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Sending Mail from USA to Piekielnik, PL and back

Goglick 2 | -
17 Apr 2008 #1

I want to send a letter from the USA to a parish in Piekielnik, Poland and have the address given to me by someone in Piekielnik-

Parafia s. Jacobi
Piekielnik 331
34-472 Piekielnik

Is this address correct if I add , PL after Piekielnik?

I know the postage from the USA to Piekielnik, PL; but, how do I include a self-addressed envelope with the correct postage for them to return to me?

Zgubiony 15 | 1,553
17 Apr 2008 #2
Well, you'd have to know what the rate would be to send a letter to the USA.

Just return an envelope with your address and USA at the bottom

Put POLAND after Piekielnik
3 Mar 2010 #3
Did you ever write to the church? Did you ever receive a reply?

I am a volunteer with the Polish Genealogical Society of America and am assisting another person who had family come from that are.

Dell Kasuk
3 Mar 2010 #4
Piekielnik is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Czarny Dunajec, within Nowy Targ County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland, close to the border with Slovakia. It lies approximately 19 kilometres (12 mi) west of Nowy Targ and 68 km (42 mi) south of the regional capital Kraków.

Google maps - tinyurl/y96td8r; put http: before the address

It would be safer to change 'Parafia s. Jacobi' to 'Parafia św. Jakuba Apostoła' to make sure that a polish mailman will deliver the letter to the right place.

Have a look at the site - tinyurl/y9tdhk4; put http: before the address

Hope this will help you.
paulinka_87 - | 5
6 Mar 2010 #5
Parafia św. Jakuba Apostoła
Piekielnik 331
34-472 Piekielnik
Anka Piekielnik
20 Nov 2010 #6
Teraz bez szyfrawania...powinno być tak: ;)

Parafia Sw.Jakuba Apostoła
Piekielnik 331
34-472 Piekielnik

Pozdrawiam ;)

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