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Jobs in Poland for screenwriters?

17 Mar 2021 #1
Hi all!
I have experience as a screenwriter working in the R&D creative department of an Ad agency. Seeing your TV commercial is the best feeling ever.

Can I find such a job in Poland with English or will I need Polish? My Polish is only basic.
My other option is teaching like English teaching but I'm *not* a native English speaker. Maybe an IT teacher at an international/English language school? I also sing as a fun third option lol but they constantly close bars.

If not what countries near Poland have lots of advertising jobs for screenwriters?
Strzelec35 36 | 959
17 Mar 2021 #2 and linkedin have many openings for copywriters or journalism type roles but i haven't seen much for copy-writing. your option is also to continue working for your agencies while abroad and not pay taxes or do it on the download and continue to pay us taxes they cant really prove you left or wont track you until you find something full time. or you can start a b2b business or self employment but thats w huge headache in Poland due to the communistic bureaucracy still present here with old ladies behind counters and much paperwork.
OP Iaki
18 Mar 2021 #3
Thanks. I could do copywriting as a temporary solution. I think my job in Polish is called scenarzysta.
amiga500 3 | 1,262
18 Mar 2021 #4
The creative and film industries in Poland are booming. If you know how to play the game and sell yourself, and your CV and showreel is good you should stand a good chance. But as you know sometimes these highly sought after jobs are a matter of who u know not what you know. It might be about finding the bar/nightclubs where that clique hangs out. edit oh ure not in the country yet it's possible try linkedin
jon357 72 | 21,114
18 Mar 2021 #5
Film and TV production is in crisis in Poland. There aren't the budgets for original production that there were a couple of decades ago, and things shot on location here use the same few tech teams and extras. Screenwriting is of course in Polish and commissioned as and when needed from the same few people. People training on the technical side tend to look abroad for work.

will I need Polish?

Very much so.

I'm *not* a native English speaker.

If you don't have any qualifications and experience in teaching, you'd be looking at the very bottom end of the industry. Being non-native would also remove any element of luck in finding something better than that.
OP Iaki
19 Mar 2021 #6
So actually it would be easier to find a (corporate) copywriting job? 9 to 5 is detrimential to creativity. I know my creativity has suffered due to working in a call center for a while... What about singing and songwriting, do some Polish singers sing in English? I can also do tap dance and was a gymnast, maybe a music theater?
jon357 72 | 21,114
19 Mar 2021 #7
copywriting job?

Writing what sort of copy and in what language?

9 to 5 is detrimential to creativity.

It certainly can be, however so much is going/has gone online now.

Did you used to post here under another name? What country are you from originally?
OP Iaki
28 Mar 2021 #8
Actually is Polish harder than German?
jon357 72 | 21,114
28 Mar 2021 #9
you've been here all frigging day and night

And seen you here each time I've visited. You, however are hunched over an old computer all day, only responding stupidly to other posters about them. Rather than actually adding anything about Poland..

Anyway, you're taking the thread off topic, like the trolling post from that senile psycho.
gumishu 13 | 6,099
28 Mar 2021 #10
Actually is Polish harder than German?

much harder - I wouldn't bother if I wasn't born here
OP Iaki
28 Mar 2021 #11
It's Macedonian. So it's Slavic but its grammar is very different than Polish. For example we have no cases. German has only 4 and some aren't even applied to feminine words. My other options are Bavaria or the Baltic states (Latvian and Lithuanian grammars might be easier, Estonian's difficult).

Polish has 7 or 8 cases I think. That's why I wonder if maybe German would be easier for me, one can easily learn new words vs 8 cases? And how does Polish compare to, say Czech and Slovak? Slovak seems to share surprisingly many words with Southern Slavic languages, I was able to converse a bit in Bratislava. Czech less so but I assume Czech businesses near the border with Bavaria cater to Germans and American soldiers anyway. :)
jon357 72 | 21,114
28 Mar 2021 #12
So it's Slavic

You've got a headstart.


That's a bigger market in which to work.
OP Iaki
4 Apr 2021 #13
It helps with vocabulary, but that's the easiest for me to pick up. The conjugations and grammar in Polish seem harder than German ones to me. Things like 2 forms according to gender about "we" & "they" verbs not found in Southern Slavic languages. It's great that there are mixed ethnic food shops in Germany to buy Polish things (I prefer the ethnic mix in Germany better than that of France where there's like mostly arab food).
pawian 204 | 21,100
4 Apr 2021 #14
Can I find such a job in Poland

Zlatko??? Welcome back.

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