights are turned on

polish people need to make sure that they have the highest birth rate as well.

Indeed. And the 500 plus program is already making birth rates go up
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,047
1 Aug 2018 #9
Unfortunately, I can only vote.

This is not going end well. Nobody will say it so I will: Europe's recklessness will create another Hitler.
johnny reb 50 | 7,462
28 Aug 2021 #10
This is not going end well.

You called it three years ago Rich.
Poland was obliged by the European Court to provide food, water, clothing, medicine, and, if possible, shelter to migrants staying on the Polish-Belarusian border.
Poland hopes international organizations such as the UN will help resolve the migrant crisis.
Get ready Poland, here they come, like it or not.
mafketis 37 | 10,880
28 Aug 2021 #11
Poland was obliged by the European Court to provide food, water, clothing, medicine, and, if possible, shelter

Poland has been offering to do that for a long time, but Belarus has not allowed them to enter (they are still on the Belarusian side where soldiers won't let them leave). Let's remember this isn't primarily about migrants but about a crummy little dictator waging hybrid war (and trying to sow chaos).
Oathbreaker 4 | 389
28 Aug 2021 #12
Problem is that the PiS wishes to show It's responsible and stands firm. (Which is the role of the state btw) while Lukashenka tries to play smart and do some payback.

We will see how it will continue, hopefully Lukashenka will allow humanitarian aid to enter. Problem is that humanitarian convoys were used to transport factory equipment from eastern Ukraine to Russia. So it would be a huge propaganda defeat for Russia.

Russia sending fake convoys vs Poland sending real humanitarian convoys

I wouldn't be surprised if Belarusian or Russian tv will portray those Polish convoys as bad as possible

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