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USA, Canada

Life and work in the US and Canada from the Polish point of view. Discuss events and share your experience. (page 3)

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US short-term business visa for Polish citizen
I embrace the term "Polak" or "Pollack" in the US  2
33 - @Marco, You don't mind being called a kind of fish?? OK, to each his own!...

USA, CanadaWariat - 10 Dec 2013 Lyzko - 8 Aug 2017
US involvement in Poland.
Can you BE Polish without SPEAKING Polish in the US?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Renewing Polish Passport from the US - HELP!?
9 - If you want to renew your passport in the US, you have to go to a Polish consulate or...

USA, Canadasaralizzybeth - 14 Mar 2013 IloveKefir - 29 Jul 2017
Polish passport in America; purchasing land in Poland and dual citizenship for husband
Polish Communities/Festivals near Tuscaloosa, AL USA?
Sending money to Poland from the USA?  2
Sending a phone from USA to Poland
How difficult is it to get a visa in Poland for an US citizen?
Visa to Canada from Poland - what documents i have to show
7 - Merged: Indian citizen in Poland wants travel to Canada Hello everyone, I am an Indian and...

USA, Canadarohitdahda - 5 Sep 2010 Aarvjot - 28 Jun 2017
Snack Exchange - Poland <> US
3 - Thanks! I'll get some special m&Ms to try and get something that's exclusive to the US. And I'll definitely...

USA, CanadaThatNonPolishDud - 24 Jun 2017 ThatNonPolishDud - 24 Jun 2017
Your favorite USA kiełbasa?
If you moved from US to Poland, could you please share your experience?
Online defamation law in the USA
The long and proud links between Polish and American Muslims
20 - Polish Muslims in America since 1981 , good fun worth looking up their videos on you tube I...

USA, Canadadelphiandomine - 29 May 2017 dolnoslask - 30 May 2017
Polish doctor sentenced in US citizenship scam
To leave the USA for a better life in Poland or not?
Polish people and food stores in San Francisco
5 - Merged: Poles in San Francisco Are there many Poles in San Francisco Bay Area? Last time...

USA, Canadala_marite - 12 Apr 2010 jalleluja123 - 6 May 2017
Has anyone with a US or CDN passport recently been subjected to the "Passport Trap" in Poland?
I live in the US and changed my name. I need Polish passport (the old one expired).
Vancouver Polish People
Pol-Am citizen wanting to move to Poland - documentations of my Polish ancestors?
14 - It's not the pay cut that hurts so much as the even HUGER cut in savings potential. An...

USA, Canadapolska duma - 17 Aug 2013 DominicB - 27 Mar 2017
Moving back to Poland after 7 years in Canada
22 - I have been living know Canada 28 years now. Parents came when I was 3. My desire to return...

USA, CanadaMalo - 6 Jan 2011 Polski patriot - 6 Mar 2017
Looking for Polish tutor/classes in NYC
4 - Merged: Polish language tutor in NYC Hello, I will soon be living in Poland for a few...

USA, Canadakryakina - 18 Feb 2015 iskandar - 25 Feb 2017
Polish Sister Cities to USA Cities? Anyone have a good list?
Can anyone help me learn Polish in Montreal?
Moving to Poland to immerse my kids in Polish language and culture. What are the experiences of other parents?
10 - Why not just take them for the Summers? It won't be the same as putting them in a Polish...

USA, CanadaDaisyW - 13 May 2016 Helianthus - 23 Dec 2016
Oscypek in Los Angeles?
10 - Jacus_UK - That's very kind and generous of you, but I wouldn't want to risk your oscypek. :)...

USA, Canadalosangelino - 12 Oct 2016 losangelino - 12 Dec 2016
Bringing girlfriend to USA to work. Fiancee Visa Questions.
Returning to Poland! Has anyone seen this influx of people from the US?
27 - I myself know of at least 2-3 Poles in USA that packed up and left USA for Poland, and...

USA, CanadaChrisb - 21 Nov 2013 Siloo Kapadia - 17 Nov 2016
A Polish Americans phone call to Rush Limbaugh
15 - You are most correct and have you seen all the signs at the Trump rallies that read, "We...

USA, Canadanunczka - 29 Jun 2010 johnny reb - 7 Nov 2016
Polish TV in the USA?  2
Poland not far behind the USA?
What do the Poles hate and love about the U.S.?  2  3  4  5  6
American family moving to Poland - looking for advice!  2
Question regarding a B2 Visa for my Polish Girlfriend to visit USA
7 - Does she have a UK passport or a Polish passport ?...

USA, CanadaUBigBobby - 25 Mar 2014 johnny reb - 20 Sep 2016
Polish Law and divorce from a US citizen - when does it apply?
Toronto Job Prospects
5 - Its very wise to abandon Canada and come to Poland....

USA, CanadaTomasz - 12 Jan 2010 Crow - 12 Sep 2016
Looking for Polish people living in Toronto  2
48 - Hi guys, I live in Warsaw, but used to live in Toronto up to 1995. I am planning to...

USA, Canadachris_c - 10 Jan 2007 Kalamazoo - 11 Sep 2016
Polish mother in law wants to move in - what can we do??
10 - I think that lots women all over the world like to have their mum close when baby is...

USA, CanadaJanken34 - 15 Jul 2016 10iwonka10 - 16 Jul 2016
Flying Toronto- Warsaw with a small dog
Leaving Poland. How can I adapt in the US having no family or friends in this country?
Better life in USA or Canada? - (Who can I sponge from the most?)
17 - Better life in USA or Canada, Quality of life is better in the USA and Canada, If you are...

USA, CanadaTymoteusz - 29 Apr 2011 dolnoslask - 30 Jun 2016
Package sent to USA stuck in Origin Post Preparing Shipment in Poland
Polish people in Columbus, Ohio?
Poles in PA (Pennsylvania)?
Will a Bachelor's degree from Poland be recognized by an American university?
Certificate of Good Conduct (no criminal record) from the USA
Polish president wins Canada's support, welcomes Canadian troops
2 - Well well, thanks for posting this Pol...

USA, CanadaPolonius3 - 13 May 2016 Szalawa - 13 May 2016
Poles in Buffalo, NY
16 - Buffalo shrimp - lovely....

USA, CanadaJerome_buffalo - 4 Feb 2012 Ironside - 5 May 2016
Chicago's 1.1 million Polish Americans celebrated Constitution Day  2
Polish Hosting Etiquette - Who pays?
Amazon to POLAND, USA, UK to POLAND (getting things shipped)
9 - Merged: I need to send a gift to my friend in Poland. Can Amazon ship goods into Poland?...

USA, CanadainsaneCoder - 2 Oct 2012 Hung Tran - 1 Apr 2016
Is there anyone in the US who has a Maluch that is legal to be driven?
CLEVELAND'S SLAVIC VILLAGE? Old Polish neighbourhood.
Watching Polish Football in the US?
3 - Thanks mate! I was looking to find and watch my favourite team from Poland, Wisła Kraków....

USA, CanadaWarszawaWilf - 24 Feb 2016 WarszawaWilf - 24 Feb 2016
5 - polmediatv...

USA, Canadacompfixusa - 1 Dec 2010 zbig - 1 Feb 2016
Polish Restaurants in NW Chicago & Suburban for 2010
11 - Update to 2015 Red Apple Buffet in Chicago This place is one of the best in the U.S. by...

USA, CanadaKrystal - 2 Feb 2010 johnny reb - 30 Dec 2015
Half Polish, half Russian girl from the US. Would I be accepted in Poland?

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