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Update Website - Polkas United - Latest Information

polkasunited 1 | 3
6 Nov 2010 #1
Please stop by and visit the updated Polkas United website for some friendly Polka Music talk and latest Polka Dance Information -

Please stop by. Just about everyone is Polish.

Polkas United
delphiandomine 87 | 18070
6 Nov 2010 #2
Just about everyone is Polish.

Why is the forum in English then?
Marynka11 4 | 658
6 Nov 2010 #3
Polka is actually Czech, not Polish. Maybe therefore the universal language.
delphiandomine 87 | 18070
6 Nov 2010 #4
Nah, just the usual Polacks pretending to be Polish. :)
OP polkasunited 1 | 3
8 Nov 2010 #5
You can write a post or new topic in Polish on this website. Give it a try if you want.

I don't think anyone is pretending to be Polish on the Polkas United website : )

Polka Music is for everyone.
delphiandomine 87 | 18070
14 Dec 2010 #6
Polka Music is for everyone over the age of 70.

OP polkasunited 1 | 3
15 Dec 2010 #7
The Americanized Polka is still popular in certain regions of the U.S. and there are supporters of all ages. People over 70 like the music, too! The demographic variables haven't been published for Polka fans that I know of. The general age group varies for all regions in the U.S. It is very mixed.

There is an ongoing effort to keep the American version of Polka Music alive in the U.S.
Check out this fun video:

Here is a link to the website:
jrodg - | 2
15 Dec 2010 #8
There is some confusion in this discussion, and the video examples given by some, about what Polish-American polka music is: "Polkasunited," who is a great promoter of polka music, a musician himself and the administrator of a "Polonian music" web/chat site in the US, posted 4 videos meant to show readers in Poland what good "Polish-style" polka music in the US is like. These videos are by popular bands and are well played, but all the voals are in English (!?) , which gives the impression that this music has little to do with Polish language and culture. It's important to correct that impression: Most "Polish-American style" polka music uses Polish language vocals, and this music and these Polish-language songs, most of which were originally Polish folk songs brought to America by their Polish ancestors, are the main part of these bands' repertoire---and all of the bands which "Polikasunited " perform many, many songs in Polish ---usually many more than they do in English. You can see this by searching these bands' videos on youtube , as well as many, many other bands ---The list "polkamusicfan" supplied is a particularly good one and includes many leading bands.

However, one band shown by Polkasunited ( Brave Combo, the last one ) is a Texas band with no Polish roots or vocals at all: Most of the band members are Anglo -American and a couple are Mexican American and there vocals are usually English or spanish---so they are really an example of Polonian polka music at all. ---Likewise, "Trevek", I think, posted a video of "a cajun band, all of whose members have Polish names" ---Haha, this is a Polish-American band (Crusade, leader E. Biegaj) who just happened to play one cajun-style song. their usual repertoire is Polish ---so , again, I don't know why people should be showing all these non-Polish language videos as esamples of "Polish-American" polka music. anyone who wants to see "the real thing" should look on youtube for other videos of most of these groups, who do usually perform in Polish --- and, better yet, look at videos of the leading Polish language "polka" groups and singers, past and present, like John Gora, Pan Franek, Lil Wally ( Maly Wladziu, Joe Oberaitis, Honky Express, Eddie Guca/Polish Canadians and Happy Louie ( to name a few of the leading groups)...and let it be clear: "Polish-American polka music" is, for the most part, sung in Polish. and most of its repeertoire consists of literally hundreds of Polish-language folk songs, origianlly from Poland, as well as a good number of Polish language songs ( and some in english, too) written in the USA or Canada.

Corrections to my post above : In the third/last paragraph, the third line should read (speaking of the Texas band Brave Combo ) "they are NOT really an example of Polish-American polka music at all . ( I accidentally omitted the important word "NOT" there) . ---Also, in the first paragraph, "voals" should be "VOCALS", and in the third paragraph "there music" should read "THEIR MUSIC" ( po polsku = ich muzyka) .

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