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How can I get a local US grocer or liquor store to carry Polish beer?

Grant0708 1 | -
5 Jul 2009 #1
I live in Memphis, Tn and it is so hard for me to find and Polish products at all around here. Recently, the Kroger at Trinity, for those who live around here, began to sell some of the really basic Polish products, but much to my, and the local Polish community's dismay, they still don't carry any Polish beer; more specifically, Zywiec... Does anyone know any way to get any stores in Memphis, Tn to start carrying Zywiec? I know one store on Poplar Ave. that sells one brand of Polish beer (Okocim), but they are waaaaay overpriced and they said they would be unable to get Zywiec in stock because their supplier stopped distributing it...

I can't seem to find Zywiec in Tn, let alone Memphis and I'm beginning to think its against the law to sell it in this state... Does anyone know if that's the case?

If someone knows a distributor in the USA that does sell Zywiec to stores, so that I can try to convince a store to carry it that would be awesome too.

PLEASE HELP!!! It sucks having to go to Chicago just to get beer...

regionpolski 33 | 153
5 Jul 2009 #2
You need to locate the Zywiec distributor in Tennessee, if there even is one. They would be able to tell you where it's sold. If it's distributed in Tennessee, there should an upscale import/specialty liquor store that carries the product. I presume that Memphis has one of those stores.
Agricola - | 6
5 Jul 2009 #3
This distributor distributes to 30 states according to the website.

Try phoning them, hope it's some help, I can't do a lot more I'm half the world away

It's worth it for a good beer :)
Last Slowo
8 Jul 2009 #4
You have to ask the manager but there also have to be more requests than just one. Beer i snot sold in liquor store but if a liquor store doesn't carry it they can always order it for you.
musicwriter 5 | 87
9 Jan 2010 #5
I've been trying to find TYSKIE in Ohio with no luck. Anybody seen any?
convex 20 | 3,930
9 Jan 2010 #6
Ah, the budweiser of poland
polkamaniac 1 | 482
9 Jan 2010 #7
Come to ontario,canada--we have lots here.I often go to buffalo for beer that I can't get here.
derby - | 1
20 Apr 2010 #8
Polish beer It'a beatfull. I both it in
20 Apr 2010 #9
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doctorgrenades - | 20
20 Apr 2010 #10
PLEASE HELP!!! It sucks having to go to Chicago just to get beer...

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