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USA, Canada

Life and work in the US and Canada from the Polish point of view. Discuss events and share your experience. (page 9)

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Wearing a white over red in America - Independence Day (11 November)
Being a Pole, Do I need a USA visa when changing flights in NY?
Polish happenings, food in Philadelphia
19 - They will fire you as soon as they don't need you so why put your heart in it?...

USA, Canadatrener zolwia - 4 Nov 2010 Bzibzioh - 6 Nov 2010
A Canadian citizen overstayed Visa in Poland  2
Giving up canadian citizenship for a Polish one? Cant be true!
20 - Exactly....

USA, CanadaLeAnne - 26 Oct 2010 Teffle - 27 Oct 2010
Polish engagement party in the US - what should I buy as a gift?
US resident, have a baby with a Polish girl. Need help on Polish Passport.
Born in Canada, Polish parents. Am I still a citizen of Poland?
14 - Poles born in poland are issued a PESEL at birth but it is not in the passport, however...

USA, Canadaamina - 3 Oct 2010 businessmaninpl - 5 Oct 2010
Want to move to Poland from Canada, Need breakdown of opportunities with my skills
United States-based church or travel companies that tour Poland?
Dual Citizenship from the US and the EU Union
Can Polish people go to university in the USA (easily) ?
Anna & Patryk on America's got talent
5 - yup, she may just win the whole thing....

USA, CanadaEurola - 8 Sep 2010 plk123 - 9 Sep 2010
American with a Polish girlfriend... what challenges lie ahead?
Polish Fighter Tomasz Adamek vs Michael Grant WAR
20 - I thought he was a hot shot (before the fight) who would not let up but he threw lazy...

USA, CanadaMediaWatch - 20 Aug 2010 Seanus - 23 Aug 2010
Working in Italy (Europe in General) US Citizen, Polish born...
Life in Poland as a Polish heritage American
3 - Hi. I tried to get to know Poland by studying for one semester at the Academy of Fine Arts....

USA, CanadaPolskiej_Dumy - 16 Aug 2010 noveoko - 16 Aug 2010
As a student, how hard is it to get a US tourist visa?
6 - you lot safer in europe too many nutcases with guns here. Related: Polish friend traveling to the...

USA, Canadaturtlegarden - 11 Aug 2010 jamesams1357 - 12 Aug 2010
9 - 96% 192 Proof Available in Connecticut ..... $42.00 for 1.75 Liters......

USA, CanadaPolonius3 - 5 Jul 2009 RysiekK - 5 Aug 2010
Do Poles feel America is going down the drain?  2  3  4  5
Polish Restaurant in Orange County, California
Would you support a Polish village (Koniakow) by buying their goods?
Passport photos in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ?
8 - this is so. The photo is fed into a computer... eyes, nose, mouth are then lined up...

USA, CanadaOlivkovitch - 3 Jul 2010 Wroclaw - 3 Jul 2010
Where can I buy Polish Beer in SC?
polish people in usa that wanted germany to win  2
Changing plane in the USA without USA Visa
Poles in America: How far do you travel for Polish food?
6 - yup. :)...

USA, CanadaPolonius3 - 24 Jun 2010 plk123 - 25 Jun 2010
Pierogi Palace of Pennsylvania?
U.S. Citizenship Thru Marriage?
Requirements for marriage in the US if not planning to stay
Bobak's factory on Archer (Chicago) on lease?
The best 4 of july camp ground (Illinois)
3 - Indiana Dunes (it's on the border with Illinois)....

USA, Canadapkieca086 - 24 May 2010 plk123 - 24 May 2010
Moving to Portland, OR
3 - Great, thanks for the info....

USA, Canadagkasia - 28 Apr 2010 gkasia - 6 May 2010
National City Bank complaint. Polish-client experience.
20 - National City is by far the worse bank I have ever dealt with....

USA, Canadahello - 5 Dec 2008 National Sucks - 22 Apr 2010
How can I get a local US grocer or liquor store to carry Polish beer?
10 - try drinking something else fussy bstard...

USA, CanadaGrant0708 - 5 Jul 2009 doctorgrenades - 20 Apr 2010
Polish cigarettes to the USA as a gift sent from Poland?
Financial requirements for US greencard?
Are you a US citizen? Test for Americans.  2  3
Hopeless case for a US tourist visa or fiancee visa?
Tax refund and US Naturalization interview
Most common ancestries in the USA  2
56 - what is American? Native American?...

USA, Canadamatteroftaste - 10 Feb 2010 shewolf - 20 Feb 2010
How it works receiving a package from US for all of us who aren't residents
4 - Ok, mainly my question was: I am visiting most of the time, so for sure I do not stay...

USA, CanadaAnnaSmithsonn - 18 Feb 2010 AnnaSm - 18 Feb 2010
How do my Polish relatives get a visa for visiting me in Houston?
Windows xp in USA in Polish?
Gift idea for a Pole living in US
Can anyone give information to where I could stay for few weeks in Chicago?
Wedding receptions years ago in Toledo
3 - this is ok Co ?...

USA, Canadamusicwriter - 13 Jan 2010 Wroclaw - 13 Jan 2010
List of colleges & universities (in the USA) that offer Polish courses
14 - Check the ciriculum for Bowling Green State Univ....

USA, CanadaKojak333 - 28 Apr 2009 musicwriter - 10 Jan 2010
Polish Churches in Milwaukee, WI
Use of Polish language at work in the US
Polish Courses in Canada?
2 - Yes there are. I suggest you look for a polish cultural centre (free of charge thanks to tax payers...

USA, CanadaEvanescentBloo - 1 Jun 2009 polishcanuck - 5 Jun 2009

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